Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happened to me?

Wow. I look back and see my last post is September 28, 2008. What in the world happened to me, other than disappearing off the face of the earth???

I didn't mean to disappear. Honest. It's just that the Real World took precedence over the Living in the Romance World. So, now that we've got that out of the way, what's been going on over these past few months?

Lots. My mother just passed away last month. Here's a picture of the Knight family with yours truly sleeping on the job. Then again, sleeping is one of the things I do best. :))

Thank you to all who have have sent very kind sympathies to me and my family during this difficult time. I appreciate your prayers more than I can say.

So, on a lighter note:

What else has been going on, you ask? Well, LEAPS OF FAITH, the science fiction anthology with my story, "The Convert" was released last month. This EPPIE Finalist is now available at, among other locations. I also participated in a Blog Tour for the book, and was interviewed for lots of blogger sites!

SOJOURN THROUGH TIME was #1 at for awhile. Yippee!

The Writers Vineyard 2008 Holiday Book Celebration featured HAVE CHRISTMAS CARD... WILL TRAVEL on December 1 (you can still see the excerpt if you click on the link--at least until January!)

And right now, until February, my 2009 Romance Writing with a Twist calendar is up at my site and ready for downloading. Just visit or click here.

We can't forget the award-winning (before it's even published!!) PAGING MISS GALLOWAY's release next month, January 16!!! Miss Galloway has her very own book trailer up at youtube. Click here to watch!

That's enough news for today. Stay tuned for more in a couple of days!


Susanne Marie Knight

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January 16: Awe-Struck Regency WINNER: PAGING MISS GALLOWAY--A determined young miss, a battle-weary lord, and a reckless masquerade. What will the Earl of Trelaine do when he discovers his page's shocking secret?
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