Friday, February 17, 2012

THE MAGIC TOKEN--re-released!

Want some magic? Try this Regency favorite: THE MAGIC TOKEN, now available at Uncial Press and other Internet locations!

Is Amanda's golden coin magical? Or is her sudden good fortune just coincidence? You decide!

After receiving a gold coin, Amanda Barclay suddenly becomes governess to the sister of the desirable Duke of Yarborough. The Duke is also the very man who appeared as if by magic during a childish spell so many years ago. Is it coincidence? Or is it Fate?

Hope you enjoy!
Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist!
NOW AVAILABLE: EPPIE Finalist: The Magic Token (Uncial Press)
An old woman gives skeptical Amanda a magic coin. It couldn’t possibly work, but how else can she explain her sudden good fortune?

COMING MARCH: A Karmic Connection (Amazon & Smashwords)
Elizabeth and Paul went their separate ways twenty years ago. When their paths cross again, will they heed the psychic signs that they are meant to be together?

COMING MAY: The Minx Tobin Mystery Series: The Embezzled Envelope--Case Six (Desert Breeze Publishing)
An old embezzlement case takes on a new twist: murder. When Minx tries to clear her good friend’s name, she gets burned... literally.