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The premise for LORD DARVER’S MATCH, my popular Regency time travel romance, began one dark morning with me snuggling next to my husband. My eyes were closed and his arm held me against him. Suddenly, an idea for a new Regency popped into my head. What if a married woman realized that the arm curved around her wasn’t her husband’s? How would she react? Would she scream? Yell for help? Start pummeling the man? And then, here’s the kicker: what if somehow, she’d been transported back into the past... now vulnerable and alone and at the mercy of this stranger?

This idea developed into Hillary Logan’s plight... transporting her back to England in the early nineteenth century and the Marquess of Darver’s bed!

AN INNOCENT WISH--Little did modern day Hillary Logan realize when she made her innocent wish for a happy marriage, that she’d be waking up in bed next to a handsome nobleman--in 1815. Struggling to adjust to Regency England, she teaches the dashing marquess a thing or two about love and “a woman’s place.”

A PLEASANT DIVERSION--Seeking a diversion from the ongoing horrors of the Napoleonic Wares, Simon Altmont, looks forward to a liaison with the attractive woman in his bed. She would make a perfect new mistress! He soon learns just how different his mysterious Mrs. Logan really is. Has the Marquess of Darver finally met his match?

LORD DARVER’S MATCH was great fun to write. And to read! LIONHEARTED PUBLISHING offered me a contract and made this novel one of the first in their new publishing line.

What if a woman woke up next to a man who was not her husband?

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A flurry of 5 star reviews soon followed including from Affaire de Coeur Magazine,, Goodreads, and Sime-Gen Reviews, along with a Love Romances Golden Rose Nominee for Best Regency and the winner of the Heart-To-Heart Award!


LORD DARVER’S MATCH became a reader favorite, won the Reader’s Choice Award, and achieved Best-Seller status! When the contract expired, I arranged my book to be available at along with other internet sites.

What happens when a modern woman’s wish for a happy marriage lands her back in time, in bed with a handsome nobleman?

This book is part of the Elegant Regencies line.

For those of you who like to read reviews, here they come!

5 STARS! A charming read filled with spirited characters and unusual situations. A delightful journey in time. Fast, fun, unpredictable and compelling. An unusually spirited heroine for a Regency romance.--Affaire de Coeur Magazine

5 STARS! Charming and such fun, LORD DARVER’S MATCH is a time-travel Regency filled with spirited and sprightly dialogue. Susanne Marie Knight offers believability coupled with unpredictability to make for a fast paced read. Her characters are diverse. Her situations are humor filled and unusual. All which make for one heck of a satisfying read.--Sime-Gen Reviews

5 STARS! Great Story! Another great story written by Susanne Marie Knight. She does it again with a wonderful time travel story. Love the characters and the whole plot, I think she did a great job and wished that it was longer. Another time travel book of hers that I recommend is "Timeless Deception."

5 STARS! I always love Susanne Marie Knight books and would recommend them above other. Please note I don't get paid by anyone to give this review nor related to any book writer... I am not gonna tell you the story line but definitely worth your time and money. Other books that I would recommend by this author: Regency Society Revisited, Sojourn Through Time, and Timeless Deception (my all time (Please note: Also in the Regency time-travel vein is: Have Christmas Card... Will Travel, The Questing Box, and short story, “Lady Elizabeth’s Excellent Adventure)

5 STARS! This book is worth your time. Its a good story and one you will laugh with. I'm not one for a long review, I will just say if I think it's worth your time and that I enjoyed it or not. This book is a good escape,

5 STARS! I LOVED Lord Darver's Match. This book is utterly fantastic. Simon is instantly charming and the story is smooth, compelling, and skillfully written. It's a great introduction to the Regency era, too. I've recommended Lord Darver's Match to my

4 1/2 STARS. Susanne Marie Knight’s Regency is one of the best time travel novels I’ve read in years. Hillary’s final understanding and acceptance of what has happened to her is well written and very believable. This is often a stilted area of a time travel novel but Ms. Knight handles her characters and their reactions with the skill of an experienced writer. She also knows how to hold your interest and keep a story going. I read LORD DARVER’S MATCH in one evening and I’m definitely looking forward to more novels by Susanne Knight.--Scribes World Reviews

The plot is not necessarily a new one but Ms. Knight writes it extremely well. Ms. Knight has a penchant for creating realistic characters, even if Hillary is from the second millennium and Simon is from the middle of the first, they both fit will together. LORD DARVER’S MATCH is to be read with thirst as it speeds crazily from the beginning to the end, with dialogue reminiscent of William Powell and Myrna Loy in the Thin Man movies. This is a book to buy, to keep forever, and to take out once a year, blow the dust off and devour it all over again.--Word On Romance

Susanne Marie Knight as a writer is well seasoned and well spiced. A tale well told, LORD DARVER’S MATCH makes for a splendid read. The heroine is a thoroughly modern woman who has opinionated ideas about love, romance, and “a woman’s place.” The hero is charming, chivalrous, and a devil-may-care Regency rogue. When it comes to time and place, readers will be drawn in and hate to leave. An unpredictable, compelling plot makes for a fun and fast-paced read. Ms. Knight offers believability and reality, fantasy, and humor. What more can a reader ask?--Romance At Its Best

For those of us who like a dash of fantasy in our Regency (or other) romance novels, I can heartily recommend LORD DARVER’S MATCH. If not experienced with the Regency genre, then this is a great starting point. Of course, all will come right in the end, and there is a lot of plot not gone into here, but Susanne Marie Knight has created a delightful story that could and should appeal to any reader. She carefully and thoroughly marks the line between the twenty-first century heroine, and the nineteenth century hero. They each have their very own voice and vocabulary, very different from each other, yet the language of love wins over the marquis who thought he didn’t want to marry, and the sensible woman who changes his mind for him. Lord Darver has, indeed, met his match!--Word On Romance (2)

A fast-paced novel filled with sparkling dialogue and memorable characters.--Joan Overfield, award-winning author

Knight brings the Regency Era to sparkling life in DARVER. Regency and time-travel readers are in for a real treat!--Vicki Hinze, best-selling author

Recommended reading! LORD DARVER'S MATCH, A CONTINENTAL MARRIAGE, and LOVE AT THE TOP. I thoroughly enjoyed these books.--M.T.

LORD DARVER'S MATCH is a masterpiece! I love it, I love it!!--E.R.


The seniors in the state-run nursing home where I volunteer already fight over who I have to read Lord Darver's Match to next, so maybe I'll get lucky and win this one and they can fight to have me read both books. LOL.--D.H.

I recommend LORD DARVER'S MATCH!--C.M.

4 Stars. This book is worth your time. Its a good story and one you will laugh with. This book is a good escape, enjoy.--The Main Book Lover

I LOVED Lord Darver's Match & Grave Future was a close second..just need to read more! :)--S.S.

I got hooked on the first page with Hillary waking up with an unknown man! My wife and I got a kick out of that one!--A.C.


I think this book is utterly fantastic. I loved this book and recommend everyone go out and get this book!--K.L.


Loved the book!--C.M

I really loved LORD DARVER'S MATCH. Simon is instantly charming and the story is smooth and compelling.--J.E.

Light and fun! An enjoyable read.--A.G.

Engaging and skillfully written. A captivating romantic story.--M.H.


A delightful tale.--B.D.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!--C.M.

I thoroughly enjoyed LORD DARVER'S MATCH!--M.C.

Couldn't stop reading. I absolutely love LORD DARVER!--N.W.

I've recommended LORD DARVER'S MATCH to all my friends!--K.P


As I’ve written previously, I enjoy using bits and pieces from real life to add realism and inspiration to my novels. So in addition to the genesis of the book as an experience from my life, I also had an “incident” with a rowboat. Happily for me, my rowboat didn’t overturn as Hillary and Simon’s did. The following passage describes what almost happened to me!

Feeling Simon’s hands on hers, Hillary jerked away and started rowing. Her spencer jacket ripped under the arms. Great. How had such a lovely day turned into such a disaster?

“Hillary, I apologize. Here, let me have the oars.”

Well, she could be stubborn, too. Concentrating on her strokes, she avoided looking at him.

“M’dear, the boat is going in circles. Let me....” He leaned over to her.

“No! You’ve done enough.”

To evade him, she thrust her weight to the side. Wrong move. The boat lurched. She just had time to cry, “Simon!”

The rowboat overturned, and dumped her and Simon into the cold waters of the Serpentine.


Under a magic moon, two hearts can become as one, as Lord Darver finds out as he meets his match!

I hope you enjoy Hillary and Simon’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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