Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DBP Author Spotlight on Susanne Marie Knight

Yep, recently Desert Breeze Publishing held a seven day interview fest featuring moi and my murder mystery romance series with Minx Tobin.

Day One asked this question: How do you describe yourself as an author?
Here's my reply!

I’m an intuitive author, which means I write from the heart. My books cover a wide spectrum in the romance genre--paranormal, contemporary, mystery, ghost, Regency, time-travel, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. I have to say, truthfully, I adore them all! And I love to blend genres, thereby giving my novels an extra little twist. For that reason my motto is: Romance Writing with a Twist. I’ve been published since 1999 and currently have 34 novels plus many short stories under my belt. :)) Six of my novels are with Desert Breeze Publishing: the Minx Tobin murder mystery series.

Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California. She has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in this murder mystery series! Book number one is THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO. Click on this link to see my author page at Desert Breeze Publishing.


For those who like to shop at Amazon, here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Bloodstained-Bistro-Minx-Tobin-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B003U8AF86