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It's Monday, and that means another installment on my Book Buzz Series! Yep, I did take a couple of Mondays off--real life stuff, you know--but now I’m back!

Writing PAST INDISCRETIONS, my best-selling paranormal romance, was a labor of love for me. I combined my interest in Atlantis and past lives, along with the dilemma... or ethics... of human cloning. The research alone was a blast! After all, who isn’t enthralled by the mystique and allure of Atlantis? Then, to ground this suspense novel, I set a major part of the action in my father’s hometown--a town where I spent several summers at my grandmother’s house, just as Savannah Alexander, the heroine, does. PAST INDISCRETIONS is near and dear to my heart.

Marketing Copy: Can you escape your past? Or are past life issues carried over into present times? Find out how one woman must battle an impossible enemy in PAST INDISCRETIONS.

Haunted by recurring nightmares of doom, Savannah Alexander learns that the future and past are irrevocably linked. Will she be able to save herself and the man she has grown to love from the horrors that await her back in time... on the lost continent of Atlantis?

In matters of love, Tom Patterson has been hurt before. But when overwhelming coincidences bring Savannah back into his life, can he put aside his prejudices and act upon faith to protect the woman he loves?

Artist’s rendering of a possible cover

The editors at Awe-struck Publishing (Mundania Press) quickly picked up the options for this unique book. PAST INDISCRETIONS soon became a best-seller and #1 on the best-seller list. It’s also garnered 5 stars on, along with a variety of excellent reviews. PAST INDISCRETIONS is still available at Awe-struck both as an eBook and in Print.

Cover artist’s first proof

The perfect human clone may be possible... back on the island of Atlantis.

One fan of this book wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed Past Indiscretions because I “cleverly bring together the past and mythology.” Thank you! And as for Atlantis, well, I feel like I’ve solved that mystery and I also suggested what then became of the survivors. Who knows? Maybe what I proposed really happened!

This book is part of the Uncanny Paranormals line.

For those of you who like to read reviews, here they come!

5 STARS! COMPELLING READ! This book was my introduction to the works of Ms. Knight. What a compelling story - weaving a romance in and out of time travel/past lives - I could barely put the book down. If you are a fan of ancient Egypt and love stories, this book is a must-read!--Visionary Insight Press

Susanne Knight has outdone herself again. She builds a wonderful story of intrigue that thrusts you back in time to a place long forgotten... Atlantis! Her characters are so loveable; you find that you never want the story to end. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Excellent!--Paula Beaty Reviews.

4 stars! A sexy, fast-paced supernatural ride! Take this fast-paced supernatural ride back to the time of Atlantis and the creation of the Greek pantheon of gods. See how Ms. Knight deftly melds modern day and old world science with steamy romantic interludes with action scenes grafted seamlessly into the mix. PAST INDISCRETIONS is sure to jumpstart your imagination and worm its way into your great reads category.--Sime-Gen Reviews

4 Roses! How closely does the passage of time intertwine with the lives of humans? Can events from the past be relived or corrected in the present? These are interesting questions posed in Susanne Marie Knight’s new novel PAST INDISCRETIONS. This is a fascinating tale that manages to suspend any disbelief you may have about past lives, reincarnation, and the ability of good to triumph over evil. As she did in her story JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD, Ms. Knight once again draws the reader in to the adventure, and encourages us to become part of Savannah’s often nightmarish experiences. This story is a delightful change from many of the paranormal romances out there. It never loses touch with the everyday existence of both Tom and Savannah, but still allows a natural drift into the “other” world which has such an impact on both their lives. I recommend it to anyone who would like to believe in their dreams.--A Romance Review

4 Stars! Ms. Knight has written a gripping paranormal suspense. The characters are well developed and engrossing. PAST INDISCRETIONS creatively brings together concepts of past lives and cloning with the fascinating mythology of the destruction of Atlantis. The mystery and unique plot makes this a fantastic page-turner that I was not able to put down.--The Romance Studio

4 Ribbons! Susanne Marie Knight keeps you guessing right up to the end of the story. You know what needs to happen but how she brings it about is a treat to behold. Once you start this story you won’t be able to put it down; PAST INDISCRETIONS seems to compel to the next page. I thoroughly enjoyed each twist and turn the story took. Kudos to Ms. Knight and a hearty Thank You!!--Romance Junkies

As usual, Susanne Marie Knight has created a highly unusual tale with a very unique storyline. PAST INDISCRETIONS takes readers on an adventure through time, to a place that is cloaked in myth and hidden in the fog of legend. A place that scholars of the modern world still debate--Atlantis. Ms. Knight's abundant imagination has gifted this novel with plenty of twists and turns, mythical marvels and intriguing characters. This romance crosses the genre lines with a daring blend of the classic elements of romance, fantastical adventures of the paranormal variety and elusive elements of suspense. Readers who appreciate an enigmatic, quixotic read will enjoy unraveling the mysterious of PAST INDISCRETIONS.--The Road To Romance

PAST INDISCRETIONS is an intriguing tale full of mystery and adventure. The plot is extremely innovative, with a new twist on the birth of both the Egyptian and Greek gods. Savannah is inspiring, with her determination and courage. Tom is a man who is courageous and passionate about those he loves. Jackson Zeuch is the perfectly evil character, driven by blind ambition and dreams of glory that trail him through the centuries. The secondary characters add dimension to this interesting tale. With vivid imagery of a world that scholars have debated the existence of for centuries, PAST INDISCRETIONS brings to life the mythical world of Atlantis and takes readers on a journey they will not soon forget.-- Romance Reviews Today

PAST INDISCRETIONS was a wonderful ride in the past and present. It is a time travel filled with mystery and a good dose of romance all mixed in. The villain isn’t your average evil but he is what he is: evil. Paranormal fans should be delighted with this one as the reader was. It was a delight and a half. The past scenes were full and ripe with imagination as is the entire book itself. You’ll keep reading into the night as fast possible just to see what happens in the end.--Romantic Interludes

Ms. Knight has brought us a book that has a very interesting topic: cloning. I really liked the way she wrote how the characters were feeling, and I was actually feeling “Whoa, this is way too weird.” PAST INDISCRETIONS is a quick paced and enjoyable read with some very interesting twists. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys the paranormal romance. I will be reading more of Ms. Knight’s work, that is for sure.--Round Table Reviews

PAST INDISCRETIONS is a wonderful paranormal romance with a secondary mystery that is quite intriguing. More a reincarnation story than a time-travel, it does have a bit of that tone, also. The scenes that take place in the past are imaginatively done. The numerous coincidences play an integral part in the story. The villain is fairly vile, in both time periods. Not quite in the common way, paranormal fans won’t want to miss this one.--PNR Reviews

Set in a modern contemporary setting with time travel and paranormal elements, PAST INDISCRETIONS is a fun tale to read. Knight weaves an awesome spell over her readers easily blending the lines between reality and fantasy. Those looking for an entertaining read where time is a consequence, PAST INDISCRETIONS is a hot commodity.--Scribblers

PAST INDISCRETIONS by Susanne Marie Knight is worthy to purchase and read. From the beginning, it hooks readers as it tells about a young girl just trying to fit in, yet questioning her dreams. The character, Tom Patterson, is one man worth reading about and the adorable little daughter of his.--Loves Romances

Susanne M. Knight weaves a fast-paced romantic paranormal that’s bound to ensnare you from the beginning. This book is bound to keep you riveted while curiosity has you turning the pages.--Romance At Heart (Heartstrings)

This book had a lot of questions and Ms. Knight answered them all. It took me on a ride through time and dimension. I was wondering what was causing Savannah’s dreams and what everyone had to do with them. In the end, Ms. Knight tied up of the questions in a nice neat package. If you like stories with a twist, PAST INDISCRETIONS is a story for you.--Writers Unlimited

The writing in this paranormal romance is excellent--the dialogue is realistic, the characterizations are strong.--Scribes World Reviews

This is the first paranormal romance I have read, and the first book I have read by Susanne M. Knight. I found the romance to contain a pleasant suspense. Ms. Knight’s skillful alternations between times and event make the plot interesting. PAST INDISCRETIONS is well-written and quick to read.--Round Table Reviews (2)

Susanne Knight is notorious for 'romance writing with a twist.' Her novel PAST INDISCRETIONS is a love story that ties the past and future together that creates an impossible battle. [Her website] provides us with more information and also her techniques of persuasive writing.--Roxanne.

When I read the reviews for Past Indiscretions I knew this was the book to choose. I've always believed in reincarnation ... I feel I would find comfort and happiness with this book. Thanks.-- Melissa L.

I haven't read the book of PAST INDISCRETIONS yet. But I read the reviews and it is a fantastic story. Just like the stories I love to read. Full of mysteries, adventure, and romance.--Ana

PAST INDISCRETIONS is quite a book. I got so involved in it that I nearly missed my stop! Thanks for a great read!--J.G.

I just finished reading your PAST INDISCRETIONS and you cleverly bring together the past and mythology. I read it in a weekend because I was dying to reach the conclusion. It was a mystery with a very unique plot. I look forward to purchasing another of your books. Thanks for the great entertainment. A fan--Bob M

Just loved your book PAST INDISCRETIONS!--S.T.

PAST INDISCRETIONS was amazing!--Phyllis.

I really enjoyed PAST INDISCRETIONS! I couldn't put it down. You're a very fine story teller.--D.C.

PAST INDISCRETIONS is deliciously different. I really enjoyed it.--Jean D

If you only buy one book this year, make it PAST INDISCRETIONS!--Michael G

I really enjoyed PAST INDISCRETIONS.--M.C.

An extraordinary journey that must not be missed!--P.I.

Finally! I've been waiting for PAST INDISCRETIONS to come out. I love it!--F.L.

PAST INDISCRETIONS is exactly the kind of book I love to read!--D.C.

PAST INDISCRETIONS kept me interested. Extremely well-written!--R.R.


Real Life Tidbit: When I was writing Past Indiscretions, my novel about Atlantis, past lives, and cloning, I created the Colby clan with three boys and a girl. One weekend, my family met a couple with three boys and a girl in the same birth order as my book. My daughter mentioned, "Mom, they all have the same face. It's scary!" I pounced on this sentence because it was a perfect fit, especially since my book deals with human cloning.

I also have to thank my daughter for her childhood habit of always wearing socks--even in bed. I had Savannah copy that habit and then, toward the end of the book, I showed why she instinctively never went barefoot. It was because of a past life experience. 

Zeus lifted a bottle the color of putrefied flesh. Although stoppered, the bottle seemed to throw off a stench. Savannah’s nostrils pinched in response.

“Who would believe the first step in duplicating a person is obtained through the feet?” He roughly removed her sandals and threw them on the floor. Opening the bottle, he then dipped in a brush and painted the bare soles of her feet.

The odor was as she imagined, but she quickly forgot it as her feet turned cold. Slowly, the coolness gave way to heat--searing heat. Like acid burning into her skin. She twisted in pain, but was determined not to cry out. Even so, she bit her lip too hard and tasted blood.

“Feels good, eh?” He caressed her shoulder. “Just wait until Anubis begins his part of the process!”


Past Loves, Past Lives, PAST INDISCRETION!

I hope you enjoy Savannah and Tom’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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