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A DELICATE CONDITION got its start when I first saw a picture of a woman’s legs in high heels. Immediately I knew I wanted to have that picture as the cover for my next book. As my next project was destined to be a time-travel Regency, I envisioned the Regency hero--whoever he was--treated to the sight of a modern woman’s lovely lower legs complete with sexy heels. That decided, all I had to do was fill in the rest of the details! Ha!

At the time I was heavily into researching genealogy. So mixing ancestors with modern day descendents also seemed perfect! Add in mysterious Tibetan monks, magical magnetic stones, and voilà, A DELICATE CONDITION was born.


Odessa (Dessa) Franklin is all alone in the world. She’s suddenly contacted by her long lost great aunt, Verna, who supposedly died nearly eighty years ago. But Verna has a hidden agenda and Dessa has a curiosity that rivals a cat’s. Using Verna’s mysterious magnetic stones, she soon finds herself in a house full of relatives... back in the nineteenth century!


Michael De Lyndley, the Marquess of Hampton and a gentleman astronomer, prefers studying the stars than having family members roam about his manor house. His house is in mourning however and overflowing with family. Just when he thinks his relations will leave him in peace, a new one appears... unexpectedly, wearing the most peculiar apparel. The woman purports to be his late brother’s widow and claims to be with child; at least the letter that precedes her states this information. Fighting his attraction to his new sister-in-law, Michael struggles to learn the truth about the lovely and enigmatic Odessa.

Dessa’s wish to be part of a family takes a strange turn when she suddenly finds herself back in time in the home of her ancestor, the Marquess of Hampton. and

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This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 Stars! A Wonderful Story. My admiration of the work from Susanne Marie Knight continues. A Delicate Condition is a wonderful story about time travel and life back to the Nineteenth century. A story where Dessa finds her way back to be with her ancestors with the help of her great Aunt and some magnetic stones. A brilliant story was put together and how life was in regency England with a romantic twist. This is highly recommended, a fascinating story from a brilliant author.--Mark D. Radford, Author.

5 Stars! Genealogy, time-travel, and Regency England... oh my! You’re in for a treat with this new romance, A DELICATE CONDITION. As we mentioned before, Susanne Marie Knight has been described as a formidable talent, a rare gem, and a talented, versatile author. Indeed! Excitement builds for the reader as the connection between Odessa and the De Lyndley family is revealed!--Regency Fiction World

5 Stars! It’s a fine mess Dessa Franklin has gotten herself into! By indulging her curiosity, she ends up back in time, stranded with her ancestors! What’s a girl to do? A DELICATE CONDITION is a very entertaining and plausible tale of a modern young woman’s plight as she tries to navigate the complex world of Regency England.--Twists on Romance.

5 Stars! didn't want it to end. I didn't put it down for long. Read it too fast. I enjoyed it.--Amazon Review

Been waiting and waiting for Susanne’s next time-travel Regency. A DELICATE CONDITION is worth the wait. I love it!!--A.K. Reviews

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed A DELICATE CONDITION!--S.G. Reviews


As always, I like to include in these Buzz Blogs a tidbit from real life. In this case, it’s my life! Back in the last century, I took a class trip to New York City’s Museum of Natural History, and of course saw the Hayden Planetarium. Oh, it was absolutely fabulous. As a budding science fiction writer, I gobbled up all the fantastic out-of-this-world sights! And of course, the famous meteorite, which now looks like this, below:

The meterorite is 4.5 billions... BILLIONS... of years old and weighs thirty four tons. 
Let me tell you, that mega huge piece of iron is difficult to forget!

Anyway, while doing research, I found that a meteorite actually crashed in England in 1795. Naturally, I had to weave that well-documented event into the story, with Odessa relating her experience of touching the New York meteorite.

 While the meteorite was no longer at the original site, a monument was erect to commemorate the crash. Here, Odessa, along with Michael’s fellow gentlemen astronomers view the monument. Written on it is:



On this Spot, Dec. 13th 1795

fell from the Atmosphere


In Breath 28 inches

In Length 36 inches


Whole Weight was 56 Pounds


In Memory of it

was erected by



Lord Roberts [one of the astronomers] returned to the front of the monument. “Well, where is the demmed thing?” he roared. “It didn’t just up and walk away!”

Evidently Stockman didn’t find the comment humorous for he gravely shook his head. “The Major put the rock on display for a time. Exhibited it at Piccadilly in London, too. Open to the public, it was.” He shrugged. “But sold it, I guess. Or gave it to James Sowerby, a naturalist as he calls himself. Been with Sowerby since aught four.”

Odessa touched one of the sun-bleached red bricks on the monument. “That’s too bad. I would’ve loved to feel the meteorite. I actually did touch one once in New York. The stone was so pitted, it was almost like fingering something that had passed through the depths of hell.”


Yep, I still remember that! I hope you enjoy Dessa and Michael’s love story. 

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Saturday, September 26, 2020


A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS is a completely different genre for me. Time-travel to Ancient Rome? Two thousand years into the past? Omigosh! What am I thinking??

The truth is, the idea intrigued me. So here’s how this seed of a storyline grew. I was in the middle of my Sedona West murder mystery series when I received as a gift the DVD set for the BBC production,” I, Claudius.” I’d watched some of the programs over the years, but not the entire series. Honestly, it was a real treat to sit down and “binge watch” them. I already had in my library some of the historical sources dealing with this time period: Suetonius and Tacitus so I was familiar with this fascinating retelling of Roman events. And Claudius, dear unusual Claudius... what actually happened in Rome all those years ago?

What if... what if I could go back in time and interview him? Yep, my writer’s mind was working furiously. I’d already planned a time travel Regency as my next book, but I think it was when Claudius’ invasion of Britannia was mentioned that the light bulb went off. The emperor’s military campaign came to a head in Colchester, known as Camulodunum back then. And this meant I could still do a time travel to England... but back to the year 43 AD instead of Regency times!

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was to try to write this novel. But what did I know about Ancient Rome? About Roman legions? About everyday life for the nobility, freedmen, and slaves? Not too much, I can tell you. So I read non-fiction and fiction books on all topics imaginable. I watched many DVDs to get a feel for the flavor of life back then. As for Latin... yikes. That was super hard.

After months of massive research, I was ready to weave together my story: a forensic anthropologist, Olivia, who inadvertently time-travels back to 43 AD; a weary Roman legate, Quintus, who yearns for retirement; and the Emperor Claudius, who was a bit mysterious, even back then.


Olivia Kent knows a brass sesterce is an ancient Roman coin with a value roughly calculated to be one fourth of a day’s pay. What she doesn’t know is that one particular sesterce is going to transport her two thousand years back in time to 43 AD and Rome’s invasion of Britannia. With the help of a Druid priestess, Olivia dresses as a Roman soldier, and meets Emperor Claudius, along with a handsome legion commander. She changes both of their lives for the better... and her own as well. But here’s her dilemma: should she remain back in the first century where she can make a difference? Or should she take a chance and try to return to her own time?


Quintus Antonius Avitus, commander of Legio XX Valeria Victrix, has served Rome faithfully but is weary of war. On this invasion, he comes across a puny, injured soldier, Livius. The soldier states that he is an American from a land to the west of Britannia--which is impossible since there are no lands past Britannia. But Livius is full of surprises, and also turns out to be a comely female named Olivia. Perhaps she is telling the truth? She is unlike any woman he has known. However, she insists that she cannot stay and must return to her home, despite the fact that Emperor Claudius wants her to accompany him to Rome. Quintus is torn: omnia vincit amor facit--does love conquer all? Or should he continue to auxilio imperatoris--help his Emperor?

An ancient coin transports Olivia two thousand years back in time to the Roman invasion of Britannia and into the arms of a hunky legion commander!

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 The print copy is also available on Amazon

 This book is part of the Exciting Time-Travels line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

 * 5 Sesterces... and 5 Stars! I confess I’m new to the genre of Ancient Roman romance and all that, and I have to say now, after reading A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS, I’m hooked!! Olivia, our fish-out-of-water from the twenty-first century, has to quickly adjust to the brutal world of Imperial Rome. Fortunately she has help, otherwise it’s for certain she would’ve been in more danger than just the initial beating at the beginning of her adventure. Her concern for the Emperor Claudius is touching, and as for Quintus, well, he is a warrior with macho integrity. As a couple, they have a huge divide in cultures and expectations to overcome. Thankfully, they concentrate on the things they have in common, instead of the differences. And then, of course, comes Olivia’s dilemma... For a peek into a creative imagining of what may have happened two thousand years ago--an alternate reality, do yourself a favor and read A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS.--Just Imagine Fanzine

* 5 Stars! Quite a different read: part creative and part historical. Ms. Knight shows just how very different life was two thousand years ago, and yet people still had the same needs driving them. I enjoyed how she sprinkled Latin into the conversations to show how Olivia had to slowly translate and interpret Roman conversations. Frankly, I enjoyed everything: we discover each piece of the puzzle, to then put it all together to learn the surprise twist... or twists at the end. Excellent!--Norwood Reviews

* 5 Stars! An Outstanding Time Travel Adventure! The charming and delightful novel allows the reader to time travel back to the Roman Empire... You will be captivated by [Olivia’s] adventures--if you are like me, you will also probably learn a lot about ancient Rome that you didn’t know before!--Amazon Review

 I am devouring this book!! Very, very few novels set in ancient times, even fewer romances, and as for time-travel... basically zip. Wonderful story!--Reader Comment


Onto my tidbits from real life that I like to include in these Buzz Blogs. A pair of dice plays an important role in A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS. As it turns out, dice-playing was a favorite activity of the emperor’s. It’s documented that Claudius even wrote a book on it. So I had Olivia bring her lucky pair of dice with her on her trip to Colchester. Here’s a picture of the blue dice, below. They are mine and really were a souvenir from Las Vegas. As for winning $500 there, well, no, that didn’t happen, unfortunately!

In front of the large blue dice is a pair of gold dice I purchased online based on an Ancient Roman pair that the emperor might have actually owned.

Here’s the scene where Quintus, given the dice by Olivia, hands them over to Claudius.


 With a frown, the Emperor took the small bag. He opened the drawstring and looked inside. “B-By the sacred she-wolf of Rome!” Two dice tumbled out into his hand; two colossal-sized dice the color of a moonlit sea. And just as transparent.

Claudius fingered each one. “These are very finely made, Quintus. And what are they made from? My own set of gold dice seems paltry next to these Am-American wonders.”

“Look at the side with the number ‘Two’, sir. A strange phrase: ‘Las Vegas.’ What can that mean?”

Claudius pulled out his gold dice and handed them to Quintus. As tiny as the dice were, they felt heftier than the overly large set of dice.


For a highly unusual time-travel romance with a heavy dose of history, give A SESTERCE FOR HER THOUGHTS a try. I hope you enjoy Olivia and Quintus’ extraordinary story!

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Here’s Book Three, PUSHES UP DAISIES, in the Sedona West Mysteries series. Things are coming to a head in Cozy Haven with Sedona’s candy store stage of boyfriend shopping. But before she can make her selection, something pops up in the daisy patch... and it’s not a flower!

The titles of the series:





Cozy Haven’s summer is heating up. A bar fight concerning a past date rape; a missing tourist found; villagers complaining about extortion; several people bashed on the head; a daylight abduction... it’s no wonder that tempers are exploding. Folks are at each other’s throats, and that leads to yet another murder to investigate. Sedona West can’t catch a break. Playing host to her sister and baby niece, she has to change her plans and help solve these crimes. The temperature is rising with her would-be suitors as well. These two hunky men are getting impatient for her decision. Should she choose Harrison Oakdale, the celebrity psychologist? Or does she prefer Doug Marino, Cozy Haven’s sheriff? What to do? What to do? Or maybe, when her own head is bashed by the killer, she’ll no longer have a choice... 

Sedona finds herself in the thick of things with more murder and mayhem. And, oh yes, a decision on which candy store flavor to call her own!

Available at and

 The print copy is also available at Amazon:


This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 Stars... or 10! Absolutely love this book. Love this series! Juggling everybody’s needs except her own, Sedona is in the middle of one big summer mess. This is the book where she (hopefully) makes her choice: Team Harrison or Team Doug. And oh, what swoon-worthy men those two are! Filled with of action, suspense, great characters, and of course a dead body or two, PUSHES UP DAISIES covers all bases. As to which flavor of candy Sedona selects, be sure to pick up your copy to find out!--Mystery Maven’s Reviews

5 Stars! This is number three in the three book Sedona West Mystery Series. While this book can be read without the first two, it’s enjoyable to get the full multiplex experience of everything the characters go through. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how Sedona rebuilds her life after an acrimonious divorce, solves a few murders, and gets wined, dined, and wooed by two delicious men. Lucky Sedona! And lucky us, the readers!--Norwood Reviews


 Now for my “Tidbit From Real Life”: so, not actually from “real” life, but it concerns something from Star Trek, one of my all time favorite TV shows... and movies. After Star Trek’s three seasons, the mystery of what the “T” stands for in James T. Kirk is finally revealed. The “T” is for Tiberius... a most unusual name.

In PUSHES UP DAISIES, Sedona sees Sheriff Doug’s nameplate and wonders what does the T. stand for in Dugan T. Marino.

Doug says, “I wish I could say T. stands for Tiberius, but I can’t. It’s Thomas.”

Her reply. “I like Thomas. But it’s too bad you can’t be an emperor of Rome. Or even Admiral James T. Kirk.”

Just a bit of fun! I hope you enjoy Sedona West’s adventures!

Happy reading,


Susanne Marie Knight

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

New Fantasy Romance--THE AWAY PLACE

Here’s your chance to escape from the everyday world with my latest romance: THE AWAY PLACE. This new fantasy is now available at and Soon to be in print at

Down-and-out Marta Jordan gets a second chance when the magical North and East Winds stage an intervention. Will she accept their challenge and to learn to love again?


THREE STRIKES AGAINST HER: Marta Jordan has hit rock bottom... and she’s only twenty-one. Her parents are killed in a tragic accident, her new husband steals from her, and a serious health diagnosis threatens her life. Marta is in desperate need of an intervention. Enter her fairy godmother and fairy godfather: Sola and Quill--the East and North Winds. Providing an enchanted cabin so Marta can heal, they also offer her a do-over... and a chance to walk on the wild side. Will Marta throw all caution to the wind (pun intended!) and listen to her magical helpers?

SECOND TIME’S A CHARM: Joe Noble is every woman’s Mr. Wrong. So much so that his wife not only divorced him, but their ten-year-old son, Nicky, too. Now only looking for a good time with no strings attached, Joe gets a wake-up call when the consequences of his irresponsible actions finally catch up to him. He has a choice: he can continue to drift or he can “man up” to become a good father, in addition to wooing and winning the woman of his heart, Marta.

BONUS: The fairytale, “The Princess’ Soulmate” is also included!


* 5 Stars! A romantic, sweet, and unforgettable fairytale! THE AWAY PLACE serves up two opposites, Marta and Joe, who are both recovering from the slings and arrows of life. Throw in the magic of a delightful godmother and an incredibly sexy godfather, and you have the ingredients for a delightful story that will please all romance readers! THE AWAY PLACE is a wonderful place to leave your everyday burdens at the door!--Twists on Romance Reviews

* 5 Stars! THE AWAY PLACE delivers! You’ll find magic, romance, sexy encounters, second chances, precocious children, healing hearts, and an original classic fairytale: “The Princess’ Soulmate.” Young Marta Jordan has been hit so many times by tragedy, she’s begging for a do-over. The Four Winds of Myth and Legend decide to grant her request... in the form of good-time bad boy, Joe Noble. But whiskey-drinking, love-‘em-and-leave-‘em Joe is nobody’s hero. Or is he? Escape from your ordinary world with Ms. Knight’s latest fantasy, THE AWAY PLACE!--Just Imagine Fanzine

Fantasy/Paranormal/Contemporary novels by Susanne include:

The Away Place (Fantasy)

The Two Of Cups Is For Lovers

Love At The Top

One Wife Too Many

Grave Future (Paranormal)

Past Indiscretions (Paranormal)

The Coming (Paranormal)

Competitors! (Paranormal)

The Wakefield Disturbance (Paranormal)

Uncovering Camelot (Fantasy)

A Karmic Connection (Paranormal)

Now available at and Soon to be in print at

Forget your cares and troubles at... THE AWAY PLACE!

Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, August 17, 2020


Here’s Book Two, BREAKS AN EGG, in the Sedona West Mysteries series. Sedona is trying to move forward in her life but her dead husband keeps pulling her back in!

The titles of the series:





Just when she thought she was out, she gets pulled back in!

Sedona West wants to move on from the unfortunate murder of her ex husband, however Jervis still has a trick or two up his dead sleeve. He stole two million dollars--now missing--and the Mob thinks she knows where the money is. Her cabin burglarized and shots fired, she turns to the town’s hunky sheriff and the swoon-worthy celebrity psychologist for support. She’d rather turn to them for romance, but gangsters and thugs, masquerading as tourists, have other ideas. More than anything she needs to put the past behind her and live a normal life, but not yet. Sampling the “candy store” goodies of Harrison and Doug will have to wait. Right now Sedona is worried about staying alive!

Sedona’s dead ex husband keeps putting her at risk. Two million dollars that he stole has gone missing, and the Mob thinks she knows where the money is. But she doesn’t... or does she?

 Available on and

 The print copy is also available


This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here’s a fabulous review:

* 5 Stars! The second book of the Sedona West Murder Mysteries Series revisits Sedona’s ex husband and his missing wallet. Sedona just wants to move forward but unfortunately keeps getting pulled back behind. Familiar characters and some new ones play a part in this delightful story. Susanne Marie Knight’s superb writing brings her characters to life and keeps you turning the pages. A really fun series filled with suspense and humor, and also recalls memories of dates that have gone south. I’m on the edge of my seat for the last book in the series: PUSHES UP DAISIES.--Mystery Maven’s Reviews



Here’s my “Tidbit From Real Life”: Dr. Harrison Oakdale, or rather Dr. Harrison James Oakdale, is a celebrity psychiatrist who questions Sedona on the origin of her name. When she asks about his name, he says, “I was named after my great great grandfather, James Harrison Oakdale. My parents just switched the names around, to dub me Harrison James Oakdale.” One of my great great grandfathers was also named James Harrison... James Harrison Knight, not Oakdale! James served twice in the American Civil War. After being released due to a leg injury, he then re-enlisted and became a captain in the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. In 1865, he was mustered out of service at Nashville, TN.


I hope you enjoy Sedona West’s second adventure in BREAKS AN EGG! Next up and the finale is PUSHES UP DAISIES.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, August 10, 2020


The Sedona West Mysteries are a three book series detailing how a lovely young woman recovers from nasty divorce, how she handles being involved in not one murder but too many, and how she finally gets her happily ever after... or does she??

Here are the titles:




I started this series because I missed being able to spend more time with my characters as I did in my Minx Tobin murder mystery series. Watching Sedona recover and grow from her circumstances was very satisfying for me. She also becomes very resourceful. And here’s a secret... I had one man in mind for her when I began but it turns out she chose somebody else! Let me tell you, that was a surprise!

So here is the info on SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES.


Sedona gets more than she bargains for when she moves to the idyllic town of Cozy Haven. Her intention is to piece together her shattered life. But Fate decides to throw major roadblocks in her way. First, the hunky sheriff has his eye on her. Second, a celebrity psychologist tries to get her on his private couch. Third, her disreputable ex husband unexpectedly makes an appearance. And fourth, a Girl-Night party turns into an actual Murder party... with all the guests drugged by sedatives in the wine. Talk about a major hangover! And now, Sedona finds herself under the sheriff’s scrutiny as a possible murder suspect. She had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to kill the deceased so how can she convince everyone that she’s innocent?

After waking up with the hangover of the century, Sedona is shocked to learn she is a murder suspect! Can she actually be the killer?

 Available on and

The print copy is also available at

This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 Stars! I adore Ms. Knight’s Minx Tobin Murder Mystery series so I was very excited to learn of this new one: the three book Sedona West Mystery series. Book 1: SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES tells of a newly divorced woman starting over. Will she get her second chance at love? Spoiler Alert: Not in this book, she doesn’t. But things look hopeful that Sedona will decide on her man in Book 2 or 3. As we soon learn, Sedona is in a “candy store” phase when it comes to men... and oh, what men to chose from! In this book, we have a very satisfying murder (!) that then comes with a satisfying conclusion. Looking forward to Book 2: BREAKS AN EGG.--Mystery Maven’s Reviews

5 Kisses! We first discovered this author in the 90s (!) and Ms. Knight keeps getting better and better. SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES is the first in a 3 book series, where, to be blunt, a murder victim sleeps with the fishes! Realistic characters, idyllic setting (except for the murder), and an evolving love story, this mystery novel has it all. Highly recommended.--The Romance Guide


For my “Tidbit From Real Life” that I always like to include in my books, I’ll tell you about an inside joke. Dr. Harrison Oakdale is a celebrity psychiatrist with a little too much ego for his own good. When he sees what he thinks is an interloper on his vacation rental land, he assumes she, Sedona, is there to provide him with a night of pleasure--a celebrity groupie. Then he spots a book cover by her side that is identical to one of his bestsellers. I’ll let Harrison describe his first encounter with Sedona:


“Of course, you’re reading the perfect book.” He gestured to the hardcover on the dock, next to her lounger chair, and then smirked.

But she didn’t get the connection. She glanced down at the book, and then up at him. Her eyebrows formed a vee of confusion. “This book?”

He’d forgive her for being obtuse. “Certainly. My book was on the New York Times best-seller list for thirty weeks in a row last year.”

Sure, he was bragging, but he was entitled to gloat every now and then.

“This is your book?” she asked.

He didn’t come out here to talk about his books. “Naturally.”

“You wrote The Creative Writing Workbook?”

“What? No, I...” He took a good look at the book and sure enough, the title was as she said, not his Grow Into Your Life best-seller. The Creative Writing Workbook was authored by a woman.


The joke here is that the book in question is my book. Here’s the cover:

I certainly had fun with that one!

I hope you enjoy Sedona West’s first adventure in SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES! Next up is BREAKS AN EGG.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight

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Monday, August 3, 2020


SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN, my best-selling romantic suspense, is definitely a mystery, especially for the main character: Ali Kinedulay. Or is that her real name? Ali suffers from amnesia. And not only that, she has a deep-seated feeling that she’s in danger. As she goes into hiding, journeying across the country, she meets new friends and runs into some old ones... but who can she trust?

In SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN, as a writer I get to experience the rarified air of the extremely wealthy... to a degree, anyway! I also use a bit of astrology in this book, as one of the quirky characters has a matchmaking interest in uniting Ali and Mack.

Ali wakes up with a raging case of amnesia. Her New Hampshire hospital records state she’s Alabaster Kinedulay, age twenty-four, married to a professor who has a son the same age as Ali. She remembers none of that. The only thing she knows for certain is that she’s in danger. Her intuition tells her to run away. And so she does, ending up on the Pacific side of the country. Everyone she meets seems very helpful, but are they really? When she learns she’s a mega rich Regale heiress, more attempts are made on her life. Her heart is in danger, too, from hunky psychiatrist Mack McClanahan. But is he telling the truth? Who can she trust?


Security specialist Mack McClanahan is hired to protect a wealthy client, Alabaster Regale Kinedulay--without her knowledge. Trouble is, she has amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is, that she’s rich, or why she has no recollection of her past. Pretending to be a psychiatrist, he tries to help her while also insuring her safety. It’s a tough job, with a gaggle of suspicious characters hanging around--the inattentive husband, the devious relation and his henchman, the same-age stepson, even the patronizing attorney who hired Mack in the first place. Or is the perpetrator someone else? As he struggles to protect Ali, he breaks the number one rule in his job: never fall in love with the client.

After tying up all the loose ends, SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN was released in both print and electronic form. Here’s the info below:

 After a fall down a flight of stairs, Ali struggles to remember who she is
and why someone wants her dead.

Available on and

The print copy is also available on Amazon

This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

From the Dream Realm Award winning author of THE COMING, a fresh, new romantic suspense! 5 STARS. Ali is in a desperate situation. She’s lost her memory and she fears for her life. Penniless, she depends on the kindness of others. Her new friend’s psychiatrist takes too much of an interest in Ali’s business, a rich man offers to pay her way, and oh wait, she has a husband?? Ms. Knight weaves a tapestry of intrigue, danger, and romance. SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN is a highly entertaining read; don’t miss it!--Norwood Reviews

5 Stars! Who is she? Why doesn’t she remember? Ali is a classic “woman-in-jeopardy.” Someone wants her dead but she doesn’t know why. Who can she trust? Why does her new friend insist Ali’s a queen? Talented author Susanne Marie Knight explores the murky world of amnesia in her latest romantic suspense novel, SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN. Absolutely brilliant!--Twists on Romance Reviews

SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN is my kind of book! Brilliant!--Reader Comment


One of the hallmarks in my novels is to use tidbits--just a nibble!--from real life or my life. SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN is no different. The hero of this tale, Mack McClanahan, and his grandmother, Nancy McClanahan are named after my great, great grandmother Nancy Clanahan. Mack’s partner, John Hacker, owes his name to another great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Hacker.

Also, I vacationed at a beautiful resort in California that then served as the location of the Rocky Vista Estates and Resort. I went on a “dolphin safari” tour and was treated to the sight of a fantastic stampede, as you see below.

I incorporated this scene of dolphin delight by first having the villain tell Ali of his foiled plans:

“My plan was to drive you outta here, outta the Resort and on over to the harbor. Rent a boat, zip out on the water... and then dump you with the dolphins. Yeah, it’s like you woulda took a little cruise by yourself, got disoriented, and fell overboard. It woulda looked like an accident.”

Then, dolphins need to have a happy ending, so here we have a scene with:

Earlier in the afternoon, the waters had been awash with dolphins, a vista of dolphins feeding, playing, jumping. 

For a modern day romantic suspense, I recommend SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN. I hope you enjoy Ali and Mack’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Monday, May 4, 2020


EPPIE Finalist for Best Historical Romance

My time-travel Regency romp, HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL has now been re-released!
This popular time-travel Regency romance first started as a serial novel. The publisher envisioned twelve chapters total, posting one chapter online per week for subscribers to their service. Since twelve chapters were required, I came up with the idea of using the song: the Twelve Days of Christmas, and then focused each chapter on a stanza of the song. Thus, the first chapter, including the setup, dealt with a partridge in a pear tree. The title of my book was rather bland: THE 12 DAYS OF REGENCY CHRISTMAS.
Unfortunately, the publisher went out of business before the first installment could be uploaded (and before the author could get paid!). Fortunately, Uncial Press  picked up this novel with only a few alterations. The repetitions that occurred at the beginning of each chapter (to refresh the reader’s memory) were no longer needed, AND, the book needed a catchier title.
Hmmn. What to pick? I had a difficult time with this one. Nothing seemed to fit, so I reviewed what the plot was about: each day, a contemporary young woman, Meredith, receives a Christmas card featuring one of the stanzas of the beloved song. Each evening, she goes to bed in the present but during the night, wakes up in the past in Regency England. Each morning she wakes up back in her own bed in the present.
Voilà! The title was born: HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL.
Those of you who remember vintage television will recognize the homage to CBS’ wildly popular Western: Have Gun--Will Travel.

Here is the original cover:

This book was an EPPIE Finalist for Best Historical Romance.

HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL also been a best-seller at, and has garnered two 5 STAR reviews on Barnes and Nobles and 4 stars on Goodreads!

A magic Christmas card sends lonely Meredith back in time... then returns her to her own century each morning. A handsome lord proposes, and she accepts, but then finds herself attracted to her fiancé’s honorable brother. How can she find happiness when she has one foot in the past with the other in the present?

I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Uncial Press books--a total of five novels and three short stories. HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL is the last to be re-released. It’s now available on at at and!

Here’s the new cover:

Christmas magic sends Meredith back to Regency times to find true love. But what will happen when the twelve days of Christmas are over?

This book is part of the Elegant Regencies line.

Here are some wonderful reviews!

4 ½ STARS! Have Christmas Card... Will Travel by Susanne Marie Knight is a delightful time-travel romance that carries a lonely woman back to the regency era to find love. A creative story based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song, I found myself looking forward to seeing how each stanza of the song would be depicted. The characters in the story are fully developed and have very strong personalities. This is a sweet romance in which the settings come to life through the descriptions of the author. This is a warm-hearted story for the Christmas Season that will leave the reader happy and feeling good in the end. Have Christmas Card Will Travel by Susanne Marie Knight is a sweetly romantic time travel romance to warm the hearts of the readers.--The Romance Studio
5 STARS! I loved this book! It was a cute little love story with a Christmas bow tied around it. It was a quick read and I didn't want the story to end!--Reader Comment
4 Stars!--Goodreads
Just wanted you to know how I enjoyed HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL. The concept of the Twelve Days of Christmas was so much fun.-- Reader Comment
I got a misty-eyed feeling reading the last scene in HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD!-- Reader Comment
What an intriguing story!-- Reader Comment
I thoroughly enjoyed HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL.-- Reader Comment
I laughed out loud! Great story.-- Reader Comment
Your story was a pleasure!-- Reader Comment
I think this is a wonderful story!-- Reader Comment
HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL is wonderful!! It's perfect for the holidays, too.-- Reader Comment
Wow, a great read!-- Reader Comment.


For those of you who enjoy reading about real life tidbits woven into my novels, here’s something from HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL. In this novel, although Meredith believes her Regency experiences are only dreams, she goes along with becoming engaged to one of the Larson brothers, William. After a few nights, she realizes she prefers his older brother, Jeffrey. Way back when, I dated a fellow who had an identical twin. Turns out, when I met the brother, I had more in common with him than my date!

Below is a short passage from the Six Geese A-Laying chapter. Meredith has just awakened in the morning.

Today, Meredith was so excited, surely she would burst. Last night Jeffrey had kissed her. Just a brief kiss, true, but she’d felt as if her soul was on fire. Was his taste still on her lips?
Running the tip of her tongue over her mouth, she came away disappointed. Oh well, there was always tonight.
She closed her eyes to relive the moment, then quickly blinked them open again. But she was engaged to William. She should’ve been daydreaming about kissing him, not his brother!


I hope you enjoy Meredith and Jeffrey’s story, along with the twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten lords a-leaping, nine ladies dances, eight maids a-milking, seven swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying, five gold rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree! 

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Monday, April 27, 2020

The Re-Buzz On TAINTED TEA FOR TWO--re-release!

A, Award Winner Favorite!

My classic murder mystery romance, TAINTED TEA FOR TWO has now been re-released!
Tainted Tea For Two is my homage to Agatha Christie and the English murder mystery genre. So, to get started on this insider buzz on my novel, why don’t you prepare a hot cup of delicious tea--not tainted, of course--and I’ll begin!
One of the genres that I always wanted to write was an English murder mystery, a la Ms. Christie. Before I start a project, I like to come up with a working title. Many of the mysteries I’ve read had menacingly playful titles, so TAINTED TEA FOR TWO just popped into my head. Naturally, this meant poison had to play a role in the novel! And not just poison... but injections, and, oddly enough, potatoes!
For my “What if” scenario, I proposed: what if having a nice spot of tea took on a sinister meaning? Hard Shell Word Factory loved the idea, and soon published TAINTED TEA FOR TWO, both electronically and in print.

Cover for 2001 edition
After a few years, TAINTED TEA FOR TWO was picked up by Uncial Press. Its new cover won an Ariana Award for Best Contemporary /Suspense /Mystery /Historical Romance. 

Cover for 2001 edition

After a few years, TAINTED TEA FOR TWO was picked up by Uncial Press. Its new cover won an Ariana Award for Best Contemporary /Suspense /Mystery /Historical Romance. 

Here is the popular book video for the Unical Press version: Music is by Kevin MacLeod, Scheming Weasel Faster.

I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Uncial Press books--a total of five novels and three short stories. TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is the seventh to be re-released. It’s now available on at and!
Here’s the new cover:

Someone wants Lord Embrey dead. Will the method of execution be by poison, or injection, or... potato??

This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 HEARTS! TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is a delightfully creative romance that centers on a mystery that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. A colorful cast of characters go about each with their own reasons for wanting the viscount out of the way. Marty wishes she had never taken the job. The stress of being a suspect has her in tears. If that isn't bad enough, the men all want to get her in their beds and she ends up spending a lot of time fending off their advances. That is, all except for Gregory; him she does not fight... The settings are described in clear detail...TAINTED TEA FOR TWO by Susanne Marie Knight is a fast paced romantic mystery that is sure to be enjoyed by the readers.--The Romance Studio

Ms. Knight throws an independent American into the midst of a stuffy English family providing readers with a bit of humor in the middle of this riveting suspense. The characterizations add to the charm and character of TAINTED TEA FOR TWO. While clearly a contemporary suspense, there are moments when readers will feel a slightly historical feel through the “stiff upper lip” attitudes of the British aristocrats. Susanne Marie Knight uses unique plot points, while trying a few tried and true ones as well. This provides readers with a comfortable feel while trying to figure out “whodunit”. I was stumped until almost the end, a rare occurrence for this avid mystery buff. I give TAINTED TEA FOR TWO a solid “two thumbs up.--Word On Romance

This is a tale with plenty of suspense, intrigue and mystery mixed with the possibility of romance. Join Marty as she walks the halls of the  manor and finally walks into a murder. The intention by the killer is to make her the suspect, but will it succeed? A well written tale by talented author Susanne Marie Knight that will please the mystery fan or the romantic suspense fan. Is there something more to the viscount's illness? Why does he keep having recurring bouts? Will they discover what is happening in time? Recommended for a fun read to learn who the killer is and why he plotted such a complex crime. Is it about money or a title or revenge of some sort? Enjoy following Marty and the rest of the well drawn cast along the twisting paths of suspense and suspicion. I

Ms. Knight has written a wonderful story. One full of mystery, romance, and even comedy. I couldn’t put it down, and read TAINTED TEA FOR TWO in one setting. Her description of the scenery brought back many wonderful memories of my trip to England. She even captured the musty smell of big manors, and the small shops in the village. TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is a delightful “who done it”, that I truthfully enjoyed very, very much. I recommend that everyone read this wonderful book. Ms. Knight has captured the true feelings of England, in a wonderful tale of love, and mystery. You will be absolutely delighted with your choice.--All About Murder Reviews

The charming English countryside, stately manner, and regional dialect embellish this murder romance into a cozy night’s read.--Affaire de Coeur

TAINTED TEA FOR TWO offers gentle humor as the family’s stuffy British attitudes and Marty’s easy going nature clash. This riveting and hard to solve mystery races to the conclusion.--Romance Reader’s Connection

FIVE STARS for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO: Excellent! I truly enjoyed this story. I had a small idea who did it half way through but was not completely sure until the end. I would recommend to those who enjoy a light hearted murder mystery

Amazon's Listmania: for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO--recommended cozy mystery!--Reader Comment

TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is so good!-- Reader Comment

Love your Brit-lit: Regency, Time-Travel & Contemporary (Tainted Tea). All are terrific!-- Reader Comment

I love TAINTED TEA FOR TWO!-- Reader Comment

I couldn't figure out who the intruder was. What a surprise!-- Reader Comment

Very English, very funny, with interesting character interplay. Kept me laughing and guessing, laughing and guessing...-- Reader Comment

I read TAINTED TWO FOR TWO with a good deal of pleasure. It's a neat idea, and I liked the characters. This is a very clever concept. Your opening is great! One couldn't help to read the book on that basis and basis alone. Cheers to you!-- Reader Comment

I kept guessing all the way to the end and I thought someone else was the murderer. Wonderful!!-- Reader Comment

I loved TAINTED TEA! What a wonderful homage to Agatha Christie!-- Reader Comment

Now that TAINTED TEA is in paperback, I'm ordering another copy!-- Reader Comment


As always, there are small snippets from my life embedded into this novel. The heroine, Ms. Marty Jackson, is a personal fitness trainer. Her name is Marty because her father--a former Mr. Universe--wanted a son to carry on his name. Although I’m not a trainer, I do have a fitness background, having worked for thirteen years for an exercise program shown on public television.
Marty also has a cherished possession similar to one that I have... or had, given to me by my daughter.

Marty took out her most prized possession: a paperweight in the shape of a giant, clear crystal. She held it upside down, and the colorful pearls suspended inside gently floated to the bottom. A kid's toy, of course, but she never went anywhere without it. It was the last thing her father had given her.
She gave it a place of honor on the nightstand...

This isn’t an actual picture of the paperweight, but it’s close enough. As with Marty’s diamond, mine also fell to its doom.

"No!" Marty raced to the window and watched her beloved remembrance of her father shatter into a zillion pieces. Part of her shattered with it.

For a classic English murder mystery, I recommend TAINTED TEA FOR TWO. I hope you enjoy Marty and Gregory’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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