Monday, December 22, 2008

Let It Snow--Not!

Snow, snow, snow! It's been snowing here for five days. Pretty, yes. Inconvenient, very. I usually save most of my holiday shopping for, like, RIGHT NOW. Ah, well. Been housebound for too long, I guess! But before I wish you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY, I need to let you know about my science fiction romance, ForEvver. It will be published this coming July, by Awe-Struck Publishing.

The cover is subject to change. I'm partial to it tho. :))

With that bit of Romance Writing with a Twist news out of the way, I wish you all a very HAPPY HOLIDAY and a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! See you in 2009!


Susanne Marie Knight

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January 16: Awe-Struck Regency WINNER: PAGING MISS GALLOWAY--A determined young miss, a battle-weary lord, and a reckless masquerade. What will the Earl of Trelaine do when he discovers his page's shocking secret?

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