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New Contemporary Romance--QUANTUM KISSES


Can an ordinary gemstone bring together two people clearly meant for each other?


QUANTUM KISSES is now available on

Print: Coming Soon!


As soon as ninth grader Annabelle Wilcott finds an unusual stone, she suddenly meets high school senior Sam Barnes. She’s immediately attracted to him, uncomfortably so, and this connection scares her silly. To protect herself, she gives him the cold shoulder. But over the years, Fate, or is it Quantum Entanglement?, keeps throwing Sam into her path. Three times she resists. Maybe, in Annabelle’s case, four times is a charm. 


Sam Barnes is an analytical physicist through and through, however he does have one superstition; he believes a certain gemstone that he carries in his pocket brings good luck. It might even bring the girl of his dreams. After encountering Annabelle Wilcott time and time again, he theorizes that they have a Quantum Entanglement... that they are inexorably linked. His job is to convince his reluctant Annabelle that she and he belong together. Maybe what is needed is a Quantum Kiss! 


5 Stars! QUANTUM KISSES delivers an intriguing twist on romance! The reader even learns about Quantum Entanglement in this fun and frothy tale. Following young Annabelle through “decision points” in her adolescence into adulthood, we watch her become the woman she’s meant to be. Her path crosses Sam’s, over and over again, until finally, she’s ready to take the next step with him. All it takes is a Quantum Kiss! Don’t miss this one!--Twists On Romance Reviews

5 Kisses! In this imaginative tale, Annabelle and Sam are made for each other, only Annabelle is, to use a word, skittish. And why not? They first meet when she’s only fourteen. I love how Ms. Knight takes us back to junior high, high school, and college, to then vault into Annabelle’s present day adult life. Is a sparkling gemstone responsible for uniting these two would-be lovers? Read QUANTUM KISSES to find out!--Just Imagine Fanzine

QUANTUM KISSES is available for purchase electronically at and The print copy will soon be available on Amazon.

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 Quantum Kisses

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Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, January 10, 2022

New Murder Mystery Romance--FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER


Start the New Year off right with a little vacation to the South Pacific! What’s a little danger among friends?!

A tropical paradise offers romance... and murder to ten unsuspecting guests!

FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER is now available on and

The print copy soon will be available on Amazon.


Widowed Vonni Taylor is looking to heal from a troubled marriage. A restful holiday in the ultra exclusive Privacy Island Resort is just what she needs. Or is it? One guest chokes on a beverage; another guest oversleeps... permanently. And while Vonni might want to take her attraction to a handsome Italian nobleman further, she has more important things on her mind... like will she live to see another day?


Personal security investigator Oliver, the Conte di Battiato, was supposed to have an easy assignment on Privacy Island, but as soon as he arrives, people around him start dropping like flies. When he takes charge of protecting the guests, he finds one particular woman distracting him from his duties--his cara mia, Vonni. Despite his efforts, the death toll mounts. The killer is a cunning one; will Oliver be able to use all his resources to stop the carnage and keep Vonni alive?


5 Stars! A new murder mystery romance novel to sink your teeth into! A tropical vacation features ten guests and six staff members. Who will survive this exotic... and deadly resort? One by one the murders occur, fast and furiously, and all the while I was rooting for Vonni and Oliver along with a few others in this assortment of vividly drawn characters. Will romance bloom on the ultra-exclusive Privacy Island or will Death wipe out everyone except for the killer? Grab your copy, a beach chair, and a delicious chi-chi drink and then indulge yourself with this perfect puzzle set in the South Pacific and in Tuscany!--Norwood Reviews

5 Stars! Secluded on a tropical island dedicated to the mega-wealthy are a variety of guests: a gambler, a widow, a divorcee, a flunkey, a drunkard, a gossip queen, a Hollywood actor, a nymphomaniac, a Gypsy, and an Italian count. One of these guests might also be doubling as a psychopath with his or her own agenda. Or is the killer one of the staff? The pace is fast, the murders come quickly, and the sexual tension is delicious! FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER serves a double dish of murder and romance that keeps you guessing.--Mystery Maven’s Reviews

A week’s vacation at an exclusive, secluded, tropical resort on the mythical Privacy Island? Sign me up! Oh wait. Hidden among the guests and staffers is a cold-blooded serial killer! When a South Pacific storm wipes out communication avenues, these folks become sitting ducks, waiting to be slaughtered. Who is this audacious murderer? Guessing is part of the fun! Each character is well-developed and they come alive for the reader... but then some of them exit the island permanently. Ms. Knight keeps the tensions high as she weaves her tale of life and death and romance. Two thumbs up!--On The Edge Reviews

FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER is available for purchase electronically at and The print copy will soon be available on Amazon.

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COMPETITORS! (Paranormal Mystery)

GRAVE FUTURE (Paranormal Suspense)

PAST INDISCRETIONS (Paranormal Suspense)

THE COMING (Paranormal Suspense)

The Sedona West Murder Mystery Series:




The Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series:








Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Promo: New Dystopian Science Fiction Romance--STOPPING THE ENEMY


A novel of hope! My newest dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction romance, STOPPING THE ENEMY, is now available on and

The print copy will soon be available on Amazon.

After the Great Catastrophe, Rhuemma and her people struggle under the oppressive reign of the Dominus. Can she convince the Dominus’ right hand man, Wellington Vadis, that Might is not always Right?


In the “After Time”--after the Great Catastrophe--young Rhuemma Holliday is a healer, a warrior, and a virgin. Ever since her parents were killed by the heinous dictator of the neighboring territory of Verdeton, the Dominus, Rhuemma’s two missions in life have been to protect her people of Casseldia and vanquish the enemy. When chance leads two wounded military males from Verdeton to her cabin door, she finally sees her opportunity to kill the Dominus. However, she doesn’t count on the attractions of the deliciously handsome Colonel Wellington Vadis.


Wells Vadis is in enemy territory to rescue his son. His leader, the Dominus, has also tasked him to capture... or kill a female known as the Crone of Casseldia. When the comely warrior princess who bested Wells twice in hand-to-hand combat turns out to be the crone’s granddaughter, he is torn. Should he do his duty and turn Rhuemma over to the Dominus? Or should Wells make his own decisions about what is best for Verdeton, Casseldia, and also for himself? 


STOPPING THE ENEMY is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic romance set in the near future. It’s a tale of “Us” versus “Them”, in this case, the more technologically advanced Verdeton against the villagers of Casseldia. The people of Verdeton want to destroy the other group... or is it just the ruler of Verdeton, slavishly called the Dominus? The heroine, Rhuemma of Casseldia, is definitely a warrior princess. She pulls no punches and even bests Verdeton’s main warrior, Wellington Vadis, a few times. These two characters fight the attraction between them because, of course, they’re enemies. How they come together is a deliciously satisfying event for the heart. Two thumbs up!--On The Edge Reviews

5 Stars! Once again, Ms. Knight strikes gold with this compelling tale of a troubled Earth. Recovering from a catastrophic event, two territories are nose-to-nose, steeped in hatred that is fanned by the contemptible breath of an evil ruler. However, STOPPING THE ENEMY is also a novel of hope, gifting the reader with optimism that Right overcomes Might. A highly enjoyable story!--Twists On Romance Reviews

STOPPING THE ENEMY is available for purchase electronically at and The print copy will be available soon on Amazon.

Science Fiction romance novels by Susanne Marie Knight include:

Stopping The Enemy--Dystopian SF

Alien Heat--Dystopian SF

Janus Is A Two-Headed God

Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon


An Alien Paradise

Hope you enjoy this dystopian, post-apocalyptic science fiction romance!


Susanne Marie Knight

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New Time-Travel Regency--AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE!


At long last! My newest Regency Time-Travel, AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE, is now available on and

The print copy will be available soon on Amazon.

Lights, camera, action... time travel! Modern day Willa, on-site on a movie set in England, makes a wish and then wakes up in the year 1815!


Eighteen-year-old Willa Berkeley lives in the shadow of her famous actress mother. Although Willa’s greatest hope is to be a ballet dancer, she agrees to her mother’s desire for her to journey to England and take a small acting part in a major film production. Once on-site at Highbridge Hall, she learns the horrendous reason behind her mother’s “request.” Distraught, she makes a wish for happiness at the Hall’s supposedly enchanted lake. When morning comes, Willa is still at Highbridge Hall, however the film’s crew is no longer around. What in the world happened?


Ian Laydon, the Earl of Wrexham, returns to his father, the Marquess of Dunhaven’s, estate, Highbridge Hall, after an exhausting tour of duty mediating at the Congress of Vienna. His father wants Ian to marry a neighbor’s daughter, Arabella. Ian is a dutiful son; he plans to propose but his heart is unengaged. He wishes he could have a marriage as loving as the one his parents have. Oddly enough, right after his wish, he comes across an enigmatic young woman sitting against the granite bridge in front of him. Can she possibly be the answer to his wish?


5 Stars! One of the things I love about Susanne Marie Knight’s time-travels is that she uses a different method of time-travel in each book. Here, the method is a lake enchanted by fairy folk. The protagonist is a contemporary young woman on the verge of adulthood who struggles to find her way in her unsympathetic world. Willa has very real concerns; she comes alive for the reader. The novel is filled with believable characters: from the consumed-by-duty hero; to the headstrong, flighty Regency miss; to the sullen cousin; to name only a few. For a magically different romantic read, head over to the enchanted lake and read AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE!--Regency Fiction World

5 Stars! AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE is a charming time-travel Regency, complete with vivid characters, an interesting plot, and set in 1815 with accurate historical details. The main character, Willa, is only eighteen. How she grows from an insecure teen to confident young woman took this particular reader back to her youth! I stayed up all night to read this one. Enjoy this trip back to the past!--Twists On Romance Reviews

I eagerly awaited Ms. Knight’s newest time-travel Regency and oh yes, I love AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE!--Reader Comment

AN IMPOSSIBLE ALLIANCE is available for purchase electronically at and The print copy is soon to be also available on Amazon.

Regency novels by Susanne include:

New! An Impossible Alliance

A Delicate Condition (Time-Travel)

Timeless Deception (Time-Travel)

The Magic Token

Lord Darver’s Match (Time-Travel)

The Contrary Contessa

Regency Society Revisited (Time-Travel)

The Reluctant Landlord

Have Christmas Card... Will Travel (Time-Travel)

A Continental Marriage

The Questing Box (Time-Travel)

Paging Miss Galloway

Sojourn Through Time (Time-Travel)

A Noble Dilemma

Hope you enjoy this genealogy-based Regency time-travel romance!

Susanne Marie Knight

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Sometimes Two Is ... ONE WIFE TOO MANY!

My popular second-chance-at-love contemporary romance, ONE WIFE TOO MANY, is now available in Print, along with electronically at and Sometimes LOVE does find us, but at that particular time, we’re not ready for it. That’s what happens to Wilson Struthers. Read on for more info.

Here’s the blurb:

Wilson Struthers is an ambitious attorney who advances his career by marrying eighteen-year-old Andrea, the boss’ daughter. Things go according to plan... until Andrea is lost at sea. Seven years later, Wilson marries again. Then the fun begins!

Now the dilemma: How do I craft this tale so that when Wilson and Andrea meet seven years later, they don’t recognize each other? How can I make this story believable?

Ah, that’s the rub! For Andrea, she suffers from total amnesia of her former life and becomes Anakalia Lawai’a, and for Wilson, well, let’s just say twenty-five-year-old Andrea looks very different from his virgin bride.

ONE WIFE TOO MANY was published by Uncial Press and had been with them for many years. It’s now available on and and in Print. Here’s the new cover:

Seven years after his bride is lost at sea, Wilson marries again. Bigamist! and

In Print

 This book is part of the Romantic Contemporaries line.

ONE WIFE TOO MANY earned Best-Seller status at and is a Favorite in libraries across the United States including North Texas Libraries On The Go.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 STARS! Some books are meant to be classics. ONE WIFE TOO MANY is in this category. We are introduced to the main characters, Andrea and Wilson, as they just get married. Both of them are making a major mistake. Wilson, to get promoted, and Andrea, to escape her unloving father. But on the Hawaiian honeymoon night, Andrea’s eyes get cruelly opened, and she makes another bad choice, only to get swept overboard in a storm-tossed sea. Her body is never recovered. Seven years pass. Wilson is a sadder man, filled with regret, but feels it’s time to move on. He remarries. Then the unthinkable happens: his job sends him back to Hawaii where... ONE WIFE TOO MANY is a perfect second chance at love story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how they met each other again with no recognition, and yet there was something achingly familiar that they just couldn’t identify. A wonderful treat for anyone who’s a romantic at heart!--Norwood Reviews

5 STARS! Amazing Book! After reading The Reluctant Landlord, which I was very impressed with, I decided to read another one of Susanne's books, One Wife Too Many. She did not disappoint me with this book either. Both books I thought were terrific. I would recommend both books to anyone and now I'm going to go onto one of her other books. I'm picking one of her short stories The Teachers Pet. I'm sure I will not be disappointed with that either. One Wife Too Many I read in one day as I could not put it down!--R.R.

Susanne Marie Knight's books are always fun, sexy and tender. Her latest, ONE WIFE TOO MANY is all of the above, a real feel-good story. Andrea is young and innocent when she marries Wilson, who is an ambitious lawyer in her father's firm. Before the wedding night, she's lost at sea. He remarries, she survives and their lives get really complicated.--UP Reviews

This is a wonderful (as usual) love story. You’re soo good, Sus. Thanks so much!-- Reader Comment

 Susanne’s plot pacing is, as always, superb!--Reader Comment

Brilliantly written--Book Review

This book is great! I adore Andrea, and as for Wilson--yum! Thanks so much for this refreshing read!-- eader Comment

Whenever I want to take a Hawaiian vacation, I reread ONE WIFE TOO MANY. I love this story!-- Reader Comment

An excellent retelling at a second chance a love story!-- Reader Comment

Here is a popular book trailer for ONE WIFE TWO MANY, for the Uncial Press version.


Below are a couple of tidbits from my life that helped me write this novel. The islands of Hawaii play a large role in ONE WIFE TOO MANY. During a terrifying storm, Andrea is swept overboard from the deck of a company yacht in the channel of waters between Molokai and Maui. I also was violently tossed about in a small yacht navigating very rough seas. Fortunately, I remained onboard!

Here’s how Wilson (Will) experienced the storm:

Still holding his drink, Will carefully maneuvered past annoyingly loud slot machines and equally annoying drunken passengers until he walked out the casino doors.

Once in the carpeted corridor, he stood a moment to get his bearings. Wrong move. A giant wave crashed against the starboard side of the ship. Will lost his balance... and his drink, and smashed into the wall.

While his crystal tumbler harmlessly bounced on the carpeted floor, the glassware inside the casino wasn’t as lucky. The tinkling of breaking glass was loud enough to be heard out in the corridor. Evidently everything that wasn’t nailed down on the bar counter had slid to the other end, then landed down onto the floor.

What a waste of booze!

Will grinned, righted himself and took a step. Another wave  crashed into the ship, knocking him full force him back into the wall.

Damn. The shit just got kicked out of him. If Andrea had been seasick before, there was no telling just how badly she was feeling right now. Urgency fueled his movements.

Here’s how Andrea experienced the storm:

Although unsteady footing was a problem, she managed to get to the stairway and headed up one level for the casino deck.

The yacht personnel were prepared for this type of weather. Little white bags had been placed on each step by the wall... just in case.

Thank goodness she didn’t need to use one. Her stomach was behaving nicely. And actually, she had to admit, it was fun to be thrown from one side of the carpeted wall to the other.

Andrea grinned. Maybe now that she was a married woman, she could handle things better than before.

After Andrea washes up in the city of Hilo on the big island of Hawaii, she is welcomed into the bosom of a traditional Hawaiian family, the Lawai’as. Since she has no memory of her previous life, she takes the name Anakalia, which means Andrea in Hawaiian. Seven years later, she reluctantly gives a stranger, Will, a tour of Hilo, including the famous Akaka Falls. Here’s a picture I took of Akaka Falls while on vacation there.

Here’s how Akaka Falls fits into the story:

Today was about as perfect as a day could be. Will thoroughly enjoyed pineapple pancakes for breakfast--an exotic treat for the palate--the tropical rainforest surrounding Akaka Falls, and the company.

Especially the company. Anakalia Lawai’a combined sultry beauty with a naiveté that stoked his growing desire.

Walking behind her in the dense jungle and watching her bewitching bottom sway as they’d traveled on a narrow path to the falls was nearly his undoing.

Or perhaps it was the primordial surroundings. Any minute he’d expected Tarzan to swing through the trees with his characteristic yell.

No, his overactive libido was all due to her.


So now you know part of what happens when Wilson finds out he has ONE WIFE TOO MANY! I hope you enjoy Andrea and Wilson’s book.

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Golden Wings Award WINNER--Best Overall Historical Romance Read

My popular Regency romance, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, is now also available in print, along with electronically at and

If you read below, you’ll see how my award-winning Regency romance holds a very special place in my heart. Spoiler alert: look at cover! But before I get into that, let’s look at the genesis of the story. I wanted to try my hand at writing a Regency with an American heroine as a contemporary with her Regency peers. The idea of feisty American pitted against a proper Englishman intrigued me. No time-travel is involved here. Since this Regency is set in 1814, the War of 1812 is raging behind the scenes. This seemed a perfect background for the heroine, Nicolette Turner, and hero, Victor Kincaid (Lord Cushing), to be at odds with each other for their external conflict.

Nicolette is summoned to travel across the Atlantic by her English grandfather, Lord Eldridge--a man who disinherited her beloved father. This novel takes place in Long Melford, Suffolk, and London, with a honeymoon trip to Southwold. I also wanted to have some of the characters from another one of my Regencies, The Reluctant Landlord, make a brief appearance. So in addition to creating Nicolette and Victor’s story, I had to decide where to introduce Katrina Jones and Quentin Thornhill, revisiting their personalities, along with a few of the other characters.

An American Rose: American Nicolette Turner has a bone to pick with the British. Not only is her country’s maritime rights being violated, but her English grandfather, Lord Eldredge, demands that she travel across the Atlantic to visit him. What she doesn’t know is that he intends for her to marry, thereby staying in England and having lots of babies.

The most eligible suitor is neighbor Victor Kincaid. Victor has severe money problems. Lord Eldredge offers to take care of the debts... if Victor marries Nicolette. At first Victor believes she’s a fortune-hunter, but soon becomes captivated by her. Can he convince her he wants more than a marriage of convenience?

A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE was published by Wings Press and had been from the beginning. Here is the book trailer:

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, Two Together.

Previous Ebook Cover and Print Cover

The new version is now available on Print, and!

This book has been on the publisher’s best-seller list and is a Golden Wings Award WINNER for Best Overall Historical Romance 2007. It has also been on the’s best-seller list and earned 5 Stars on and Joyfully Reviewed.

Lord Cushing proposes and Nicolette accepts… only because her grandfather’s money sweetens the deal. Where does love fit into this financial transaction? and

In Print

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

Also, a fan’s husband very kindly sent me a unique gift. His wife loves A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE so he created this “First Day Of Issue” envelope to commemorate the book. There’s a bit of time-travel going on here, either that or precognition. In 1993, I hadn’t written this book yet; it was published in 2007! 

For those of you who like to read reviews, here they come!

Golden Wings Award WINNER--Best Overall Historical Romance Read

5 Stars! A story of misunderstandings and growing up is the easiest way to describe A Continental Marriage. It seems that Nicolette and Victor are never going to be able to be completely together due to one misunderstanding after an other, but the author does a very good job in showing how these misunderstandings are brought to light and reconciled. I think Ms. Knight has written a wonderful addition to the historical romance genre. She took the time to research how long correspondence would have taken as well as how expensive it might be etc… I was drawn into the story early on and I enjoyed the entire story. A Continental Marriage is a great addition to any historical romance fan’s library.--Joyfully Reviewed

5 Stars!

4 Roses! Susanne Marie Knight just proved how talented of a writer she is with her new release, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweetly written Regency about a marriage of convenience. It is definitely going to please the historical romance reader! I just loved Knight's writing style and voice. Just by words alone, she was able to transport me back in time to Regency England. I didn't feel like a spectator when reading her book; instead, I felt like I was part of the story! I love when an author can affect me like that. I have to admit that I like a well-written story about marriages where both the participants slowly fall in love with one another. Nicolette and Victor are both very likable and you can't help but feel sorry for their unfortunate circumstances. Even the eccentric secondary characters are likable and add additional flavor to this charming romance. I thoroughly enjoyed Susanne Marie Knight's historical romance, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE. It's a well-written story that this historical reader wouldn't hesitate to read again.--Romance Reader at Heart

4 Books! When Nicolette Turner is forced to travel across the sea into "enemy" territory, to England and the estranged grandfather she blames for her family's hardships, she has no idea what awaits her. Her cantankerous grandfather is the least of her problems. English snobbery...gossiping tongues... and worst, the handsome baron who lives next to her grandfather’s estate, who seems to think Nicolette is a money-grubbing, uncultured savage from the backwoods of America. From almost the first page of A Continental Marriage, I felt a connection with Nicolette. Though pretty and spirited, as any romance heroine should be, she did not come across as a cliche. I loved the way she thumbed her nose at a wealthy society who looked down on her merely because she was not English. But I also liked the way the author gave her a soft and vulnerable side. It gave her a well rounded believability which is all important for me, as a reader. I really felt I was there, living out this adventure, and I really enjoyed falling in love with the handsome Victor Kincaid. There were a few mild curses, but much less than you’d probably see in an hour of regular TV. And best of all, the focus was on the romance that developed between the two main characters, without the panting and groaning that make some romances feel more like a really bad prank call. The romantic tension was there without all that stuff, and a better story for it. A delightful read.--Long and Short Reviews

Susanne Marie Knight's romances have an imagination that sets them apart.--D.L.

Recommended reading! A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, LOVE AT THE TOP, and LORD DARVER'S MATCH. I thoroughly enjoyed these books.--M.T.

I enjoyed A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE so much, I'm giving this book to my friend!--H.B.

Beautiful cover! Perfect for Regencies.--E.A.

This is a wonderful story! I truly enjoyed A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE.--L.B.

I really enjoyed this book. It's a great story!--M.C.

I loved this one! Glad to see the characters for THE RELUCTANT LANDLORD. It's always nice to visit with characters we loved from past books.--L.H.

Oh, I fell in love with Victor and Nicolette! Thank you for a great read.--S.C.

I've been waiting for this book. <g> Love the cover!--B.K.

I am currently reading A Continental Marriage by Susanne Marie Knight and it is a good read. It isn't predictable. So often you know how to finish a sentence before you turn the page. I recommend this one.--P.T.


Now for the big reveal... and a tidbit from real life! Nicolette is referred to as an American rose. In one of my daughter’s high school graduation pictures, she’s in a country setting and is holding a red rose. I couldn’t resist; I submitted the photo to the cover artist. She agreed with me that this picture would make a perfect cover for A Continental Marriage. As you see the result, it’s a beautiful fit!

Scene set-up: The following shows the first instance where Nicolette--or Lady Nicolette as she is now known--is referred to as an American rose. The scene is in Victor Kincaid’s (Lord Cushing’s) point of view. He meets her for the first time and disapproves of her. The Duke of Devonshire (actual person) and the Earl of Eldridge (Nicholette’s grandfather) also are included.

Nicolette now sat next to the Duke of Devonshire, looking as attentive as any of the debutantes hungrily eying the bachelor duke. Perhaps her previous consternation had been all a ruse. Was she angling to become a duchess?

Victor joined in their conversation.

“Oh, hallo, Cushing.” The duke scratched at his auburn hair. “I was just telling Lady Nicolette that I regret I must take my leave tomorrow and return to London. Lord Liverpool has requested my presence.”

“Blasted politics,” Lord Eldridge chimed in. “Congress of Vienna just opened, you know. Castlereagh’s there to represent British interest against those Frenchies.”

Victor winced. Did Lord Eldredge forget his granddaughter was half French? “Lord Castlereagh’s our foreign secretary, Lady Nicolette,” he explained. “Now that Bonaparte has been banished to the island of Elba--”

“I’m knowledgeable on current affairs, Lord Cushing.” She sent him a freezing glare. “And Lord Liverpool is your prime minister. I do try to read the newspaper every day. After all, your country is still at war with mine, isn’t it?”

The Duke of Devonshire clapped his hands together. “Touché, Cushing, touché! Our American rose has got you dead to rights.” He inclined his head. “I do hope, my dear, with all my heart that we can also be done with this war as we are now through with Emperor Bonaparte.”

She extended her small hand. “I hope as you do, your grace, and I also hope you have a pleasant journey tomorrow.”

After the duke shook her hand, she stood and raised her voice to carry through the room. “Good night, everyone. It was very nice to meet you all.” As she glanced down at Victor, her expression hardened. Obviously she had not enjoyed meeting him.

Victor sat back and watched the enticing sway of her figure as she walked out of the drawing room. This American rose might be a beauty, but she also showed she carried a few thorns.


I hope you enjoy Nicolette and Victor’s story! 

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Take a walk on the spooky side with my popular paranormal romance and Dream Realm Award Finalist, THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE. It’s now available in Print, along with electronically at and Read on for more info.

Some background on the novel:

Since I write in quite a few different genres, I alternate between those genres so fans of that particular genre can look forward to a new book. When I was due to write a romantic suspense, I started thinking about this particular book. But first, I had to think of a topic. I wanted to write a paranormal about ghosts because many readers love ghost stories like my popular paranormal romantic suspense GRAVE FUTURE.

Now I was ready to begin. I like to come up with a title before I start writing. Sometimes that’s impossible, but usually I’m able to think of one that suits the project. To think of a title, I brainstorm, writing down whatever comes to mind. THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE just wormed its way in. I have no idea why I chose Wakefield; Wakefield happens to be the name of a location and also, a last name. I chose it to be a last name. Now I had a name for one of my characters, but which one?

Setting that thought aside for a while, I deliberated about what kind of a Disturbance could be called The Wakefield Disturbance. I came up with the idea of the heroine having a psychic ability that causes a shimmer around her when she receives communication from the dead. Her last name would be Wakefield. Now I had a heroine, Lara, who can hear messages from the dead. From there I built the story and the hero, private investigator Stuart Manning, around Lara’s needs. That’s about it in a nutshell!


Lara Wakefield receives messages from the dead. Her latest “client” is a murdered young girl who wants to be put to rest. The girl’s killer, however, objects. Can Lara find the girl’s body without becoming the next victim?


Private investigator Stuart Manning wants nothing to do with supernatural phenomena. A retainer of $50,000 overcomes his reluctance. Lara’s innate ability, integrity, and beauty cause him to have second thoughts about psychics, while deadly occurrences cause him to believe the little girl’s murderer is still hanging around. How can Stuart protect Lara when the killer is always one step ahead?

THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE was published by Uncial Press and had been with them for many years. It was on the best-seller list and also a #1 best-seller at In addition, this book is a 2008 Dream Realm Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction Romance.

The book video trailer received a “Spine-tingling!” recommendation from The Here is the book trailer: for the Uncial Press edition.

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, Jackhammer.

I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Uncial Press books--a total of five novels and three short stories. THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE is the fifth to be re-released. It’s now available on and and in Print!

Here’s the new cover, only slightly changed:

Psychic Lara Wakefield is tasked by a murdered young girl to find her killer. and and Print

This book is part of the Uncanny Paranormals line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 STARS!--Barnes and Noble

4 Cups! This is an interesting suspense tale with three good main characters. The rest of the cast... add a bit of comic relief. The plot itself is fun to read with elements of suspense, romance, and the paranormal. The dialogue is engaging... There is a good amount of suspense and fine love scenes also in this very enjoyable story.--Coffee Time Romance

Fantastic! Couldn't put THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE down!--Reader Comment.

Hauntingly good, spine-tingling!--Reader Comment.

I found THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE exciting and interesting--when I got home from work, I read the last chapters instead of doing my chores!--Reader Comment.

I enjoyed THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE!--Reader Comment.


A Real Life Tidbit. The locale of the murdered girl’s summer home is based on a popular resort in Montana. This resort also has a petting zoo. Below is a photo of the llama that was the inspiration for an important part of THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE’s mystery. In the book, you’ll find resting on the grass can be very relaxing... or can serve another purpose!

Here’s a passage from THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE that features the llama.

Scene Setup: A member of the houseparty has just been found murdered. Lara and her young friend Chrissy take a break from the investigation to lunch outside.

Unseasonably warm sun beat down on Lara’s shoulders. Mmm, she couldn’t help but enjoy it. Good thing she and Chrissy had decided to leave the unhealthy atmosphere of the mansion for a while. Taking a picnic lunch by the petting zoo was an excellent idea.

Sitting on the grass, Lara munched on a sandwich and watched her young friend propped up against the fence as she fed the animals. The family of ducks swam to the pond’s edge to furiously peck at the bits of food Chrissy threw to them. The three mountain goats also moseyed over to graze on animal crackers. Only the llama remained where it was, still resting under the shade of a birch tree.

“Why won’t she come over and eat?” Chrissy grumbled. “I want to pet her.”

“Your hands are grubby from the goats. Maybe that’s why.” Lara couldn’t help joking. Despite the morning’s horrible experience, she actually was having fun, and was glad Chrissy was, too.

Instead of being scared or disgusted by the news of the murder, the girl had been delighted. Her own murder mystery to solve, she had said.

Lara shook her head. Shades of Agatha Christie! What a gruesome reaction.

But she couldn’t think about that. It was so peaceful outside, under the wide open sky. The only sounds she could hear were the nibbling from the ducks and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees.

And Chrissy’s complaints.

“The llama must be hungry. She hasn’t been fed yet. That’s what the older lady told me--Rose, Tawnie’s mother. So why doesn’t this darn beast come here?”

The llama couldn’t have been too hungry for the animal sat with all four legs folded under it, with no intention of getting up.

Chrissy stomped over to Lara and pouted. “She looks at me but doesn’t move!”

“Maybe it wants room-service,” Lara offered.


“Maybe you should climb over the fence and bring the food to the llama.”

“Cool beans!” The girl rushed to the post-and-lintel fence, then paused. “D’you think I’m allowed to go in?”

“I don’t see why not. Just keep your hands away from the llama’s mouth, okay?”

“Sure.” Chrissy hopped over the fence and slowly walked the distance to the animal. It watched her progress, but didn’t budge. Only when Chrissy placed some crackers in front of it, did it bend its wooly neck and chew on the treat.

Another satisfied customer!


To find out more, read The Wakefield Disturbance! I hope you enjoy Lara and Stuart’s story.

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day: A special day to pamper your LOVE, see the one you FANCY, hang out with the people who ATTRACT you, yearn for the individual you WISH for, and find the folks you want to give HUGS to.

Nothing says LOVE & FANCY & ATTRACT & WISH & HUGS like these Valentine’s DaY treats by best-selling author, Susanne Marie Knight!

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