Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics of the Future!

We all have Olympic fever now. How we love to watch gifted athletes race, skate, compete their way to winning a gold metal. The first Olympics took place in 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece. Have you ever wondered about the future? About where the Olympics will be in the year 2458?

The Galactic Olympic Games in the year 2458, as featured in my science fiction/futuristic romance, JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON, will have two locations--on Earth and on the Moon. Many new athletic events will be featured, including Air Ballet. Our heroine, Blade Sinclair, an injured ballet dancer, has the opportunity to compete in this new event. She pictures floating on the air while doing a grand jete--a traveling leap across the floor.

What she doesn't know is that she’s competing on the wrong team; an alien team. If Blade doesn’t win a gold medal, her family will die. If Blade does win, the alien Sarthox will destroy Earth.

Here is an excerpt of how Blade practices for this new event: Air Ballet--

Control. Blade had to exercise control. Up in the air in the near zero-g arena, she performed a double pirouette, gathered momentum, then executed another set of turns. She forced herself to spin around two more times before she slowly descended to her partner.

“Excellent.” Va-Thor reached up for her, then held her as she completed the movement with an arabesque position--straightening one leg on the floor and extending the other at an angle to the back of her.

The control she prayed for had nothing to do with air ballet; it was all about Plevake/Jevake Va-Thor. The feel of his cold hands on her waist and thigh, the sight of his flawless complexion, the impossible sound of rustling taffeta where no taffeta was in sight, and the faint smell of ammonia all turned her stomach.

She demanded every ounce of discipline she had at her disposal and gracefully stepped away from his touch.

The music started up again, and with steely determination she threw herself into the difficult movements of classical ballet. How many minutes flew by she didn’t know, but in the middle of a grand jeté leap, which then turned into a somersault, Blade bit her much abused lip, aimed herself downward, then took off again to repeat the routine. Was it only just yesterday that she thought Heaven was on the Moon? She’d been wrong, horribly wrong. She was in Hell, and there was no reprieve.

Practice at the arena ended at eleven, and when that time rolled around, the near zero-g gave way to three-fourths Earth normal. She had no idea how this artificially reduced... and enhanced gravity was accomplished. Something to do with the centrifugal force created by rotation? Or was it some kind of an energy field? In any event, she hit the floor with a jarring thud, which made her knee loudly protest.

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Hope you enjoy the Olympics!


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