Thursday, July 1, 2010

That Touch of Minx! New Mystery Series!

Here's the News Release for THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO!

Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series!

Award-winning author Susanne Marie Knight is very pleased to announce the release of the first case in the series: The Bloodstained Bistro, published by Desert Breeze Publishing,

Newly relocated Minx Tobin likes to help her friends. She also has a knack for solving puzzles. A huge puzzle in the form of a dead body soon gets dropped into her lap. Did waitress Brandi Evans murder her ex-boyfriend? Minx doesn’t think so, but can she crack the Case of the Bloodstained Bistro?

Overworked homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris has his fill of women... and dead bodies. The women he can handle. The dead bodies-- unfortunately they keep piling up. But on this particular case he meets a young woman that not only impedes his investigation, but she also has no interest in him. A healthy ego like his can’t handle that. He’ll have to keep an eye on Ms. Minx Tobin.

Visit to see a trailer of this book.

The Bloodstained Bistro is available for purchase electronically Desert Breeze Publishing,, and other Internet locations.

Other romantic suspense novels by Susanne include Competitors!; Tainted Tea For Two; The Coming; Grave Future; The Wakefield Disturbance, and Past Indiscretions. To learn more about Susanne’s books, check out her website at

Coming January 2011: Minx’s next case, The Ill-gotten Insurance.

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