Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Christmas Blog Scavenger Hunt

Win, win, win at Desert Breeze Publishing's Scavenger Hunt. The goal is to go from one Desert Breeze author's blog to another. Each blog will have a question about that author or one of the author's books. You answer the question and collect the answer. (Don't publish it on the blogs or at Connections yet.) At the end of the hunt, you'll be asked for your answers. Along the way there will be great giveaways.

#1. - Join Desert_Breeze_Connections@yahoogroups.com. This is where authors and readers of Desert Breeze Publishing meet and mingle. Connections will also have the same information about the Scavenger Hunt.

#2. - Start at http://desertbreezepublishing.blogspot.com

Good luck!


Susanne Marie Knight


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March 2010: "Family Secrets"--Sometimes secrets can reveal your true love.


Karen H in NC said...

Happy Holidays to you Susanne!

Question: when will you be posting the next DBP Scavenger Hunt question & answer link?

Susanne Marie Knight said...

Hi Karen--

Happy Holidays to you too! I'm so glad you're on this DBP scavenger hunt. It should be a lot of fun! The way it's set up is that each participating Desert Breeze author has an assigned day to post a question and the location that the answer can be found. The hunt started on Nov. 29 at desertbreezepublishing.blogspot.com with the question, then the URL to find the answer (http://sandrasookoo.wordpress.com/) The entry form to keep track and show you the schedule for which author is next is automatically sent to you when you subscribe to the yahoo group for Desert Breeze Connections. (Desert_Breeze_Connections@yahoogroups.com)

From there, on Nov 30, came the next question/URL. And so on. My question/URL was posted for today, Dec. 2. And actually, I'm a bit early because my day to post is tomorrow. As you see, the next URL is at Gail R. Delaney's blog at http://www.gailrdelaney.blogspot.com/. I think she's a bit early too, for she's posted the next question concerning Michelle Levigne's blog.

Everything culminates on Dec 18 and 19 with a Desert Breeze chat on the Connections yahoo group. Prizes from various authors (including me!) will be given and instructions for emailing your entry form. Then the grand prize winner will be announced!

Good luck, Karen, on the hunt. :))