Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get Ready for The Fourth Of July...

Hello again! I've got a new treat in store for everyone... a new (almost new due to a limited 2006  release) short story (about 12,000 words). Very soon, in May, "SHADES OF OLD GLORY" will make its appearance on's Kindle Books. Price: Only $2.99!

How can modern day Rebecca Sedgwick help a Civil War ghost?

After winning a contest she doesn’t remember entering, newly graduated Rebecca Sedgwick arrives at a Virginia plantation bed and breakfast ready to relax before starting her job search. She finds her older hosts very congenial but Jake, the handsome handyman, is antagonistic. That night, on the eve of the Fourth of July celebration, she has a vivid dream of a Civil War battle. As one corporal lays dying, he asks for her help. But how can she possibly help a ghost?

Jake Mantree is a hired hand on the very plantation his ancestors lost after the Civil War. A brooding loner, he resents northerner Rebecca’s winning ways. But he doesn’t count on her Yankee perseverance nor a Union ghost who has plans to make them fall in love over the holiday.

This short story is dedicated to four of my great grandfathers times two and four of my great grandfathers times three who fought in our American Civil War.

Stay tuned for when this story goes live!


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