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My award-winning Regency romance, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, holds a very special place in my heart. When you view the cover, you’ll understand why! But before I get into that, let’s look at the genesis of the story. I wanted to try my hand at writing a Regency with an American heroine as a contemporary with her Regency peers. The idea of feisty American pitted against a proper Englishman intrigued me. No time-travel is involved here. Since this Regency is set in 1814, the War of 1812 is raging behind the scenes. This seemed a perfect background for the heroine, Nicolette Turner, and hero, Victor Kincaid (Lord Cushing), to be at odds with each other for their external conflict.

Nicolette is summoned to travel across the Atlantic by her English grandfather, Lord Eldridge--a man who disinherited her beloved father. This novel takes place in Long Melford, Suffolk, and London, with a honeymoon trip to Southwold. I also wanted to have some of the characters from another one of my Regencies, The Reluctant Landlord, make a brief appearance. So in addition to creating Nicolette and Victor’s story, I had to decide where to introduce Katrina Jones and Quentin Thornhill, revisiting their personalities, along with a few of the other characters.

An American Rose: American Nicolette Turner has a bone to pick with the British. Not only is her country’s maritime rights being violated, but her English grandfather, Lord Eldredge, demands that she travel across the Atlantic to visit him. What she doesn’t know is that he intends for her to marry, thereby staying in England and having lots of babies.

The most eligible suitor is neighbor Victor Kincaid. Victor has severe money problems. Lord Eldredge offers to take care of the debts... if Victor marries Nicolette. At first Victor believes she’s a fortune-hunter, but soon becomes captivated by her. Can he convince her he wants more than a marriage of convenience?

 Artist’s concept cover

A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE is published by Wings ePress and has been from the beginning. Here is the book trailer:

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, Two Together.

Lord Cushing proposes and Nicolette accepts… only because her grandfather’s money sweetens the deal. Where does love fit into this financial transaction? eBook and Print

This book has been on the publisher’s best-seller list and is a Golden Wings Award WINNER for Best Overall Historical Romance 2007. It has also been on the’s best-seller list and earned 5 Stars on and Joyfully Reviewed.

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

Also, a fan’s husband very kindly sent me a unique gift. His wife loves A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE so he created this “First Day Of Issue” envelope to commemorate the book. There’s a bit of time-travel going on here, either that or precognition. In 1993, I hadn’t written this book yet; it was published in 2007!

Now for the big reveal... and a tidbit from real life! Nicolette is referred to as an American rose. In one of my daughter’s high school graduation pictures, she’s in a country setting and is holding a red rose. I couldn’t resist; I submitted the photo to the Wings cover artist. She agreed with me that this picture would make a perfect cover for A Continental Marriage. As you see the result, it’s a beautiful fit!

Scene set-up: The following shows the first instance where Nicolette--or Lady Nicolette as she is now known--is referred to as an American rose. The scene is in Victor Kincaid’s (Lord Cushing’s) point of view. He meets her for the first time and disapproves of her. The Duke of Devonshire (actual person) and the Earl of Eldridge (Nicholette’s grandfather) also are included.

Nicolette now sat next to the Duke of Devonshire, looking as attentive as any of the debutantes hungrily eying the bachelor duke. Perhaps her previous consternation had been all a ruse. Was she angling to become a duchess?

Victor joined in their conversation.

“Oh, hallo, Cushing.” The duke scratched at his auburn hair. “I was just telling Lady Nicolette that I regret I must take my leave tomorrow and return to London. Lord Liverpool has requested my presence.” 

“Blasted politics,” Lord Eldridge chimed in. “Congress of Vienna just opened, you know. Castlereagh’s there to represent British interest against those Frenchies.”

Victor winced. Did Lord Eldredge forget his granddaughter was half French? “Lord Castlereagh’s our foreign secretary, Lady Nicolette,” he explained. “Now that Bonaparte has been banished to the island of Elba--”

“I’m knowledgeable on current affairs, Lord Cushing.” She sent him a freezing glare. “And Lord Liverpool is your prime minister. I do try to read the newspaper every day. After all, your country is still at war with mine, isn’t it?”

The Duke of Devonshire clapped his hands together. “Touché, Cushing, touché! Our American rose has got you dead to rights.” He inclined his head. “I do hope, my dear, with all my heart that we can also be done with this war as we are now through with Emperor Bonaparte.”

She extended her small hand. “I hope as you do, your grace, and I also hope you have a pleasant journey tomorrow.”

After the duke shook her hand, she stood and raised her voice to carry through the room. “Good night, everyone. It was very nice to meet you all.” As she glanced down at Victor, her expression hardened. Obviously she had not enjoyed meeting him.

Victor sat back and watched the enticing sway of her figure as she walked out of the drawing room. This American rose might be a beauty, but she also showed she carried a few thorns.


I hope you enjoy Nicolette and Victor’s story!

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Author Notes on “Zeus And The Single Teacher”

Here’s another inside scoop on a newly-released-as-a-single short story (or VERY short story as some would say). The word count is almost 3,800 words, and Amazon estimates the book length to be eighteen pages. It sells for 99 cents.

As with all of my *very* short stories, I’d like to reduce the amount, however 99 cents is the lowest I’m allowed to go on Amazon and Smashwords. [Shrugging shoulders here] Again, periodically Smashwords holds a sale, and I can set the price to free at that time, so do check on the link every now and then. For example, during this month of July, “Carla’s One-Sided Crush” is a free download.

Anyway, back to the scoop. “Zeus And The Single Teacher” first started its run as a contemporary fantasy tale under the name “Happily Ever After”. The reason I chose that title was that a call was put out to authors by an online publisher,, for quality short stories. I answered the call and then figured the phrase Once Upon A Time seems to be “married” to Happily Ever After!

The editors loved my story but not the title. Too generic, they said. So I then changed it to reflect the main character, Rowena Arthur--a teacher looking for love--and Zeus, or rather Mr. Zeuch--the mysterious school administrator.

You might surmise that mythology--Greek and Roman--play a part in this short story. If so, you’d be right! Some of the characters you’ll read about are Venus, Minerva (Minnie), and Mr. Owen Machus (Telemachus).

The future of “Zeus And The Single Teacher” seemed secure, only, unfortunately, OnceUponATime went out of business. That happens A LOT in the publishing industry. So I dusted off the story, and included it in my anthology LUCKY 13, now no longer available electronically, but still available in print from my website.

Thirteen delightful stories for your reading pleasure by Susanne Marie Knight

And now I have re-released it electronically as a single!

A hunky new instructor, a magic pencil, and two out-of-the-ordinary adolescent girls create an odyssey of love for a lonely teacher.

This short story is part of the prestigious Magical Fantasies line.

As you’ll read in the passage below, The Odyssey plays an important role in this short story. Rosy-fingered rays of the sun, suitors, and Mr. Machus owe their origins to the Greek classic. I loved reading The Odyssey in school and never forgot about the dawn rising rosy fingered!

Scene set-up: On the new gym teacher’s first day, he’s scheduled for lunch duty as is Rowena.

When lunchtime rolled around, Rowena walked outside in the school courtyards, and lifted her face to enjoy warm rosy-fingered rays of the beautiful springtime sun. A friendly chat with this student, a mild reprimand to another--it was the kind of lazy afternoon that stretched the sands of time. The kids were busy with various activities: some students grouped together to gossip, but most played games involving some type of ball. Which included Owen Machus, who refereed a makeshift basketball practice.

She watched them play for a moment. He was good with the kids. She could tell he was a teacher who really cared about each one of the players.

Evidently, word of the handsome P.E. jock had spread throughout the school, for a crowd of would-be cheerleaders clustered close to him. Maybe too close for his personal comfort.

Like these students, Rowena also hoped he would glance her way and stop to talk. But there was no dissuading him from the game and the bouncing basketball. Or perhaps he felt uneasy surrounded by female suitors, as it were.

So that’s the story on this Flash Fiction (really short stories!) tale. I hope you enjoy Rowena and Owen’s story. 

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Monday, July 13, 2015


THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE is case number Three in my popular Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series. For those of you not familiar with this series, click on the link for my Author Notes on THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO, case number one, and my Author Notes on THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE, case number two.

Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in this murder mystery series!

Things are heating up between our favorite fitness instructor and homicide lieutenant in THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE. As the title indicates, there’s something going on with a divorce or marriage. Some of the characters may or may not have been legally separated. Whatever’s going on, Minx finds herself embroiled in another dangerous case.

Artist’s rendering of a possible cover

Minx Tobin's latest client, Magda Boswell, complains that her new husband wants her dead. But maybe it's the old husband Magda should worry about. Or perhaps the old husband's new wife harbors murderous thoughts. Then again, Magda's longstanding boyfriend isn't too devoted, either. Minx gets mixed up in convoluted marital problems that just might end up in death... for her.

Los Angeles homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris can't believe his good luck. Not only does he win twenty thousand dollars, but more important, he persuades Minx to take a chance on him. But when Minx gets involved in another murder case, he finds the odds for her survival are not in her favor.

Desert Breeze Publishing has published all six (to date) Minx Tobin novels. THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE has received great reviews including 5 stars from Goodreads! All books are available both electronically and in print.

Divorce takes a deadly turn when Minx tries her hand at marriage counseling. Ebook Print

Here is a book trailer for THE DUPLICITOUS DIVORCE:

Real life tidbit: I enjoy going to Las Vegas. What a great place to unwind! Minx, new to Los Angeles, hasn’t taken the drive over to Las Vegas until she receives tickets to a show given to her by one of her clients. 

For my first visit, I stayed at the New York New York Hotel. I also tried the roller coaster, just as Minx and her good friend Sadie does. All I can say is--Wow! Below is a scene where you can experience how Minx and I felt!

The trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World took about five hours. Sadie had insisted on driving and Minx gladly took her up on her offer. Once they arrived in Las Vegas, Minx was even more glad. Traffic on that hugely wide and famous Strip was absolutely insane.
By the time they reached their hotel, New York-New York, it was two o’clock. They’d requested early check in, dropped off their suitcases, and were ready to play tourist and see the sights.
First up was the Roller Coaster that circled the familiar skyline of New York. Strapped into the seat with Sadie by her side, Minx coasted up high in the air, dropped back down, then turned and twisted one hundred eighty degrees--to make for the longest few minutes of her life.
After the ride was over, Minx walked on wobbly legs. Good thing she hadn’t eaten lunch. Her stomach would’ve been hard pressed not to eject its contents.
Sadie, on the other hand, took the coaster ride like a pro. “That was fun. Wanna go again?”
“Um, no.”

I hope you enjoy Minx and Gabe’s adventures. There are lots more surprises in store for them as the series progresses. Case Number Four is THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Author Notes on “The Convert”

The inside scoop on the science fiction short story, “The Convert” is that it’s about 4,700 words or 19 pages (according to The story was selling for $1.99, and has now been reduced to $0.99.

Back in 2002, there was a publisher’s call for short stories to be included in a Christian Science Fiction anthology. I was intrigued with the idea of combining Christian fiction with science fiction. While I’ve written science fiction and also written about faith, I’d never merged the two. I really enjoyed creating this thought-provoking story.

The idea for "The Convert" started with the phrase "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned." If this was to be the beginning of my story, I then wondered why the speaker needed God's forgiveness or blessing. To give the tale a science fiction twist, I created an unusual dilemma for the main character, Father Wren. The question "The Convert" asks is: who is the real convert in this story?

Although a short story, this little science fiction gem has a long history and has garnered lots of awards. It first appeared in a digital anthology, LEAPS OF FAITH, where it was a Dream Realm Award Finalist in the Anthology category. 

Then “The Convert”, was also included in a print version of LEAPS OF FAITH, published by, and was a finalist in the prestigious EPIC Awards (now EPIC eBook Award) for Best Anthology.

Here is a book trailer for LEAPS OF FAITH, which includes “The Convert”:

LEAPS OF FAITH also was voted a Top Ten Finisher in the prestigious Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.

What ties all these Christian science fiction stories together in LEAPS OF FAITH including “The Convert” is the theme of faith depicting challenging times or ethical dilemmas.

Once the contract expired, I offered “The Convert” by itself on,, and other internet sites.

When one of his congregation wants to marry an alien who is more flora than fauna, what's a priest to do??

“The Convert” also was voted one of the top seven stories of LEAPS OF FAITH and also garnered this review:

“The Convert by Susanne Marie Knight ... takes an entirely different angle and addresses a person's faith versus human prejudice and the role it might play if there is ever close contact with races who differ from us in very obvious ways.”

My snippet from real life: I was born under the sign of Pisces, and am a self-confessed incurable romantic. So, to me, love can conquer all. I couldn’t resist writing a story of two people from dissimilar circumstances who overcome their differences. In “The Convert” one of the strangest pairings I created was with a human, Chloe, and a being who was more flora than fauna, Ping. They bridged the gap separating them with beautiful music. And who doesn’t love beautiful music?

Ping’s voice reflected ecstasy. He then started singing.
Breathtaking rapture inundated Father Wren’s senses, almost overloading them. This melodious song was fairly bursting with supreme love and beauty. 

Love is an extremely powerful emotion--physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hope you enjoy this unusual science fiction story with Father Wren, Chloe, and Ping.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!