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Who represents Regency England better than author Jane Austen? When she first started her writing career, she kept her identity from the public by calling herself, “THE AUTHOR”. Simply put: in Jane’s day, a lady DID NOT ruin her reputation by writing for publication. 

Of course, word of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY’s mysterious author eventually got out. For example, one of Jane’s brothers liked to boast. Still, her identity wasn’t common knowledge until after her death. In 1816 however, the Prince Regent himself became an admirer. The future George IV even hinted that he would like Jane to dedicate her new novel, EMMA, to him. Jane very reluctantly complied, coming up with this gem:

So what does Jane Austen’s secret “hobby” have to do with A NOBLE DILEMMA? Plenty! This Regency romance is poverty-stricken Bethany Branford’s story, and her desire to support herself through her published writing. Naturally, she views Jane Austen as an inspiration. It was such fun for me to be Bethany’s chronicler of her experiences in the big city of London.

Bethany has been taking care of Great Aunt Cordelia for five years. When her aunt passes away, Bethany is without a home.
A distant relation, David, the Earl of Ingraham, comes to her rescue by offering her a London Season so she can attract an eligible suitor.
Bethany has other plans for her future--writing a novel. If her secret is discovered, it will scandalize not only Polite Society, but also David, whom she has grown to love.
Will Bethany find a solution to this noble dilemma?

A NOBLE DILEMMA soon became part of the Aurora Regency Line with Aspen Mountain Press. It also was selected to be part of a Regency four-book bundle.

Aspen Mountain Press’ cover for A NOBLE DILEMMA

Alas, you’ve probably figured out what happens next. The publisher went out of business. But good news: another publisher, Musa Publishing, bought the Aurora Regency line. This novel continued to garner great reviews like, “This is a classically crafted Regency Romance with likable characters and an easy to follow plot.” Coffee Time Romance and More.

 Musa Publishing’s cover for A NOBLE DILEMMA

But, once again, after several years, this publisher closed its doors, too. So I arranged for A NOBLE DILEMMA to be available at,, along with other internet sites.

Bethany has a guilty secret that if discovered, will scandalize Polite Society and her new love, the Earl of Ingraham. What would Jane Austen do??

Here is a book trailer for A NOBLE DILEMMA:

New Price: $2.99!

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

For those of you who like to read reviews, get ready... here they come!

4 Books! A Noble Dilemma is a tight intriguing novel placed in the regency era.... Subtle surprises, above average characters, and a wonderful eye for detail set A Noble Dilemma apart. Secondary characters are both important and singular. Activities are appropriate and fun to read about; from dinners to carriage ride, dinners to the obligatory trip to London. Fans of this particular type of historical will enjoy this – most especially because it both fits, but somewhat escapes the mold. Truly charming.--Long and Short Reviews

4 Cups! This is a classically crafted Regency Romance with likable characters and an easy to follow plot. ... I enjoyed the gradual building of the feelings between the two [characters]. Bethany is my favorite of a great cast of characters. She is caring without being too sweet, and her problem solving abilities definitely help the plot along.--Coffee Time Romance & More

Susanne Marie Knight's book is very enjoyable read, she does a nice job showing just how limited a woman’s life was in this period of history so far as finding a way to earn an income. This book was fun to read and a great escape from the stress today. It shows just how far women have come in this Western civilization in the years since this novel’s time period. The characters were warm, real and three dimensional. They were people I’d like to have in my own family.--Got Historical Romance Reviews

Fans of light Regency romance will find that A Noble Dilemma's characters are likeable and the sweet romance builds to a traditional happy ending.--Night Owl Reviews

I loved this book. The heroine is so refreshing. She's sweet without being a saintly Mary Sue. You have to love a girl who wants to have it all.--M.B.

This book is wonderful!--C. S.


For my real life connection, I’m going to depart from my usual personal tidbit to give you a character interview for Bethany, the main character. She does refer to me in her interview, so you can see her take on me as the author! Have fun!

Character Interview For Bethany Brandford, soon to marry
David Greyle, the Earl of Ingraham.

***Thank you for coming to chat with us today, Bethany. Why do you think Susanne Marie Knight chose you to represent her?

And thank you! It’s lovely to be here, I assure you! As for my dear fellow author, Susanne, I believe she chose me to speak on her behalf because we have so much in common. I do love to write, you see, and who understands a writer better than another writer? Although I must say, my tastes run to works that are more gothic than what Susanne writes.

***Tell us a little about yourself?

I am starting a new chapter in my life, you know. Soon I will be wed to my most darling David. Before London, I lived in Bamburgh, Northumberland--just south of the Scottish border. I took care of dear Great Aunt Cordelia, and she, of course, took care of me when I was orphaned at the tender age of ten and six. Oh, the stories I could tell of my adventures in Bamburgh! I’ve stored up a vast amount of material to draw upon in my future books. I especially wish to write about Mr. Jarvis, the local blacksmith, who was quite a colorful... and persistent character. Did you know he had a tendency to linger his sooty fingers against my only pair of worn, but clean gloves?

***What is your birth date?

June 2nd, in the year 1795, if you must know! Susanne tells me I was born under the sign of Gemini, and that explains my desire to write. In truth, I have no idea what she is talking about, but then, after all, she *is* the author of my tale!

***Is there anything you wish Susanne Marie Knight had kept her mouth shut about?

Goodness no! How rude that would be of me, to criticize my author. However, if *only* she would have allowed me to insert more of my work-in-progress in A NOBLE DILEMMA. His Royal Highness, Prince Augustus, is quite enchanted with my writing, you know!

***Do you feel you were portrayed fairly?

Most certainly yes! I can honestly say that I felt myself coming to life as Susanne put goose-quill pen to paper.

***Tell us about David Greyle, the Earl of Ingraham. What drew you to him?

David is the most agreeable man I have ever known. Indeed, I am of the opinion that he must be the handsomest man alive! Oh, he makes my maiden heart flutter. And so kind and good-natured, too. Am I not the luckiest woman?

***What do you do to relax?

Goodness! I have no need to relax! Now that I am soon to be the Countess of Ingraham, all my needs are taken care of. What I want to do now is to have fun with my David.

***What’s your biggest turn ons?

Turn on? I beg your pardon? Oh, what things am I excessively fond of--I see. I love romantic carriage rides in Hyde Park, with David handling the reins. Oh yes, and waltzing with my one true love is like heaven on earth!

***What are your biggest Turn offs?

Any day without David!

***What’s your favorite Ice cream flavor, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

Any flavor of ices that are available at Gunter’s is, how do you say, is a turn on for me!

***Do you believe in ghosts?

Maybe. The bigger question is, do they believe in me?

***What is your biggest fear?

I would say my biggest fear is running out of writing paper when I am in the middle of a project. Goodness, what a calamity that would be! My future husband, however, assures me there is no chance of that happening. I own I must be the most fortunate girl in London.

I see my interview time is up! My thanks to Aurora Regency/Aspen Mountain Press for arranging this interview. I do enjoy chatting with you all and I hope everyone enjoys A NOBLE DILEMMA!


Back to me here. I hope you enjoy Bethany and David’ story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE is case number Four in my popular Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series. For those of you not familiar with this series, click on the link for my Author Notes on THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO, case number one, my Author Notes on THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE, case number two, and my Author Notes on THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE.

Minx Tobin is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in this murder mystery series!

As you can deduce from the title, THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE has something to do with an online dating site. And, of course, Minx once again finds herself in a world of hurt... nothing virtual about it.

The serial killer stalking Los Angeles will soon be served his just deserts. But that doesn’t mean Minx Tobin is out of danger. First, there’s a crank caller. Then her tire is slashed. Quite possibly, her throat is next. But if the throat-slashing murderer is out of the picture, then who has it in for Minx?

Gabe Harris works two full-time jobs. First is solving murders as homicide lieutenant for LAPD. Second is trying to keep his new girlfriend, Minx, out of danger. But this time, she isn’t to blame for her predicament. Gabe’s job is proving hazardous to her health. 

Artist’s rendering of a possible cover

Desert Breeze Publishing has published all six (to date) Minx Tobin novels. THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE has received great reviews including FIVE Stars from Goodreads and 4.5 Stars from Sensual Reads! All books are available both electronically and in print.

Online serial dater turns out to be a serial killer. But when Death claims this murderer, why is Minx also in danger? Ebook and Print

Here is a book trailer for THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE:

This book is part of the Intriguing Mysteries line.

Here are some great reviews:

4.5 Stars! In this delightful story filled with suspense and lots of humor, Ms. Knight gives the reader a murder mystery that will satisfy any taste. Minx and Gabe’s developing love is added to the mix seamlessly. I cannot wait to see what will happen to Minx and Gabe next.--Sensual Reads

5 STARS--GoodReads

I really loved this book. I can't wait to read the first 3!--C.B.


Real life tidbit: I included an interest of mine in THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE--Lewis Carroll’s fantasy world. In my book, I created a café called the Mimsy Grove, based on Carroll’s poem, “Jabberwocky.” The café features servers dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. “Off with her head!” Oops!

Another real life tidbit: Los Angeles was the perfect spot to begin the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series, after she left her hometown. L.A. has such great energy. I’d always wanted to visit, but never had the chance (except for changing planes at the LAX airport). So by setting the story in L.A., I could experience it without the expense of travel! After living vicariously through Minx’s adventures in L.A., I was happy I was able to go there last year. Omigosh! Driving on the freeway is CRAZY! And speaking of freeways, Minx has a hair-raising experience on LA’s Interstate 5 headed for Mexico.

Scene Setup: Minx has been abducted and awakens with a nasty headache.

Not again.
That was Minx’s first thought. How could she not think that? Her head felt as if it was going to explode--again. And it also felt as if her seventeen stitches might grow in number to a few more.
The instrumental music, playing in the background, worsened her headache. Drums, trumpets, maracas all boomed painfully inside her brain.
Her second thought was to soothe the throbbing spot with her hand, only her hands, or rather her wrists hurt, too.
She reluctantly opened her eyes and looked down at her hands. A pair of gleaming stainless steel handcuffs cruelly cut into her skin, into the bones.
Instead of being scared, she was angry. It was too lovely a day to be cooped up inside a car, driving on a uniformly monotone Interstate, headed for some unknown destination, with a murderer by her side.
Without looking to her left, she had a pretty good idea who the driver was.
“You’re awake,” came the murderer’s grating voice.
“Yes, I am.” Minx turned to her tormentor. “Guess you didn’t hit my head hard enough.”
“I can fix that, you know.”
Minx pressed her lips together to keep from replying. The last thing she needed was another concussion.
Minx gazed at green traffic signs decorating the Interstate. Interstate 5. 
A bit of ‘Jeopardy’ trivia came back to her. Interstate 5 was the only Interstate highway to touch both the Canadian and Mexican borders.
The type of music in the car and the general direction clinched the deal: the murderer was headed for Mexico.

I hope you enjoy Minx and Gabe’s adventures. There are lots more surprises in store for them as the series progresses. Case Number Five is THE YULETIDE YORKSHIRE.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Part of the fun of starting a new book is doing the research for it. In my popular five star Regency time-travel, THE QUESTING BOX, I needed a “device” that would send twenty-first century Rae Santini back to Regency England. I decided on a mysterious box that was an heirloom for her family. This box would be called, naturally, a questing box.

The act of going on a quest is a journey of self-discovery. Questing involves leaving the known world to explore one’s spiritual roots, obtain healing and knowledge, and then hopefully, return home with these new understandings. The Gypsy culture plays an important role in this novel, and to help me with this, I obtained a really cool resource book, GYPSIES OF BRITAIN, by Brain Vesley-Fitzgerald. That book and the internet gave me insights into the Romani people and their language that in turned, helped to give life to my characters.

As the adult child of an alcoholic, Rae Santini struggles with unnecessary guilt. If only she was a better person. If only she could have helped her father. If only he hadn’t died. So when a Questing Box comes her way, she longs to turn back the clock to save him. But she had been just eight at the time of his death; she hadn’t been ready to embark upon a healing journey. Eighteen years later, the mysterious box is gifted to her. She figures she has nothing to lose so she opens the box... 

James Bonnell, the Earl of Blackburne, dreads returning to his family’s estate for Christmas. His parents, the Marquess and Marchioness of Litchfield, not only belittle his political career, but most urgently insist that he marry to beget an heir. As it turns out, he had intended to bring home a bride, however the “lady” in question is too free with her favors. Disheartened, James is on his way to Litchfield when he encounters an unconscious Rae. He quickly bundles her up and takes her to a nearby Gypsy encampment. A risky idea then comes to mind. Perhaps this attractive wood nymph will consent to a masquerade and act as his countess... just for the holidays?

Artist’s rendering of a possible cover

Rae Santini plans to go on a quest to heal herself. What she doesn’t know is that she must travel back to the past to do it.

THE QUESTING BOX is available at and, in addition to other internet locations. It’s has earned multiple 5 star reviews at and Goodreads and has quickly become a reader favorite!

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

FIVE STARS! I just love time travel romance... This book is just what I needed, a true time travel romance, none of that crazy stuff. Great story and I loved every minute. The Main Booklover

FIVE STARS! Enjoyed the story. I would recommend this book to anyone. I will be looking forward to any other books from this author that are at least like time travel. T. N.

FIVE STARS! I love time travel romance; Somewhere in Time is my very favorite movie. This book by Susanne Knight ranks right up there. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down! Do yourself a favor and indulge in this one. You won't be sorry! N. N.

FOUR STARS! A trip through time! I really enjoyed this book. I enjoy time travel romances and this was a great book to read on a quiet afternoon. C. G.


Here’s a tidbit from real life. In THE QUESTING BOX, Rae reconnects with her childhood by joining a Regency skating party. She’d first lived in the Northeast where snow is plentiful, and then later moved to Miami. No snow there! So when she finds herself on the James’ father’s estate with its own private lake, she’s delighted to try skating again. I also grew up in the Northeast where I learned to skate, too. Then later, I moved to Miami--no ice skating there! However, now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not as brave as Rae. There will be no more ice skating parties for me!

Below is a picture of a typical Regency outing. The men have on skates--sharp double-edged blades with metal soles that were secured by leather straps--while the woman seated in a chair on the ice is pushed around by her escort. 

Drawn by Diana Sperling, 1/2/1817

The following passage describes Rae’s first try on the ice.

Concentrating her gaze on the solid ice below, Rae first took mincing steps. With James’ encouragement, she slowly lengthened her stride. The path of her skating blades cut incredibly fine particles of ice, sending splashes of ice outward, almost like a mist. The noise of her skates, along with James’ skates and the others’, combined into cutting, scraping sounds that then echoed out from the lake and up to the icy trees of the woods.

“Oh, James! Skating is just as I remembered. It’s so exhilarating!”

His emerald green eyes sparkled as brightly as the morning dew. “I am happy if you are happy.”

Happy didn’t even begin to describe what she was feeling. It was as if she’d been transported to her childhood in Boston, to when she and her father had skated together. Back then, her father had taught her but, sooner than she’d wanted, he had insisted she go solo.

Now was her time to go solo again. 

“I’m going to spread my wings now.” Pulling away from James’ arm, she took even longer strides. She quickly reached the next grouping of pine trees, circled around to face him, and then, with a swoosh, came to a stop.


I hope you enjoy Rae and James’ love story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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ONE WIFE TOO MANY is a second-chance-at-love contemporary romance. Sometimes Love does find us, but at that particular time, we’re not ready for it. That’s what happens to Wilson Struthers.

Wilson Struthers is an ambitious attorney who advances his career by marrying eighteen-year-old Andrea, the boss’ daughter. Things go according to plan... until Andrea is lost at sea. Seven years later, Wilson marries again. Then the fun begins!

So here’s the dilemma: How do I craft this tale so that when Wilson and Andrea meet seven years later, they don’t recognize each other? How can I make this story believable?

Ah, that’s the rub! For Andrea, she suffers from total amnesia of her former life, and for Wilson, well, let’s just say twenty-five-year-old Andrea looks very different from his virgin bride.

Artist’s rendering of a possible cover

Happily, Uncial Press loved Andrea and Wilson’s predicament and published this novel. As they say: “Susanne Marie Knight's books are always fun, sexy and tender. Her latest, ONE WIFE TOO MANY is all of the above, a real feel-good story. Andrea is young and innocent when she marries Wilson, who is an ambitious lawyer in her father's firm. Before the wedding night, she's lost at sea. He remarries, she survives and their lives get really complicated."

Seven years after his bride is lost at sea, Wilson marries again. Bigamist!

Print book available at

ONE WIFE TOO MANY has earned Best-Seller status at and Uncial Press and is available at many internet sites and is a Favorite in libraries across the United States including North Texas Libraries On The Go. This July, this book is being offered at a 30% discount to libraries that use the ODILO system. Let YOUR library know!

Here is a popular book trailer for ONE WIFE TWO MANY:

This book is part of the Romantic Contemporaries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 STARS! Some books are meant to be classics. ONE WIFE TOO MANY is in this category. We are introduced to the main characters, Andrea and Wilson, as they just get married. Both of them are making a major mistake. Wilson, to get promoted, and Andrea, to escape her unloving father. But on the Hawaiian honeymoon night, Andrea’s eyes get cruelly opened, and she makes another bad choice, only to get swept overboard in a storm-tossed sea. Her body is never recovered. Seven years pass. Wilson is a sadder man, filled with regret, but feels it’s time to move on. He remarries. Then the unthinkable happens: his job sends him back to Hawaii where...

ONE WIFE TOO MANY is a perfect second chance at love story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how they met each other again with no recognition, and yet there was something achingly familiar that they just couldn’t identify. A wonderful treat for anyone who’s a romantic at heart!--Norwood Reviews

Susanne Marie Knight's books are always fun, sexy and tender. Her latest, ONE WIFE TOO MANY is all of the above, a real feel-good story. Andrea is young and innocent when she marries Wilson, who is an ambitious lawyer in her father's firm. Before the wedding night, she's lost at sea. He remarries, she survives and their lives get really complicated.--Uncial Press

This is a wonderful (as usual) love story. You’re soo good, Sus. Thanks so much!--J.G.

This book is great! I adore Andrea, and as for Wilson--yum! Thanks so much for this refreshing read!--C. Caruso

Whenever I want to take a Hawaiian vacation, I reread ONE WIFE TOO MANY. I love this story!--S.C.

An excellent retelling at a second chance a love story!--M. P.


Below are a couple of tidbits from my life that helped me write this novel. The islands of Hawaii play a large role in ONE WIFE TOO MANY. During a terrifying storm, Andrea is swept overboard from the deck of a company yacht in the channel of waters between Molokai and Maui. I also was violently tossed about in a small yacht navigating very rough seas. Fortunately, I remained onboard!

Here’s how Wilson (Will) experienced the storm:

Still holding his drink, Will carefully maneuvered past annoyingly loud slot machines and equally annoying drunken passengers until he walked out the casino doors.

Once in the carpeted corridor, he stood a moment to get his bearings. Wrong move. A giant wave crashed against the starboard side of the ship. He lost his balance, and his drink, and smashed into the wall.

While his crystal tumbler harmlessly bounced on the carpeted floor, the glassware inside the casino wasn't as lucky. The tinkling of breaking glass was loud enough to be heard out in the corridor. Evidently everything that wasn't nailed down on the bar counter had slid to the other end, and then landed down onto the floor.

What a waste of booze.

Will grinned, righted himself, and took a step. Another wave crashed into the ship, knocking him full force back into the wall.

Damn. The shit just got kicked out of him. If Andrea had been seasick before, there was no telling just how badly she was feeling right now. Urgency fueled his movements back to their cabin.

Here’s how Andrea experienced the storm:

Although staying on her feet was a problem, Andrea managed to get to the stairway and headed up one level for the casino deck.

The yacht personnel were prepared for this type of weather. Little white bags had been placed on each step by the wall, just in case.

Thank goodness she didn't need to use one. Her stomach was behaving nicely. And actually, she had to admit, it was fun to be thrown from one side of the carpeted wall to the other.

Andrea grinned. Maybe now that she was a married woman, she could handle things better than before.

After Andrea washes up in the city of Hilo on the big island of Hawaii, she is welcomed into the bosom of a traditional Hawaiian family, the Lawai’as. Since she has no memory of her previous life, she takes the name Anakalia, which means Andrea in Hawaiian. Seven years later, she reluctantly gives a stranger, Will, a tour of Hilo, including the famous Akaka Falls. Here’s a picture I took of Akaka Falls while on vacation there.

Today was about as perfect as a day could be. Will thoroughly enjoyed pineapple pancakes for breakfast, an exotic treat for the palate, the tropical rainforest surrounding Akaka Falls, and the company.

Especially the company. Anakalia Lawai'a combined sultry beauty with a naiveté that stoked his growing desire.

Walking behind her in the dense jungle and watching her bewitching bottom sway as they'd traveled on a narrow path to the falls was nearly his undoing.

Or perhaps it was the primordial surroundings. Any minute he'd expected Tarzan to swing through the trees with his characteristic yell.

No, his overactive libido was all due to her.


So now you know part of the story when Wilson finds out he has ONE WIFE TOO MANY! I hope you enjoy Andrea and Wilson’s book.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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The idea for THE MAGIC TOKEN, my reader favorite Regency romance, came from a desire to combine a Regency with a touch of magic--the kind of magic where you might wonder, is this a coincidence or is it magic? Coincidentally (or was it?!) during my research for this book, I came across this sentence in a biography on Charles Darwin:

“[Charles’] friends enjoyed his tall stories: he claimed to one that he owned a Roman coin.”

While his friends didn’t believe him, I did! THE MAGIC TOKEN soon took shape.

For my “What if” scenario, I used: What if a golden coin had the power to change one's fortunes?

A MAGICAL TOKEN--When Amanda Barclay receives a magic token as a gift from a stranger, she is more than skeptical about whether this gold coin can change her fortunes. But then the very man who captured her heart years ago suddenly appears. Is it destiny or cruel fate? Does he even remember her? She desperately needs the position he offers as governess, but how can she endure being near to a man so beyond her reach?

A DIFFERENCE IN RANK--Marcus Hamilton, Duke of Yarborough, is a man burdened by family and political responsibilities. He does not have the time nor the inclination to dally with women beneath his station. But a chance meeting throws him together with Mandy, the engaging young sprite from his past, causing him to reevaluate his beliefs. For once in his life, the call of love beckons far stronger than the duties and obligations of his position. 

THE MAGIC TOKEN was quickly picked up by LIONHEARTED PUBLISHING where it grew to best-seller status, along with earning 5 star reviews from, Visionary Insight Press, and The Romance Studio. My novel also was an EPPIE Finalist for Best Historical Romance.

An old woman gives skeptical Amanda a magic coin. It couldn’t possibly work, but how else can she explain her sudden good fortune?

Print book available (2002 edition) at

When the contract ran out, my publisher, Uncial Press, republished THE MAGIC TOKEN, where it continues to flourish today. In fact, one reader posted this comment about my Regency on a blog: “The book THE MAGIC TOKEN by Susanne Knight would also make a good musical.” Wow! I’m still flattered!

After receiving a gold coin, Amanda suddenly becomes governess to the sister of a duke. Is her good fortune a coincidence, or is it Fate?

This book is part of the Elegant Regencies line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

FIVE HEARTS! The supporting characters are very good. I love Dona Ines weaving in and out of the story along with Pritchard, Nannette, Gregory and most especially Duca di Maggiore. Ms. Knight has given us a truly fun story! I enjoyed how she wove the magic into this, and that coin was just great! Another thing I liked about her story is the little pieces of history she added, like the line about the Marquess of Londonderry…of course, I’m a complete period geek and had already looked this up years ago. This is such a good read! I especially liked the epilogue where we see who Amanda passes the coin to for it’s next magic turn! Oh, and yes, I have read at least one other story by Ms. Knight (which I liked) and now I have to find her other work since I loved this story!--The Romance Studio

FIVE STARS! Another fine book from Ms. Knight! Her meticulous research into this period piece shines throughout this wonderful story. From beginning to end, her words paint the scenes with rich visuals which enrich the story line of the two main characters. You will be invested in this story after just a few pages and will not want to put it down. This book deserves its place among the other novels of Ms. Knight.--Visionary Insight Press

THE MAGIC TOKEN is gloriously magical and loads of fun! Susanne Marie Knight has taken a magical plot device and whipped up a charming tale in THE MAGIC TOKEN. Her characters are full blown and interesting, while the minor characters add spice. Ms. Knight’s writing is bright, and full of that Regency flavor readers enjoy. A sprightly romp with makes for a blast of a read!--Sime-Gen Reviews

4 Roses! Ms. Knight weaves a tale of magic. The golden coin is suppose to bring the person good fortune but seems good fortune for the book as well! This was a very lighthearted read and very easy to finish in one sitting--so be prepared to spend time with this story from beginning to end!--A Romance Review

THE MAGIC TOKEN is an enchanting take on the Cinderella fairytale, complete with an evil step-mother and fairy godmother. This is a well-researched, well-written story with wonderful characterizations. The duke, who has overcome his abusive childhood, is a great hero and Amanda is a caring and compassionate heroine. There was also a very pleasing secondary romance between the squire’s son and the Portuguese woman’s granddaughter. THE MAGIC TOKEN was a great Regency read, with some magical elements. If you like fairytales, give THE MAGIC TOKEN a try.--PNR Reviews

Susanne Marie Knight is a talented, versatile author whose books run from this light traditional Regency with a magical element, to time-travel, sci-fi romance, paranormal romantic suspense, mystery, and contemporary romance.--Romance Reviews Today

THE MAGIC TOKEN has Knight’s usual boisterous extended family, lonely child with a flighty mother and spunky heroine who wins the hero’s heart without even trying to. The characters are vivid and sympathetic, and the story rolls along nicely. There are hints of true magic in the story--the good luck charm is depicted as a token with real power--but the romance and most of the story itself rests on the usual day-to-day lives of the characters. Knight writes Regency romance well, her language and the concerns of the characters clearly reflect the culture they are living in.--PNR Reviews

5 Stars!! A Real Page Turner! My family loved THE MAGIC TOKEN. It's a charming Regency imbued with magic and lots of wonderful characters. Once I opened the book, I left all my troubles behind and had a lively adventure with Amanda, Marcus, and company. Isn't that what reading is all about? My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Knight. I'm one of her fans!--R.O.

OH … MY … GOSH!!! I just finished The Magic Token! I loved it! LOVE LOVE LOVED it! You are such a gifted writer … l love how you wove the story in and out of all the different real historical facts. And the coup de grace was Charles Darwin – and how you read about his mentioning he had a gold coin … wow, too cool! And I loved the comeuppance of Nanette … LOL … I just loved the book … and Gregory! I loved your line about how she looked in Marcus’s eyes, then they became the eyes of a stranger! It was great! Love love loved it!--N. G.

My family loved THE MAGIC TOKEN. It's a charming Regency imbued with magic and lots of wonderful characters. Once I opened the book, I left all my troubles behind and had a lively adventure with Amanda, Marcus, and company. Isn't that what reading is all about? My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Knight. I'm one of her fans! --Reggy, on

Enjoyed it very much. This is a page-turner!--B. B.

Fans of Susanne Marie Knight will enjoy THE MAGIC TOKEN!--C.B.

Leave all your cares away and enter an exciting new world. Live the dreams and enjoy all that you read--problems are forgotten and love, romance, excitement and live a life not only different, but one you could never believe you could. Reading is in fact another world--it affords you an escape and entertainment too easily left behind because of television and movies. They can never give you the true entertainment and excitement a good book does. Read one of [Susanne Marie Knight's] books and compare--you will not be sorry.--R. D.

A charming Regency with the intrigue of magic twisted with the fortunes of fate played out with wonderful characters.--M.H.

As for a real life connection to this book, along with Amanda Barclay, I too have an interest in healing. Although I don’t use healing remedies on people in my “village” as Amanda does, I do have a Masters of Science degree in Natural Health.

Here is a passage from the beginning of THE MAGIC TOKEN where a young Amanda first meets Marcus--inadvertently and unexpectedly--in the woods on midsummer night’s eve.

Marcus must have noticed Amanda’s melancholy. A strange, hungered expression overtook his face. “Don’t ever change, sweet Mandy. I can tell you are one in a million.”
Clearing his throat, he gave her the basket. “Well, my moppet, you best be getting home. Shall I escort you?”
“No, thank you kindly, Marcus. I should return by myself. But what about you?”
“Ah, I am doomed to wander the woods ‘til sleep comes to claim me. You see, dear Mandy, I suffer from insomnia. That is why I happen to be out at this ungodly hour.”
He took a step away from her, then bowed. “‘Tis of no import. My thanks for a diverting evening.”
An unfamiliar ache settled over her heart. She did not understand it; nor could she explain it. For some unknown reason, she did not want Marcus to leave. “Wait! I have something that might help you.”
Reaching into her basket, she pulled out a small linen pouch filled with the herb chamomile. “Here, steep this in boiling water to make chamomile tea. It will let you sleep.”
Marcus’ grin made him appear younger than his years. Laughing, he shook his head. “What’s this? Are you a traveling apothecary? My wondrous Mandy.”
She liked being his wondrous Mandy, but his admiration made her uncomfortable. “I want to heal people when I grow up,” she mumbled at her bare toes. Her friends usually laughed at her when she told them her ambition.
He accepted the pouch, then lifted her chin. “A noble aspiration. However, I do believe you are already grown up, while I, on the other hand, have a long way to go.”

Once again, two strangers meet by chance. Or is it something more, is it... destiny?


I hope you enjoy Amanda and Marcus’ story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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