Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dream Realm Award Finalist!!

Wow and WOW! *Just* received word that my paranormal romantic suspense, Competitors!, is a 2007 Dream Realm Award Finalist for Speculative Fiction Romance!!!

What a great way to start the day! :)) The WINNER will be declared at the ArmadilloCon 30, A Literary Science Fiction Convention on August 30, 2008 in Austin, Texas. Wish me luck!!!

Romance Writing With A Twist Factoid: My cat, who is the model for Eins, the Siamese cat in Competitors! is walking around with his little chest puffed out!!!

Ta-ta for now!


Susanne Marie Knight
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The Wakefield Disturbance: Psychic Lara Wakefield is tasked by a murdered young girl to find her killer.
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Coming in September: Sojourn Through Time--What happens when a nearly betrothed duke discovers an unexpected "package" mysteriously delivered to his estate?

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