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Author Notes on THE COMING

I’ve always been fascinated in paranormal/the occult/science fiction--you name it. Old TV shows like “One Step Beyond”, “Outer Limits”, and “Twilight Zone” were my staples, along with Creature Features and Chiller Theatre! So having this background, it was no surprise when I started writing that I tackled some of the unexplained mysteries on this planet. With THE COMING, my award-winning paranormal romantic suspense, I wanted to come up with a plausible idea to explain what was going on with the notorious Bermuda Triangle. This novel is not a typical time travel, because the hero, Jack Harrington, is a World War II fighter pilot stranded for what he believes is five years in the Bermuda Triangle. The modern-day heroine, Larissa Parish, becomes stranded there as well, and is astonished to find out that he’s her grandfather’s best friend.

IMPOSSIBLE LOVE: After scattering her beloved grandfather’s ashes in the Caribbean, Larissa Parish is swept overboard and washes up on a deserted island. She comes face to face with a man who, most impossibly, is her grandfather’s cohort from World War II. Can she learn to fully give herself to this mouthwatering 40s hunk… and also figure a way to leave this outpost in the Bermuda Triangle?

DIFFERENT GENERATIONS: Army Air Force pilot, Jack Harrington, can’t believe his good luck when he spots Larissa in the waters by his desert island. Stranded for what he believes is five years, he thinks her daft because she seems to have forgotten World War II. Can he come to terms with the news that he’s a “1940s retread” and convince himself that Larissa could love him, no matter how “old” he is?

Artist’s proof copy of cover

Can logical Larissa find true love... in the Bermuda Triangle??

If you look at the angle of the B-17 Army Air Force bomber (above), you might question whether there would be any survivors in the crash. Since there most certainly are, I asked the cover artist to lessen the angle for the landing. This is the result:

Can logical Larissa figure a way out of the Bermuda Triangle and
take a hunky World War II pilot with her?

THE COMING has been published with Awe-Struck Publishing from the beginning. I’m thrilled that my paranormal romantic suspense is the WINNER of the Dream Realm Speculative Fiction/Romance award!

Here is a picture of the lovely crystal trophy.

With such an honor, who wouldn’t want to party?! I set up a virtual Dream Realm Award party and, guess what? It’s still going on!!! If you’d like to stop by, just click on this link.

THE COMING has gotten wonderful reviews including many 5 Star reviews from Romance Junkies, Goodreads, and Happily Ever After. This novel has also appeared as #1 on the Best Seller List.

This book is part of the Uncanny Paranormals line.

And here’s a *little* something from my life experiences. I had the great good fortune to go to the 1965 New York World’s Fair--not once but many times. It was a fabulous opportunity for fun and for learning. A once-in-a-lifetime event for me multiplied by however many times I went. Twelve, maybe? Anyway, in THE COMING, Jack Harrington actually went to the 1939 New York World’s Fair where he was fortunate enough to view one of the first television sets.

The Official Guide to the 1965 New York World’s Fair--in less than pristine condition!

Below is a passage from THE COMING. Scene Setup: Larissa is stranded on a desert island along with Jack and his crew, including Danny and Ian, from a B-17 bomber that crashed in 1943. She has an idea to escape and is trying to convince the men to give her plan a try.

Larissa hurried to explain. “You see, very often, the solution to a problem turns out to be right under our noses. We all arrived on the island after going through peculiar storms in the sea, right? Most likely those were magnetic storms. If maybe we could wait until conditions were the same, until a storm appeared again, then we could just go back into the sea the way we came. And maybe, fingers crossed, we’d then come out on the other side of wherever this place is.”
Phew! A grueling twelve hour day at work wasn’t as hard as convincing this audience.
For some reason, Jack frowned. A terrible frown. It curled her toes, causing her to shudder.
“I guess you don’t think much of my idea, Jack. But it’s the only way out for us that I can think of.”
He almost grunted. “Why do you think it’s your job to come up with an escape?”
Danny punched his captain’s arm. “What difference does that make? Hey, I’m tired of waiting. It might work. It might be a real chance to go home. I can’t wait to see my family!” His Adam’s apple bounced up and down. “Is there anything we can do to bring on a magnetic storm?”
Sadness filled Larissa’s heart. She didn’t understand Jack. He should’ve been ecstatic at such a simple plan. Sure, it had risks, but wouldn’t he rather try to escape than continue on here... indefinitely?
She started cleanup duty to busy her hands. “Well, every now and then, the sun goes through a cycle which affects the magnetic field on earth. Sometimes the ‘sun storm’ that’s created is carried by solar wind, hitting our planet and disrupting electronic transmissions. We’re in such a cycle now, so maybe we should be on the lookout for that eerie fog.”
Danny furrowed his brow. “Electronic transmissions? You mean like our radio dispatches?”
Nodding, she then washed her hands in the lagoon. “And phone calls, and television signals, you know--”
Ian crinkled up his face. “What’s television?”
Oh goodness. She bit her lower lip. How could she have forgotten television was in its infancy in 1943? In fact, it only was officially “born” in 1939 at the New York World’s Fair.
Jack rose to his feet. “It’s no big deal. Television is just a big wooden box with about a seven-inch viewing screen showing moving images and sounds. Kind of like a miniature motion picture theater.”
Ian made a low whistle and stared at his captain.
Jack continued, “Yeah, I was at the ’39 World’s Fair, at the RCA exhibit, and watched the president...” He darted his gaze to Larissa. “... Roosevelt, you know, give a speech at the opening ceremony.” Then he slid his gaze away.
Something very odd was going on, but whatever it was, she had no clue.

I hope you enjoy this Larissa and Jack’s intriguing story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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