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Take a walk on the spooky side with my popular paranormal romance and Dream Realm Award Finalist, THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE. It’s now available in Print, along with electronically at and Read on for more info.

Some background on the novel:

Since I write in quite a few different genres, I alternate between those genres so fans of that particular genre can look forward to a new book. When I was due to write a romantic suspense, I started thinking about this particular book. But first, I had to think of a topic. I wanted to write a paranormal about ghosts because many readers love ghost stories like my popular paranormal romantic suspense GRAVE FUTURE.

Now I was ready to begin. I like to come up with a title before I start writing. Sometimes that’s impossible, but usually I’m able to think of one that suits the project. To think of a title, I brainstorm, writing down whatever comes to mind. THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE just wormed its way in. I have no idea why I chose Wakefield; Wakefield happens to be the name of a location and also, a last name. I chose it to be a last name. Now I had a name for one of my characters, but which one?

Setting that thought aside for a while, I deliberated about what kind of a Disturbance could be called The Wakefield Disturbance. I came up with the idea of the heroine having a psychic ability that causes a shimmer around her when she receives communication from the dead. Her last name would be Wakefield. Now I had a heroine, Lara, who can hear messages from the dead. From there I built the story and the hero, private investigator Stuart Manning, around Lara’s needs. That’s about it in a nutshell!


Lara Wakefield receives messages from the dead. Her latest “client” is a murdered young girl who wants to be put to rest. The girl’s killer, however, objects. Can Lara find the girl’s body without becoming the next victim?


Private investigator Stuart Manning wants nothing to do with supernatural phenomena. A retainer of $50,000 overcomes his reluctance. Lara’s innate ability, integrity, and beauty cause him to have second thoughts about psychics, while deadly occurrences cause him to believe the little girl’s murderer is still hanging around. How can Stuart protect Lara when the killer is always one step ahead?

THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE was published by Uncial Press and had been with them for many years. It was on the best-seller list and also a #1 best-seller at In addition, this book is a 2008 Dream Realm Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction Romance.

The book video trailer received a “Spine-tingling!” recommendation from The Here is the book trailer: for the Uncial Press edition.

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, Jackhammer.

I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Uncial Press books--a total of five novels and three short stories. THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE is the fifth to be re-released. It’s now available on and and in Print!

Here’s the new cover, only slightly changed:

Psychic Lara Wakefield is tasked by a murdered young girl to find her killer. and and Print

This book is part of the Uncanny Paranormals line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 STARS!--Barnes and Noble

4 Cups! This is an interesting suspense tale with three good main characters. The rest of the cast... add a bit of comic relief. The plot itself is fun to read with elements of suspense, romance, and the paranormal. The dialogue is engaging... There is a good amount of suspense and fine love scenes also in this very enjoyable story.--Coffee Time Romance

Fantastic! Couldn't put THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE down!--Reader Comment.

Hauntingly good, spine-tingling!--Reader Comment.

I found THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE exciting and interesting--when I got home from work, I read the last chapters instead of doing my chores!--Reader Comment.

I enjoyed THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE!--Reader Comment.


A Real Life Tidbit. The locale of the murdered girl’s summer home is based on a popular resort in Montana. This resort also has a petting zoo. Below is a photo of the llama that was the inspiration for an important part of THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE’s mystery. In the book, you’ll find resting on the grass can be very relaxing... or can serve another purpose!

Here’s a passage from THE WAKEFIELD DISTURBANCE that features the llama.

Scene Setup: A member of the houseparty has just been found murdered. Lara and her young friend Chrissy take a break from the investigation to lunch outside.

Unseasonably warm sun beat down on Lara’s shoulders. Mmm, she couldn’t help but enjoy it. Good thing she and Chrissy had decided to leave the unhealthy atmosphere of the mansion for a while. Taking a picnic lunch by the petting zoo was an excellent idea.

Sitting on the grass, Lara munched on a sandwich and watched her young friend propped up against the fence as she fed the animals. The family of ducks swam to the pond’s edge to furiously peck at the bits of food Chrissy threw to them. The three mountain goats also moseyed over to graze on animal crackers. Only the llama remained where it was, still resting under the shade of a birch tree.

“Why won’t she come over and eat?” Chrissy grumbled. “I want to pet her.”

“Your hands are grubby from the goats. Maybe that’s why.” Lara couldn’t help joking. Despite the morning’s horrible experience, she actually was having fun, and was glad Chrissy was, too.

Instead of being scared or disgusted by the news of the murder, the girl had been delighted. Her own murder mystery to solve, she had said.

Lara shook her head. Shades of Agatha Christie! What a gruesome reaction.

But she couldn’t think about that. It was so peaceful outside, under the wide open sky. The only sounds she could hear were the nibbling from the ducks and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees.

And Chrissy’s complaints.

“The llama must be hungry. She hasn’t been fed yet. That’s what the older lady told me--Rose, Tawnie’s mother. So why doesn’t this darn beast come here?”

The llama couldn’t have been too hungry for the animal sat with all four legs folded under it, with no intention of getting up.

Chrissy stomped over to Lara and pouted. “She looks at me but doesn’t move!”

“Maybe it wants room-service,” Lara offered.


“Maybe you should climb over the fence and bring the food to the llama.”

“Cool beans!” The girl rushed to the post-and-lintel fence, then paused. “D’you think I’m allowed to go in?”

“I don’t see why not. Just keep your hands away from the llama’s mouth, okay?”

“Sure.” Chrissy hopped over the fence and slowly walked the distance to the animal. It watched her progress, but didn’t budge. Only when Chrissy placed some crackers in front of it, did it bend its wooly neck and chew on the treat.

Another satisfied customer!


To find out more, read The Wakefield Disturbance! I hope you enjoy Lara and Stuart’s story.

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day: A special day to pamper your LOVE, see the one you FANCY, hang out with the people who ATTRACT you, yearn for the individual you WISH for, and find the folks you want to give HUGS to.

Nothing says LOVE & FANCY & ATTRACT & WISH & HUGS like these Valentine’s DaY treats by best-selling author, Susanne Marie Knight!

Love At The Top)

One Wife Too Many

Virtual Valentine, The

Embezzled Envelope, The


Away Place, The

Noble Dilemma, A

Contrary Contessa, The

Yuletide Yorkshire, The

Alien Paradise, An

Tainted Tea For Two

Timeless Deception

Reluctant Landlord, The

Alien Heat

Continental Marriage, A

Two Of Cups Is For Lovers

Wakefield Disturbance, The

Ill-Gotten Insurance, The

Sesterce For Her Thoughts, A

Have Christmas Card... Will Travel

Happy Anniversary

Uncovering Camelot

Grave Future

Signature Of A Queen



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A reader favorite and an award-winning time-travel Regency romance, THE CONTRARY CONTESSA has won hearts and accolades for many years and is now available in print as well as electronically. It’s the perfect addition for your bookshelf. Click here to see the print edition for THE CONTRARY CONTESSA.

Some background on the novel:

Writing THE CONTRARY CONTESSA, was a labor of love. I wanted to have a different setting for this Regency, so the first part of the book is set in Sicily, with the latter taking place in York, England, which, as a side note, has the reputation of being the most haunted city in Europe.

I’ve never been to Italy or Sicily, so getting the flavor of the land and surroundings was the most difficult part. I do have an Italian and English background, and I was happy to combine both heritages in this lively Regency!

This novel deals with one man's prejudice against his own family. He has a ready dislike of anything or anyone non-English, and when his father marries a lady from Sicily... well, Robert Weston is seriously displeased. Too bad, says his stepsister, Lexia Cappello, the Contessa di Fabrianni. Unaware of the Sicilian tradition of "Fortuna"--true love--Robert gave Lexia the four colors of roses--red, white, yellow, and pink. She and he are destined to marry, no matter what he thinks!

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Because of the Sicilian tradition of “Fortuna”, Lexia Cappello believes she is destined to marry her stepbrother, the Marquess of Rutherford. Robert Weston, however, has a ready dislike of anything or anyone non-English. Can she convince this obstinate lord that his ignoble prejudice stands in the way of his future happiness?

ALL IN THE FAMILY: At first Robert Weston is annoyed, then intrigued by his new-found Sicilian stepsister. The more he resists her, the more he finds he yearns to possess her. Can he overcome his pride to admit the error of his ways and win the Contrary Contessa’s heart?

I truly enjoyed “living” in Lexia Cappello’s character. Out of all the heroines in my books, I’d say she is the one most unlike me. What a saucy minx! As you’ll find out, she has Robert Weston, the Marquess of Rutherford, wrapped around her feminine, little finger. :))

THE CONTRARY CONTESSA was published by Awe-Struck Books (Mundania Press) and had been with them for many years. I decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Awe-Struck books--a total of twelve. It’s now available on and and in Print!

Lord Rutherford has no interest in marrying a non-English matron, but how can he resist his captivating... and contrary stepsister? and and Print

THE CONTRARY CONTESSA has garnered an impressive list of awards and reviews. This book was chosen as finalist in the prestigious EPPIE Awards (now EPIC eBook Award) for Best Historical Romance.

Also, it was a Romance Reader at Heart Top Pick Award Winner, in addition to being a #1 best seller at and earning 5 stars at The Romance Studio and Romance Junkies.

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

For those of you who like to read reviews, here are a few lovely ones!

5 Hearts! This is an excellent Regency romance. It has a little bit of comedy and tons of romance. The plot has some surprising and very pleasing twists. Robert, who is very proper, and Lexia, who is quite bold, make an interesting pair. I highly recommend this fun, entertaining story.-- The Romance Studio

Top Pick Award! Charming and delightful! THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is well written and what I like to call spicy! Lexia is a beautiful Sicilian spitfire who teaches Robert what it is to love someone and accept them for who they are. Gina, Anthony, and Emma are precious and precocious children who added a lot of fun to this story. I absolutely loved this novel. Lexia is a very strong-willed woman who goes after what she wants, which in this case is Robert. Robert had a lot to learn about happiness and love, and thank goodness he realized that you don’t have to live by society’s rules. The twist at the end was the perfect ending for this novel. I cannot wait to read more from Susanne Knight.-- Romance Readers At Heart

5 Blue Ribbons! THE CONTRARY CONTESSA will steal your heart with its humor and warmth. The impish but delightful children provide plenty of laughs and tender moments as they help Robert and Lexia to realize that nothing can stand in the way of true love. Plus, there is a thrilling twist at the end of the story. Susanne Knight has written a great story, filled with plenty of love, comedy, and desire. Italy and England collide in this warm-hearted, romantic tale of true love, Italian style.--Romance Junkies

THE CONTRARY CONTESSA is a charming little Regency, with a twist. We also get the pleasure of learning a bit of Italian culture with this one. Susanne Marie Knight has done a wonderful job of blending the two cultures with the typical results. The horror of the kitchen staff when a member of the nobility enters the kitchen, and not only enters it, but proceeds to cook and clean up! The characters are believable, from Robert’s dislike of anything not English, to Lexia’s passionate nature. I really loved the character Zia Concetta, Lexia’s aunt. Taciturn and quiet by nature, she still manages to make her disapproval known. If you enjoy a good Regency as much as I do, you don’t want to miss this one!--PNR Reviews

Ms. Knight has a real knack for creating distinctly unique characters. Her work is filled with witty, fast paced and engaging dialogue from these fun, interesting people. She obviously did her research well, giving the reader just enough finely woven history and appropriate time and style details on fashion, art, and architecture. The author has crafted a technically well written story filled with lovely language. Satisfying, light entertainment.--NovelSpot Romance Review

I loved, loved THE CONTRARY CONTESSA. Susanne, you are sooo good!--N.W.

Just finished THE CONTRARY CONTESSA and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I loved your use of the Italian words. It brought back memories!--M.C.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed THE CONTRARY CONTESSA. Great romance with lots of laughs, for the perfect combination. Thanks for a great read.--S.W.

I really enjoyed the Italian slant of THE CONTRARY CONTESSA! Never read anything like it before. Wonderful story!--M.C.

I am a big fan of your writing. I think you are a very good writer! You should be proud of your hard work, and also for all the joy you bring us fans! Keep up the great work!--T.L.


Here’s an excerpt from THE CONTRARY CONTESSA that was inspired from real life. As a child, I learned that it was a “sin” for food to grow cold. When called to dinner, you didn’t dawdle in taking your place at the table. And so, this book is dedicated to my mother “who knows pasta must always be served hot!”

In the scene below, Robert and his friend James Dutton, have just arrived in Sicily to bring Robert’s half siblings back to England. Robert is unaware that his hostess for dinner is not only the Contessa di Fabrianni, but also his stepsister, Lexia.


In the center area of the room stood an extended oblong table, made of highly polished cherrywood. Seating for twelve, however seven place settings presently were arranged on the sleek tabletop. A large ceramic bowl of pasta was already placed near the plates, along a heaping container of mouthwatering tomato sauce and small dishes of finely grated cheese.

The combination of aromas tantalized his senses, caressing him as a lover might, after a long abstinence.

Robert instinctively licked his lips.

“Ah, the signori are hungry, yes?”

To the side of him, poised by a larger painting of the Venetian canals was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. As she turned from the picture to face him, he drank in the sight of her. Dressed in the finest French silk, the woman looked like the queen that he had only minutes before made fun of. Her dark, shiny hair curled in ringlets, was piled high on her head, and was set off with a gold star bandeau.

A pert nose, high cheekbones, and the largest, luminous eyes in the world, the woman fluidly made her way to his side. The motion caused the soft, rounded mounds of her breasts as revealed by her modestly cut décolletage to quiver ever so slightly.

Faith, his mouth suddenly went dry. Dutton was also affected, for he too remained owl-eyed and silent.

“Does no one speak? Is the conversation all up to me?” She dimpled a smile at him.

That smile. Good Lord! She was the Contessa! Somehow she had transformed her ragtag self into a Madonna worthy of every man’s reverent worship. His wits gone begging, he struggled to hide his obvious astonishment.

“With all due respect, Contessa, you are... you are... so different.”

“Ah, Marquess, what sharp eyes you have.”

Damn it all, but Dutton laughed. Leaning over, he whispered into Robert’s ear. “Street urchin, hey?”

The Contessa curved her lips into a Mona Lisa smile, evidently overhearing. “Urchin, eh? That is not what the Marquess called me earlier.”

Blast! Remembering his behavior in the kitchen, Robert flushed. This girl/woman was sharp on the uptake, as sharp as a rapier’s point, while he had displayed the rag manners of a bovine Cit. He could not blame his conduct on the wine. His boorishness was his responsibility. His alone.

With an elegant motion of her long-sleeved arm, she gestured toward Dutton. “You are Signore Dutton, yes?”

His friend made a stately bow. “James Dutton, at your service, ma’am. Thank you for your hospitality on such short notice.”

For the first time, her saucy smile seemed to reach her eyes. She glided over to the table, her assurance evident in every step. “Let us sit, signori. The pasta, it grows cold. In Sicily, there is no worse fate.”


The love of family and the love of food are very important in Lexia’s world, and I like to say this Regency is sprinkled with Sicilian cooking, giving it a special twist! If you love Regency romance, this book’s for you! I hope you enjoy Lexia and Robert’s story.

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Own A Classic: Time-Travel Regency--TIMELESS DECEPTION

TIMELESS DECEPTION, my time-travel Regency romance, has been a reader favorite for many years and is now available in print as well as electronically. It’s the perfect addition for your bookshelf. Click here to see the print edition for TIMELESS DECEPTION.

Some background on the novel:

I’m often asked what gave me the idea for this novel. Easy! I’ve always loved time-travel, and I was intrigued by a different type of plot. A contemporary woman, Alaina Sawyer, somehow finding herself not only being transported back to the past, but also switching places with a Regency “twin” so that she is now “married” to the man of her dreams. The additional dilemma here is that the Regency husband, Richard, the Earl of Saybrooke, despises Alaina because he believes his wife is unfaithful. Ouch! What an unusual predicament!

The twist to TIMELESS DECEPTION is that Alaina experiences visions before her time-travel. The reason for this is to allow her to have a brief “heads-up” to see what she’s going to be getting into. She’ll understand what type of woman her double was, and also she’ll be “introduced” her to the hero, who will now be her husband. This creates the interesting conflict of being in love with someone who absolutely *does not* return the affection. In addition, I wanted to explain a bit how the heroine could end up across the Atlantic and back in time without dwelling on the details too much. Alaina is also aware that the only way she can get back to her own time is to find the mystic woman her double used. Once that turns out to be a dead end, she knows she’s trapped back in time. 


Her identity switched against her will, Alaina Sawyer wakes up in the year 1818 as the Countess of Saybrooke. Can she convince the man of her dreams that she is cut from an altogether different cloth than his adulterous wife Alicia?


Richard Cransworth, the Earl of Saybrooke, must come to grips with his wife’s sudden descent into virtue. Is her new behavior wishful thinking on his part, or can it possibly be that she is now his, and his alone?

This unique novel has garnered several awards including the 2002 PEARL (Paranormal Excellent Award for Romantic Literature) Nominee for Best Time-Travel, and Golden Rose Nominee for Best Time Travel.


TIMELESS DECEPTION has also achieved bestseller status on lists including Fictionwise (#1 for over three months!), Novel Books, Inc., and Awe-Struck. In addition, it has been awarded 5 star reviews by Sime-Gen and

Waking up in 1818 as the Countess of Saybrooke, Alaina must convince her new “husband” that she’s cut from a different cloth than his unfaithful wife Alicia. and

In Print

This book is part of the Elegant Regencies line.

Waking up in 1818 as the Countess of Saybrooke, Alaina must convince her new “husband” that she’s cut from a different cloth than his unfaithful wife Alicia.

This book is part of the Elegant Regencies line.

TIMELESS DECEPTION has boatload of lovely reviews. Here are a few for your enjoyment:

5 STARS!! Ms. Knight’s book is charming, with wonderful characters, an interesting plot and sub-plots, and vividly accurate historical details. She makes Alaina’s quandary believable, and the way the character reacts to the situation has one admiring her moxie. This is certainly a keeper, and a refreshing approach to the same old time-travel piece. I highly recommend this for an enjoyable read and re-read.--Sime-Gen Reviews

5 STARS! A very different and original time travel! TIMELESS DECEPTION is a very different and original time travel than any I've seen before. It's a creative endeavor that is a wonderful keeper. I love time travels and Regencies, and this book is a perfect blend of both genres. I drooled (!) over Richard, and I enjoyed rooting for Alaina as she tried to convince Richard that she was a "changed" person. I highly recommend this terrific example of Brit-lit: TIMELESS DECEPTION!

4 1/2 Stars! [TIMELESS DECEPTION] is ten cuts above any Regency read before. Could it be the time-travel element, the mood, the skill of the author--or all three? Perhaps that and more, for it is an up-all-night, stay-in-the-tub-til-the-water-is cold, entrancing read. Part of what makes it so readable is the juxtaposition of thoroughly modern Alaina's observations on 1817 manners and mores. natural humorous insights pop up throughout, a leavening that rarely appears in most Regencies. The author has an engaging way with her lead characters. Though finding themselves in awkward, even impossible situations, they respond genuinely. Born centuries apart, Alaina and Richard are oh, so likable--and made for each other if they could only see it. The supporting cast adds even more interest and color to the tale, all without overshadowing the hero and heroine. Read TIMELESS DECEPTION. Just make certain you have a long, lazy afternoon and evening ahead of you to enjoy it fully.--Love Romances

TIMELESS DECEPTION is one of the best time travel books that I have read. I love the Regency period and TIMELESS DECEPTION captures the feel of this time. This is a well-written book with great characterizations. Richard, who has been greatly wounded and is afraid to trust, must overcome his fear in order to find happiness. Alaina, a kind and intelligent woman, must adapt to this new time and help Richard to see her true self. Richard's family, who has been affected by Alicia in a detrimental way, must learn to trust Alaina and accept her good intentions. If you are looking for a great time travel book, give TIMELESS DECEPTION a try.--ParaNormalRomance Reviews

TIMELESS DECEPTION is an excellent time-travel romance. Ms. Knight seamlessly combines the modern mentality of her heroine and the glitter of Regency England in a marvelous tale built around two women who look exactly alike--but act very much distinctly. Excellent characterization and a delightful romance leave the reader finishing the book and missing not only Alaina and Richard, but the entire family that the heroine had adopted. TIMELESS DECEPTION is an attention-grabbing, stay-up-all-night read. Readers who enjoy time-travel romances and those who enjoy Regency-period stories should definitely check TIMELESS DECEPTION out.-- ParaNormalRomance Reviews(2)

TIMELESS DECEPTION is a very different and original time travel than any I've seen before. It's a creative endeavor that is a wonderful keeper. I love time travels and Regencies, and this book is a perfect blend of both genres. I drooled (!) over Richard, and I enjoyed rooting for Alaina as she tried to convince Richard that she was a "changed" person. I highly recommend this terrific example of Brit-lit: TIMELESS DECEPTION!

I read TIMELESS DECEPTION straight through. Ms. Knight’s light touch and sense of humor pull you along. Her secondary characters are well developed and add dimension to the

This is a very unique novel, combining elements of historical romance with time-travel and a suspenseful plot--and add in a Regency-like quality! This one is hard to categorize! And Susanne Knight is hard to beat!--Reader Comment.

I really like this story. I nearly missed my train stop (twice!) reading TIMELESS DECEPTION.--Reader Comment.

This is a sweet love-transcends-time story, that I very much enjoyed. It was really straight forward, avoiding all the complexities of time travel that you see in other books. It was refreshing... The book was a good light read. If you are looking for a quick, simple time travel romance, then this is your book! Keep up the good work!--Goodreads


Here’s a bit of real life trivia for TIMELESS DECEPTION. I have a floor-length, silky robe that I love. It also has a really long zipper. Alaina wears that robe when she time-travels, only hers is rose-pink and mine is sky-blue. The robe serves a double purpose: it’s proof that Alaina isn’t from the nineteenth century since zippers weren’t invented back then. When Richard grows suspicious of his wife’s behavior, he questions her maid, Dana, who tells him about the robe. The follow passage describes what happens when he finds it.

Richard finished his survey of the wardrobe in the dressing room without finding the object he was looking for: the mysterious pink robe.

Entering his wife’s bedchamber, he scanned the room with an eye for possible hiding places. If he could but challenge her with this robe, she would surely then reveal the truth. Dana’s description of the robe intrigued him. And he was completely at sea as to what the magical fastening of the robe might mean.

After a thorough examination of the bedchamber without results, he sat dejectedly on the bed. Where might she have hidden it? The cupid statues surrounding the bed seemed to leer suggestively at him, mocking his current failure. Where the devil could she have cached a blasted robe?

He ran his hand through his hair. A robe was a bulky object but perhaps... just perhaps this one was skimpy. Dana had mentioned it was silky. Perhaps it could be folded upon itself and occupy the smallest compartment.

In a flash, his gaze rested on the Sheraton writing table in the middle of the room. Yes, of course. A piece of furniture designed for secrets! Moving his large hands deftly over its surface, he discovered its false facade and the lock behind it. Regardless of the damage, he used a knife to break the mechanism.

With a quick inhalation of breath, he pulled the drawer open. Inside the small space, a rose-pink fabric reflected back at him. It had been ruthlessly stuffed within the container.

For several minutes following the discovery, the large ornamental clock on the fireplace mantle ticked away. Richard sat, inanely opening and closing the wonder robe. As he pushed the tab upward, tiny teeth interlocked together. Just as unbelievably, when he pulled the tab down, they were pulled away.

Nowhere in England, or indeed anyplace in the world that he was aware of, could boast of such a fastener, so finely and meticulously made.

The mystery grew deeper and deeper.


I hope you enjoy Alaina and Richard’s story, and how, against impossible odds, she manages to restores happiness to Richard’s family. Remember, when faced with an overwhelming situation, you can see it as a predicament, or an opportunity. As Alaina quotes from Ann Landers: “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Sunday, December 27, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions and an Ancient Roman God


January is the month of Janus, the two-headed god of ancient Romans in charge of new beginnings. His two faces gazed in opposite directions so that he could watch the start and the end of each day. With such a momentous job, Janus was the natural choice to usher in the New Year. But the actual first day of the New Year was up for grabs until the Roman Senate settled on January 1. Janus became the god people prayed to for mercy from their enemies and for a prosperous time ahead.

Janus is one of the few Roman gods that has no counterpart in Greek mythology as the Zeus/Jupiter or Hera/Juno duality. Janus was one of the "good gods" who humankind could appeal to for help in everyday life. How Janus became associated with the negative connotation of being hypocritical or deceitful: "two-faced" or "Janus-faced," remains a mystery. God of doors, gateways, beginnings, childbirth, the future and the past, he was often called upon at the start of wars. To show his support, the doors to his temple in the Roman Forum would remain open during wars, while they stayed closed during times of peace.

Beginning the New Year with resolutions is a tradition we are very familiar with. Many people pledge to work on bettering themselves, and vow to stop smoking, lose weight, or give up drinking. The ancient Romans also had resolutions, eager to throw out whatever bad luck they had in the old year and replace it with good luck in the new. They believed in giving New Year's gifts: olive branches from special, sacred trees; gold-covered nuts; or from the wealthy, gold coins of Janus himself.

We in modern times also look forward to a fresh start on January 1 and derive comfort from traditions with our family and friends. Our custom of having parties on New Year's Eve comes from the belief that what people did or ate on January 1 would affect the luck they would have throughout the coming year. What better way to ring in the New Year than celebrating with those you love?

Many people still believe in the tradition that if a tall, dark-haired man is the first person to enter their house, they will have good fortune for the entire year. And as for food, black-eyed peas are a requirement to eat on New Year's Day, along with ham or hog jowls, a symbol of prosperity. Some regions consider cabbage as lucky food, doughnuts as the circle of life, and even rice is considered fortuitous.

Whatever your New Year's resolutions are, may the god Janus be smiling down upon you.


January is the perfect month for reading my JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD, an award-winning science fiction romance is available at and

The sequel, JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON, is available on and

Happy New Year!


Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, December 7, 2020

A Puppy For Christmas!

Just look at this adorable puppy!! Wouldn’t you want to see him as a holiday gift?

He’d be no muss, no fuss. Why? Because he’s Yo-Yo, the Yuletide Yorkshire, featured in the Minx Tobin murder mystery series, Case Five: THE YULETIDE YORKSHIRE. (Catchy name, right?)

Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series!

HO, HO, HO... OH!

Home for the holidays, Minx Tobin introduces her parents to her homicide lieutenant, Gabe Harris. Unfortunately for her, her ex-fiancé Jared drops in on them, creating friction. But Jared soon needs Minx's help in the sleuthing department because a gruesome "present" is found under the tree. Once again, Minx is hot on the trail of a desperate killer.

All Gabe wants to do is propose to the woman he loves. Instead, he has to deal with a cast of East Coast characters, including an unexpected murder. Why do dead bodies always seem follow Minx Tobin??

Visit to see a trailer of an older version of this book.

The Yuletide Yorkshire is available for purchase electronically at and and other Internet locations.

And while I’m not expecting a puppy to be under my Christmas tree, I will be seeing my grand-kitty. Here he is hugging a kitty of his own. Isn’t he the sweetest thing?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from my house to yours!



Susanne Marie Knight

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Thanksgiving Thanks

Keeping this short and sweet: Here in the U.S.A., Thanksgiving is a special time to give thanks for the many blessings we receive daily. YOU are a blessing in our lives and I thank you all for being you!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from my house to yours!


Susanne Marie Knight

Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A HALLOWEEN TREAT--An Interview With Author Zelly Jordan

Witches, ghosts, and hobgoblins... Halloween is a perfect time of year to enjoy yourself. Chills, thrills, and spills (of candy!) are the order of the day. And while I’ve given up dressing in costume for this special day, I do have fun giving out plenty of the sugary stuff when spooky visitors knock on my door.

For this special HALLOWEEN, I have a sugar-free treat for all of you. Zelly Jordan, author of the 5 star FRACTURED and UNVEILED--THE UNBREAKABLE SERIES--has kindly taken time out of her busy schedule and gives us a private fireside chat as she talks about what makes Zelly Jordan tick. Read on to learn more about this exciting author!


1. Let’s begin at the beginning! Tell us about yourself. Is there a colorful Australian phrase that describes you? I know you mentioned you’re a two pot screamer--very vivid!

There’s a few phrases that would probably suit but how do I chose just one? Well, I don’t.......I ask my friends to do it. Phrases such as “bright eyed and bushy tailed” and “an always stoked bonza sheila” were tossed around but my favourite is a plain and simple “she’s a bonza sheila.” I’ll gladly accept that compliment.

(If curiosity gets the better of you and you wanna know what that means - contact me or google it.....Lol). As for who I am.....

I’m a middle aged Croatian born, Australian raised woman who has basically been forced into retirement due to health issues and who discovered she could write through sheer divine guidance. And I call it divine because in hindsight when I look back at the health difficulties that forced me to close down my business and pushed me out of the work force, I may not have ever begun writing at all had that not happened.

I was a very busy self employed single Mum and I never had time for much outside of work or mothering. Having gotten divorced before my son turned 5 years old (he’s now 24) I was focused on keeping a roof over our heads and raising him right and something like writing was in the very dark recesses of my mind, pushed there by circumstance and necessity, a childhood dream seemingly to never come true.

As much as it was awfully stressful when I had to quit work, I’m now so grateful for it because it allowed me the time I needed to take my life into a new direction, albeit unintentionally. Writing during this time was purely a cathartic distraction to keep me occupied mentally and to correct what I thought was a terrible storyline in a television show I was watching at the time. So, to me, it’s a divinely timed blessing, in many ways.

2. Why did you become interested in writing for publication? What was the process? Are your family and friends supportive of your writing?

My family and friends are supportive and quite proud. Many of them were completely shocked when I announced I was about to publish my first book as most hadn’t known that I had been writing at all - it was simply something I was doing to keep me sane. My online friends were well aware, however, as were the followers I had started to accumulate. I had originally put my writing on a fanfiction website and I’ll always remember how it felt when I’d posted my first few chapters and had really positive feedback from different corners of the world. I was so buzzed.

I didn’t actually become interested in publication until the day I was asked about it. Before then, it was purely for my own entertainment and I didn’t even briefly consider publishing - it was nowhere in my mind. But one day, out of the blue, I had a phone call from a publishing company who had somehow gotten my number and called, asking about publishing my work. This was early April 2016 and I remember it clearly because I told them that yes, I’d love to be published but my mother had just unexpectedly passed away a couple weeks before and could they call me in six months. There was a heavy period of mourning and healing to go through at the time and I didn’t think anything more about it.

But they did call back months later and so began the process of publishing. I had lots to do - finish writing the book, build a following, build a website and blog and I had to learn how to do it all as I didn’t have a smidgeon of a clue. Ooooh, the techno-knowledge-hell I had to immerse myself in! I was so lacking in this field that I didn’t even know the meaning of “blog” joke. 

 But thankfully I had lots of help from friends who held my hand through it and I’m so grateful to each and every one of them.

3. Now published are Book 1 and Book 2 of The Unbreakable Trilogy. What inspired you to write this series? What kinds of research did you do? How did you get to know your characters?

The inspiration for this series was a television show whose storyline I was really unhappy with. I felt that the show was spoiling the whole premise and basic traits of its characters. I was adamant that they were taking the show into directions it shouldn’t go and felt sure I could write it better. How snarky of me, lol.

The characters started off in their fanfic form as being true to the show but when I was approached to publish, EVERYTHING changed, naturally. I let my characters evolve and develop in their own time and let them run rampant through my mind in any way they chose, most often late at night when I was trying to sleep. And good Lord, did they!! Some nights they spoke so loudly to me, I’d be awake till 4or5 am, the cheeky buggers.

As for research, that’s all been done an Aussie writing a story set in New York and having never been there in my life, it’s been interesting learning all I can about the town. Its time consuming, for sure but so much fun. I remember how much time it once took to research what kind of street food a person can get in NY if they were walking a particular borough - just in that borough, nowhere else - LOL. However, I really enjoy that aspect of it as I’m a naturally inquisitive person and love finding out stuff. To be honest, I sweated bullets over getting the feel of the city right and hope I at least came somewhat close. 

4. How do you promote your books? Do you have any favorite promotional sites? Any success stories? Horror stories?

I have used Facebook and Twitter and my own website most consistently. In the beginning I went on a couple of book tours and used paid promotional services sites that would blast out ongoing tweets etc. But these things I only do when I have the spare cash because honestly, on a singular basis, they aren’t so costly but when you do them over and over and over, it sure adds up! (particularly with the exchange rate to Aussie dollars). These types of services have been really good all along but I’m in an actual horror story right now - fighting to get my money back from a Twitter author service which has done such a horrible, fraudulent job of their promo and are dodging their refund policy. It’s infuriating but I’ll keep fighting.

I had been offered huge promotional deals from a couple publishers but didn’t take them up, mainly because of their ridiculously exorbitant prices but maybe one day, when I become as famous as Stephen King, I’ll change my mind about that cost.

Overall, these methods have been good but I’ve found that getting involved with a writing community has been of the best benefit, not just in terms of promotion but of finding support, both emotional and book-worldish. The best part is the friendships you form with other writers......they inspire me constantly and I love that.

5. What’s a typical writing day like for you?

Typical? What’s “typical”?

Honestly I used to be more consistent and predictable in my writing routine but I’ve found that the pandemic and the extremely long and harsh lockdown that my town, (Melbourne) has just gone through, completely stuffed that up. Utterly smashed it to smithereens. However, I do still find that my most productive writing time is in the evening, as it was before. I tend to dedicate part of the day to promotional activities, including tweets, Facebook posts etc etc, usually during the daytime. And another thing that is still consistent is that there will always be a coffee by my side...not just coffee but cappuccino as I’m a coffee snob. (I’m allowed to be however as Melbourne has some of the best coffee in the world.)

Oh and I don’t write in the mornings. Ever. Because I’m generally not functioning as a human till I’m on my second cuppa.

6. How do you define your writing? 

I don’t define it as anything but my own. I tend to write in the same style as I speak, particularly in my blog and I think I sound like just me, an ordinary person unlike anyone else in the writer’s world. My characters all have a trace of me and my personality in them and and a lot of what I’ve written is in first-person. But not all. In fact, It’s really amazing to me when I switch to writing in a different character’s POV, how the voice in my head changes. Literally, the sound of their voice is different. It’s so fascinating and fun. I don’t know if other writers experience that or not, but boy, it’s a kick. So far, all my published work has been in my main male character’s viewpoint but I have written in others and will do so again.

I also don’t define my genre as being just romance because my stories are far more than that alone........they’re action, adventure and thriller as well. I describe them as sexy-smexy with loads of suspense and intrigue and a twist of paranormal. But be warned that I don’t do “ fade to black”.

7. What’s your latest Work-In-Progress and future projects in the works?

Right now, I’m writing the third instalment of The Unbreakable Series and debating a fourth one. I’m hoping to release my first book Fractured in other languages sometime soon plus I’m working on some fanfic stuff I promised to do for a few friends. Other than writing projects, I’m crafting - doing things such as painting house decor items and repurposing them in various ways. I find painting quite soothing.

8. What are your five favorite novels and why?

Five!? Geez, I don’t think I have just five because there’s so many. I can say that I loved the first few books in J.D.Robb’s In Death Series. And I’ll always have a soft spot for Gone With The Wind as it was the first really long long book I remember reading as a very young teenager and it made an impression on me for how complex it was. I was probably way too young to be reading that at age 14 but I enjoyed its grandness. Of course, now as an adult I see it in a completely different light but it’s still a magnificent story. From that book I went onto historical romances and this brought on my love of romance in general. (always on the saucy side if possible.)

9. What are you passionate about outside of writing?

Justice and the desperate need to see the USA reverse itself from the road it’s currently on. Ice cream. My Angel and Tarot cards. Coffee. My footy team. My crystals.

10. What’s a guilty pleasure of yours? *wicked grin!*

Didn’t you see the word ice cream in the question above? I am passionate about ice cream and hell yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I could eat that stuff, in any flavour, all day long till I was either sick or in a diabetic coma.

 But I can’t sadly. And bread - that’s a guilty pleasure too. Oh, and cheese! Definitely cheese.

(Why are mine all food stuff? That’s boring. I need better guilty pleasures)

11. Tell us five things most people don’t know about Zelly Jordan!

Geez, that’s a tricky one because it depends on who’s asking - my family and friends in real life OR my friends and followers online. However, since the majority reading this probably aren’t familiar with me, I can tell you that....1: I have way, way more insecurities than I let on; 2: ditto that with pet peeves, lol; 3: I live in 24/7 pain; 4: I’ve had many otherworldly incidents happen to me that prove without a doubt that there is life after death and 5: if I love, I love wholeheartedly and if you’re my friend, you have my fiercest loyalty - full stop. There’s a ton more but you said 5......

12. Where can we find more information about you and your books?

My website is full of information - lots of previous interviews and pictures of inspiration as well as book links and of course, my blog. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and Goodreads. I’m even on LinkedIn but I barely use that. I love meeting and interacting with my readers so don’t hesitate to come say hello. 









Okay, I’m back! I HAD to look up bonza Sheila. Google says: A wonderful girl. That’s Zelly, Author Extraordinaire and Queen of her Domain, for sure. She’s an excellent writer and a wonderful friend.

Here’s a special treat for her that she can indulge in all day long!

Mega thanks again to Ms. Zelly for chatting with us.

Hope you all enjoyed this no calorie Halloween treat. But be sure to have real candy on hand on Halloween night for Trick-or-Treaters just in case you hear the patter of tiny, spooky feet on the other side of your door!



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