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A Award Winner Favorite!


GRAVE FUTURE, my paranormal romantic suspense novel, has a very interesting history. If I had to choose one word to describe the book itself, I’d pick “persistent.” As you read on, you’ll understand why!

GRAVE FUTURE was first conceived for a New York publishing line that had the theme: Is he going to kiss her or kill her? In other words, the hero needed to be a mysterious character. Maybe he was good, maybe he was bad.

The good news was that the publishing line liked it. The bad news was that it folded before GRAVE FUTURE had a chance. Then Dreams Unlimited acquired the book and published it in 1999. Although I’d written a few books before GRAVE FUTURE, this is my first book published.

GRAVE FUTURE’s Cover With Dreams Unlimited

DRAGGED INTO DANGER. When Jocelyn Hunter is stranded in an isolated cabin with an antagonistic stranger, she has no idea of the danger that awaits her. Will she be able to discover Dan’s dark secret and can she convince him to set aside his obsession and listen to his heart?

OBSESSED WITH REVENGE. Federal agent Dan Ferguson is haunted by his desire to bring a killer to justice. When innocent Jocelyn unexpectedly comes into his life, his first thought is to get her away from the danger lurking in the shadows. Can he overcome his reluctance to accept her help and finally admit his growing love for her?

GRAVE FUTURE soon gained best-seller status, garnering a Award Winner Favorite and many 5 star reviews including Euro-Reviews,, and Goodreads. Unfortunately, that publisher went out of business, but GRAVE FUTURE was soon picked up by LTDBooks.

GRAVE FUTURE’s Cover With LTD Books

Again, my paranormal romantic suspense was on a best-seller list. But this publisher also closed its doors. Then Awe-Struck eBooks (Mundania Press) acquired the book and reincarnated GRAVE FUTURE.

GRAVE FUTURE’s Cover With Awe-Struck eBooks

What if a Shakespeare-quoting ghost found a way to avenge his death?

I recently decided to have the rights returned to me for all my Awe-Struck books--a total of twelve. GRAVE FUTURE is the eighth to be re-released. It’s now available on and!

An innocent tourist is stranded in an isolated cabin with a hostile stranger, an eerie fireplace, and a Shakespeare-quoting ghost.

*Limited* copies of the 2001 print book are available at

Now you see why I think GRAVE FUTURE is persistent!

This book is part of the Uncanny Paranormals line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

If you love the combination of a good mystery with a twist of paranormal, you’ll enjoy this book. Although a fairly new writer on the scene, Ms. Knight could certainly compete with some of today’s top writers. When Jocelyn is stranded in the middle of the Pocono Mountains, she is forced to spend the night in a creepy house located next to a cemetery. The owner is abrupt and rude and even locks her in her room that night! She soon sees a strange light and discovers that there is more to Dan than meets the eye. Has a local resident been murdered? And who murdered him? The characters are vivid, the plot holds you until the last page and the author is a rare Picked as a GottaWrite Award Winner Favorite!!

5 Stars! GRAVE FUTURE was a fantastic book to read! I enjoyed every page of it! A real “ghost” story, as you can read seldom nowadays. Susanne Marie Knight did a wonderful job writing this novel, if you ask my opinion! You couldn’t help but keep on wondering, the book contains one surprise after the other. If you think you have the answer to a question, you’ll notice soon enough as you read on that more and more questions (and answers) will come to baffle your mind! And then I haven’t even spoken about the “mystic” atmosphere you sense during the time you read this book... A real page turner combined with strong characters, a lot of mystery and a touch of love; this is a must read!--Euro-Reviews

5 Stars! Well, this was a very good story. A great heroine, Jocelyn, and a wonderful hero, Dan. Throw in a helpful ghost and a despicable bad guy and you have got a story you won't want to put down!

5 Stars! I just finished reading GRAVE FUTURE. Loved it! I couldn't put it down--actually didn't want to stop reading and go back to work. I love ghost stories and this book is so spooky, it gave me nightmares! I even got chills when I read the tunnel scene. GRAVE FUTURE's characters and their romance are fully developed with a believable and compelling plot; it's absolutely intriguing. For an engrossing story that keeps you glued to its pages, I highly recommend GRAVE FUTURE. It's one of my

5 Stars! Great Read!

4 Stars! Susanne Marie Knight sure knows how to create a book packed with mystery especially one with ghosts and a woman so drugged up she thinks she has worms in her hair. There were some funny scenes I liked, especially the Shakespearean ghost that keeps talking to Jocelyn. I especially liked Dan each time trying to keep cool when it’s obvious he’s attracted to Jocelyn. GRAVE FUTURE is definitely aptly names since the cabin is right next to a cemetery the thought of which will give you chills to the bone. This is a great book to pick up and read as it is filled with suspense ending with a scene that will make you jump.--Fallen Angel Reviews

Graveyards, secret tunnels, moldy smells, ghostly lights, and some frightening characters all make GRAVE FUTURE a creepy and scary romantic suspense. Jocelyn was hoping for days of relaxation but instead gets involved in a nightmare of fear; and Dan, hoping to get the goods on Perry for causing his cousin's death, is determined to find out the truth and put Perry behind bars. Both are interesting characters once Dan loses his surliness and readers meet the real Dan. The secondary characters are equally fascinating, Velma, who is mentally unstable, and her brother Perry, a drug runner who looks like an angel, but is evil personified. They both heighten the thrills and chills of the tale. The thought of living next to a graveyard is terrifying, but it certainly adds to the eeriness of this story. Reminiscent of an old gothic novel, but with a feisty heroine and a handsome hero in a modern setting, GRAVE FUTURE will provide several hours of reading enjoyment for readers of romantic suspense and/or paranormal romance.--Romance Reviews Today

The conclusion will get your heart pumping and maybe even raise the hairs on the back of your neck. For those of you who enjoy a modern-day romance with a good dose of a thriller mixed in, this book is definitely for you!--Writers Club Romance Group

GRAVE FUTURE is more intriguing than most romances, with elements of danger, and mystery that are sure to keep you guessing throughout. A story of love, death, crime, betrayal and intrigue that will keep you hooked right to the end.--Writers Exchange

4 Stars! A fun read with touches of the paranormal, suspense, and romance blended by talented author Susanne M. Knight to make for a well told tale that will keep you reading. Recommended for a dark and stormy night when the wind is howling down the chimney and the house creaks in response. Enjoy. I

This story has a Gothic atmosphere to it. This adds to the feeling of fear and suspense with the author handles admirably. The sexual tension is well-done, as is the danger and fear the heroine experiences. Recommended for anyone in need of a well-plotted thriller with a romantic edge.--Scribes World Reviews

4 Stars! I felt that Knight did a wonderful job of meshing the transcendental threat into the story with it being outlandish. The slow development of Dan and Jocelyn’s relationship was especially believable. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy an intriguing romance with some celestial interference.--Inscriptions Magazine

4 Stars! I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I recommend GRAVE FUTURE to a variety of people. Anyone liking romance, mysteries, and paranormal should find this book interesting.--Sime-Gen Reviews

Believable romantic tension!--Romantic Times BookClub

I read this book quite awhile ago and I remembered how good it was so I picked it up to read again. I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed it!--J.G.

For GRAVE FUTURE and TIMELESS DECEPTION: The story plots were different from what I have read in the past. Wonderfully written-out dialogues and plot descriptions had quickly pulled me into the reading.--J.S.

My brother and I are hug fans of your books, Susanne. We loved Friday Night and GRAVE FUTURE.--J.B.

GRAVE FUTURE--recommended!--T.B.

GRAVE FUTURE is a spooky story!--J.G.

I LOVED Lord Darver's Match & Grave Future was a close second. I just need to read more! :)--S.S.

I recommend GRAVE FUTURE.--J.R.

I was delighted with GRAVE FUTURE!--C.S.

I really enjoyed GRAVE FUTURE and recommended it to all my friends!--L.S.

I recommend GRAVE FUTURE for a great read!--V.L.

I was given one of your books by my sister. I could not put it down. I only come across a few books that really keep me sitting in one place for more than an hour. I hope you come out with more books like GRAVE FUTURE.--T.L.

GRAVE FUTURE is highly recommended!--C.S.

Absolutely intriguing!--K.S.

GRAVE FUTURE was so good, I didn't want to stop reading and go back to work!--L.A.

I really enjoyed GRAVE FUTURE. Great Job!--T.S.

I've just finished reading GRAVE FUTURE. Loved it! Okay, Susanne, you made my day!--S.J.

GRAVE FUTURE's characters and their romance are fully developed. Believable and compelling plot.--L.W.

I really enjoyed reading your book. I love ghost stories!--C.N.

Wonderful! I couldn't put it down.--N.W.

I was so engrossed in the story. Thank you!--C.K.

Definitely a keeper!--B.P.

Whoa. I got chills during the tunnel scene.-C.J.

GRAVE FUTURE is one of my favorites.-L.K.

This book is so spooky, it gave me nightmares. I liked it a lot!--B.R


In my books, I like to include a few experiences from my life. Since GRAVE FUTURE is a dark suspense, I used some background from my job at the federal Drug Enforcement Agency to enhance the novel. I also worked at a federal correctional facility, where my training on how to use firearms came in handy! In addition, I actually did get lost in the Poconos while looking for a friend’s summer home, and the car was, in fact, a yellow Triumph! My tiny car, unlike Jocelyn’s, fortunately survived the trip.

One more real life connection: GRAVE FUTURE features a fireplace that seems to be a gateway to Hell! One of the houses I lived in inspired (!) me to write this passage:

“Even the pitted black stones of the fireplace contributed to doom and gloom. A floor-to-ceiling ebony slab of hardened lava rock? She’d never seen anything so ugly or so full of misery. She fingered the gritty exterior of the stones. Nothing tranquil about these rocks. Propelled from the bowels of the earth, they seemed to harbor age-old secrets, age-old resentments.”

So there you have it. Get ready for chills, spills, and... a Shakespeare-quoting ghost. Who could ask for anything more?? GRAVE FUTURE's future is very bright, indeed.

I hope you enjoy Jocelyn and Dan’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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