Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Final Stretch

I'm getting really, really close to finishing my WIP, ForEvver, and boy, am I pumped! I'm at the final confrontation: will the guy get the girl; will good win out over evil; will the nation be secure??

(Anyone recognize "the nation is secure"? It's a line from a old TV adventure show. I use it at my house when everybody's home in the evening and the house is locked up for the night. The TV show? Do you remember The Avengers?)

Anyhoo, our antagonist, Dr. Evver, is intent on proposing to the heroine. He flashes the biggest engagement ring ever created. I had this picture in mind when describing the diamond:

Yep, that's a piece of ice, all right. Our intrepid hero jokes that if he saw the ring in full sunlight, it would've blinded him!

Diamonds aren't everything, though. And very often bigger isn't necessarily better.

I've got to get back to the action now. It's almost lunchtime, and our characters are headed for Little Italy in Manhattan, or rather in New Tri-Metropolis. Something tells me that a bowl of pasta is in their future!

Buon pranzo! (Have a good lunch!)

Susanne Marie Knight

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