Saturday, July 19, 2008

New WIP!

Seems like forever (!) since I last posted. Been a bit behind in updating the Book-Of-The-Week, too. But the weather's been glorious, and it's almost impossible to stay indoors! Also, I've been deciding where to "travel" next. Can't stay away from England too long, so get ready for a good, juicy Regency!

What is the title, you ask? So far, A Noble Dilemma strikes my fancy. It's got a certain ring to it! It's too soon to give any details on what's going on, or who's doing what to whom, but I will include a picture that I'm using for inspiration as I write about Merry Ole London.

Looks crowded, doesn't it? Enjoy your own unusual locales that you plan to visit this summer. :))


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