Monday, September 14, 2015

Author Notes on “Grand-mère’s Sainte Bleu”

Ready for another very short story (or VERY short story as some would say)? Here’s the inside scoop on newly-released “Grand-mère’s Sainte Bleu”. The word count is over 3,200 words, and Amazon estimates the book length to be seventeen pages. It sells for 99 cents.

Short Story Alert: As with all of my *very* short stories, I’d like to reduce the amount, however 99 cents is the lowest I’m allowed to go on Amazon and Smashwords. Again, periodically Smashwords holds a sale, and I can set the price to free at that time, so do check on the link every now and then.

Okay, now back to the good stuff. “Grand-mère’s Sainte Bleu”, a contemporary fantasy tale, started out as part of an anthology. Several authors planned to write short stories in different genres with the common theme of a magical portrait painting. Mine is set in contemporary times: a grandmother tells her granddaughter about when she first saw the “magic” portrait, back in the 1940s.

The anthology never came to fruition--another common theme! I then submitted the story to a lovely new magazine.

They were excited to publish “Grand-mère’s Sainte Bleu”. But alas, the story was never released because the magazine folded. So once again, I thought about what I would do with this charming tale, and when the opportunity came to include it in my anthology LUCKY 13, I did. LUCKY 13 is no longer available electronically, but still available in print from my website.

Thirteen delightful stories for your reading pleasure by Susanne Marie Knight

And now I have re-released it electronically as a single!

After a young girl touches the special portrait hanging in her grandmother’s house, the grandmother tells how she met her true love at a USO dance during World War II.

This short story is part of the Romantic Contemporaries line.
Real life tidbit: Grand-mère’s house on Staten Island, New York, New York, is modeled on my great-uncle’s house, also on Staten Island. I lived in the Bronx, not Yonkers, as Simone does, and I always loved the exciting trip down to ride the ferryboat over to the house. Recently, I found a picture of the front of the house where you can see those majestic lions Simone mentions. No, I’m not in this photo--I wasn’t even a twinkle in my father’s eye at that time! Another tidbit: my mother did meet my Navy father at a USO dance!

Scene set up: The story is written in Simone’s first person point of view. This is the beginning of the story where she describes her grandmother’s house.

I love visiting my grandmother’s house, or Grand-mère, as she likes to be called. Everything about the trip to her home is a mysterious adventure, like the long car drive from Yonkers through the Bronx and Manhattan. And the thrilling ferry ride to Staten Island, passing by the Statue of Liberty and leaning over the boat railing to stare into the deep waters of the harbor.
Grand-mère’s house is huge, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. As we live in an apartment, Grand-mère’s house is the closest thing to a mansion that I know. White marble lions guard the front entrance, the backyard is a jungle overflowing with grapes from the finest vineyards in France, and the detached garage has been changed into a humongous dining room, to accommodate all of the Broussard family.
The inside of the house is just as wonderful. But maybe the most fascinating place is the front room. In all my Sunday visits to the house, not once do I ever see anyone actually use the front room. I think it’s rather like a museum--look but don’t touch.

So that’s the story on this Flash Fiction (really short stories!) tale. I hope you enjoy Simone and Jeanette’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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