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The Updated Buzz on LOVE AT THE TOP

EPPIE Award Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance

LOVE AT THE TOP, my trendy contemporary romance novel, gives a modern-day twist to a fairytale setup: Millionaire Marries Working Girl. Nowadays I would use: BILLIONAIRE Marries Working Girl, but what’s a few extra million in today’s economy?!

The characters, Alex and Cassidy had to meet without her knowing his true identity and that she would soon be working for him. This was an intriguing challenge. What needed to be in place so that Cassidy wouldn’t recognize Alex when she first saw her boss Mr. Hayden-Smith? What kind of person did she need to be for Alex to fall in love with her? All these factors add spice to the story.

New Cover for LOVE AT THE TOP!!

I truly enjoyed writing LOVE AT THE TOP, and imbuing the book with New York City’s living pulse, along with experiencing the joys and sorrows Cassidy and Alex face, plus laughing at the antics of the comedic characters. Novel Books, Inc. soon picked up this frothy tale.

UNWILLING TO LOVE AGAIN: Ever since her divorce, Cassidy Romanelli is reluctant to trust another man. A chance meeting with a bearded stranger, Alex Smith, causes her to have second thoughts. But when she finds out Alex is really her new boss, multi-millionaire A.E. Haydon-Smith, can she learn to trust her heart instead of her head?

THE WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS: On holiday before assuming his new position, A.E. Haydon-Smith meets the woman of his dreams only to discover she prefers his riffraff personae rather than who he actually is. Will he be able to win over the reluctant Cassidy and heal her wounded heart?

What if a lonely woman's dream man turned out to be her arrogant, new boss?

Print book available (2002 edition) at

LOVE AT THE TOP earned Best-Seller status on several sites including 5 star standing on My book was also selected as a finalist in the prestigious EPPIE Awards (now EPIC eBook Award) for Best Contemporary Romance.

After the publishing house closed, Awe-Struck Books (Mundania Press) picked up LOVE AT THE TOP. I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Awe-Struck books--a total of twelve. LOVE AT THE TOP is the fifth to be re-released. It’s now available on and!

Print book available (2002 edition) at

This book is part of the Romantic Contemporaries line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

EPPIE Award Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance.

5 Stars!

4.5 STARS!! Susanne Marie Knight has written a wonderful feel good story with LOVE AT THE TOP. Even the secondary characters are amazingly endearing. I loved the idea of a wealthy man living as a commoner. Cassidy's openness and obvious concern for others makes her a wonderful character. She was so willing to go out of her way for a complete stranger. Alex and Cassidy make the perfect couple. Alex just has to convince Cassidy of that. You could almost hear Alex's mind whirling as he tried to figure out how to get through to Cassidy. This book was a pleasure to read, and I'm sure I'll read it many times over in the near future.--Romance Junkies

LOVE AT THE TOP is a surprisingly romantic tale of two strangers meeting in the park and a relationship developing quickly. Alex and Cassidy are both strong, in-depth characters that are a joy to get to know. I found myself cheering for them as they struggled with secrets, past hurts, and demanding jobs to discover love. Their rollercoaster relationship reminded this reader of normal everyday people, who struggle daily with problems. A true Cinderella fairy-tale romance, LOVE AT THE TOP brings tears and laughter to all romance readers. Ms. Knight captures romance perfectly from first glance to the finish line so to speak. For an outstanding romance, order your copy of LOVE AT THE TOP. I highly recommend it.--Word On Romance

Romantic and sweet, LOVE AT THE TOP is a truly heartwarming romance that plays up a romance between people who at first seem like total opposites but quickly, both the reader and the characters see that it is what is beneath the surface that truly makes them compatible. Alex is a charming rogue who aches for Cassidy. readers will enjoy his pursuit of her because he is so tenacious about it, while at the same time being funny and sexy and very much in love. Susanne Marie Knight has written a humorous and tender love story that will please all romance fans.--Fallen Angel Reviews

LOVE AT THE TOP is a fairytale of a romance with an old fashioned hero. My heart fluttered when I met Alex. I melted when I met Mr. Hayden-Smith. Ms. Knight has penned a delightful romantic romp. LOVE AT THE TOP is a short, fast-paced read, and I highly recommended this charming story be read on a spring day while sipping iced tea.--Romance Reviews Today

I had so much fun reading LOVE AT THE TOP. The storyline of a rich man and working girl is hard to resist. I loved Alex’s character, even though he wasn’t honest with Cassidy. Cassidy is stubborn because of her past experience but I fell in love with her character also. The secondary characters and the wonderful dialogue made this a book that kept you laughing until the last page.--Scribes World Review

Ms. Knight has taken a familiar premise and created an enjoyable fast read. Warm-hearted characters with legitimate concerns and carrying familiar baggage take this book out of the ‘cutesy’ range and into the realm of warm tenderness that leaves the reader with the warm fuzzies.--Road To Romance

LOVE AT THE TOP is a light-hearted romantic story that you could read within one day. A nice tale of “Millionaire Marries Working Girl” and somehow a fairy tale comes true.--Love Romances

LOVE AT THE TOP is a nice tale. The hero, Alex, is attractive. I am looking forward to reading more of Susanne Marie Knight’s work.--A Romance Review

5 STARS! Amazon Reader

Recommended reading! LOVE AT THE TOP, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, and LORD DARVER'S MATCH. I thoroughly enjoyed these books.--M.T.

I really enjoyed LOVE AT THE TOP--J.T.

LOVE AT THE TOP: I read your book and really enjoyed it.--B.W.

Due to my work I am very often in the states, waiting sometimes hours for connection flights back to Europe. In December 04 I bought your book LOVE AT THE TOP, started to read it and finished it during the flight back to Bologna Airport. Afterwards, impressed from this novel, I gave the book to my wife and she enjoyed your book too.--U.H.

LOVE AT THE TOP is a great story. I enjoyed it.--J.G.

Thank you for books like LOVE AT THE TOP--E.E.

I started reading LOVE AT THE TOP and stayed up all night to finish it. Loved it!--E.L.

Recommended reading!--L.B.

I enjoyed reading LOVE AT THE TOP!--J.D.

Susanne, Great Job, made a smile come to my face even though the day has been exceptionally bad. :)--N.P.

This book is fantastic! I've recommended it to all my friends.--K.P.

I loved the characters and truly enjoyed reading LOVE AT THE TOP.--R.P.

A modern day Cinderella story. I couldn't put the book down!--E.T

Thank you! I read your book while recuperating from surgery and it helped me to forget I was in pain!--L.B.

I was so engrossed in the story! LOVE AT THE TOP is wonderful!--L.M.

Emotional punch and excitement!--L.B.

Strong emotional appeal, realistic characters, believable compelling conflict, and an engaging writing style.--S.B.


For those of you who enjoy reading about tidbits from my life that appear in my books, I also worked in downtown Manhattan as Cassidy does, and in addition, one of my jobs there was in a personnel (now Human Resources) department. I would often wander the streets on my lunch hour, usually eating a pretzel or a knish.

Walking down Broadway to the park by City Hall, Cassidy shielded her eyes from the bright sun. She was glad she’d changed her mind about lunch. Her office's four walls had seemed to close in on her. She had to escape to the outside, to the sunlight.

Her stomach rumbled, so she stopped at a street vendor's stand and bought a steaming hot pretzel and a Coke. Not much of a lunch, but it was better than being stuck in her office.

One of the wonderful benefits to writing is that I can indulge my imagination and travel wherever my story takes me. With LOVE AT THE TOP, I traveled back home to New York and I also got to “visit” Denver!


A side note: I first conceived LOVE AT THE TOP when the World Trade Center towers were standing tall, majestically silhouetted against the other Manhattan skyscrapers. Symbolically, the towers stood for LOVE AT THE TOP, just as Denver the mile-high city stood for LOVE AT THE TOP. I dedicate my novel to all of us who have lost loved ones on September 11th, and to future generations who can never experience the beauty of the towers firsthand.

Artist’s rendering of an early possible cover pre-9/11/2001

Now that you know the buzz on LOVE AT THE TOP, I hope you enjoy Cassidy and Alex’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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