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THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS, my newest contemporary romance has a paranormal twist--a metaphysical twist--and uses the Millionaire Marries Working Girl scenario.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve always had a thrill thinking about metaphysical matters. As I stated in a back issue of author Linda Andrews’ newsletter, responding to the question:

“I see that your stories include some paranormal elements. What drew you to these elements?”

“I’ve always been fascinated in paranormal/the occult/science fiction--you name it. Old TV shows like “One Step Beyond”, “Outer Limits”, and “Twilight Zone” were my staples growing up, along with Creature Features and Chiller Theatre! With such a background, it was natural for me to explore supernatural themes. I’ve solved the mysteries of Atlantis (Past Indiscretions), the Bermuda Triangle (The Coming), and Neanderthals (Competitors!) as well as received communications from the dead (The Wakefield Disturbance and Grave Future).”

Since that newsletter, I’ve explored Merlin’s connection to the present in Uncovering Camelot, and also a second-chance-at-love setting reuniting lovers in A Karmic Connection.

So now I felt it was time to focus on dabbling in Tarot cards. What would cause more of a divide between characters than having one earn her living in the metaphysical realm and the other with his feet planted firmly in the dirt? To quote Drew Gavin, retired star quarterback in THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS, “Hell, this whole woo-woo business makes my stomach do somersaults.”


Fame. Money. Booze. Women. It’s just another ho-hum day in the life of retired NFL star quarterback, Drew “The Cowboy” Gavin. But Drew’s one love is his young child, Elena. For months she’s refused to talk, and he’s in desperate need of help. He’s exhausted every avenue in conventional medicine; now he’s considering something different. Something unconventional, alternative. His manager sets him up with... what? A Tarot advisor? Not gonna happen! Can Drew put aside his prejudice against metaphysical matters and give his earth angel, Madame Laney, a chance?

Isabeau Delaney, a.k.a. Madame Laney, has big expenses and responsibilities. A beautiful house, a beloved grandmother in a nursing home, and a slew of Tarot clients that depend of her to help them navigate the shoals of life. She has no time for a chauvinistic skeptic who turns his nose up at her life’s work. Drew Gavin just isn’t in the cards... Tarot or otherwise. Not going to happen! But if that’s the case, why does the persistent Two of Cups--the card for lovers and soul mates--keep reappearing in the readings she conducts for Drew?

The lovely cover for THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS is based on the card of the same name from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, first published in 1909.

Polar opposites--Drew Gavin, high-profile star quarterback, and
Isabeau Delaney, low-key Tarot advisor, go head to head when the Tarot card of
lovers and soul mates keeps reappearing in their readings

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This book is part of the Romantic Contemporaries line and the Uncanny Paranormals line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 STARS! THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS written by talented author Susanne Marie Knight is a fun contemporary romance with touches of the paranormal. This story is a delightful change from many of the paranormal romances out there. The heroine is a dedicated tarot reader; the hero is a macho football quarterback. Their interactions are explosive! I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys romance that’s not quite in the common way!--Twists On Romance Reviews

Perfect, perfect, perfect! I love how the Tarot cards are mixed into the story. Lovely!--M.G.


Here’s another question from author Linda Andrews’ newsletter:

“Have you ever had any paranormal experience?”

And my reply:

“As for having personal paranormal experiences, well, I did use a Ouija board once, with a friend. Silly girls usually ask silly questions, and from the answers the board gave, we suspected the “spirits” were annoyed with us. But still we persisted in asking questions. I don’t remember what the particular question was, but after we asked it, the small triangular device shot across the room to hit against the opposite wall. There was no way that I moved the device, and my friend couldn’t have propelled it either without me noticing. Talk about chills running up and down your body!!! Needless to say, we then ended the Ouija board session!!”

This “Buzz” wouldn’t be complete without a tidbit from real life that I incorporated into THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS. Sometimes when an inanimate object hurt my young daughter (like a lamp tipping over and falling on her), I would scold the lamp. In the below instance, Isabeau “soothes” the carpet because Elena was having a tantrum on it.

Elena scrunched up her face and pounded the floor with her fists and feet. Making high-pitched screams, she turned into a wild, wiggly, mass of hysterical energy.

Omigosh! Isabeau blinked. It was as if Elena went from zero to sixty miles per hour in one second flat.

“Elena, c’mon, Pumpkin, it’s okay. Stop this right now.” Drew rubbed his hand on his daughter’s back in a circular motion. “You’re behaving like a baby.”

His bedside manner wasn’t doing the trick. Isabeau removed the uneaten ice cream out of harm’s way, and then she also got onto the floor to look Elena in the eye. Eye contact usually helped to calm out-of-control people.

“Goodness me, I’ve never seen such a tantrum. My carpet has never been beaten like this before. I bet it thinks you don’t like it.” Isabeau made a tisk-tisk sound. “You’re hurting the poor carpet’s feelings.”

She made a point of stroking the low pile peach-colored rug. “Poor carpet,” she crooned.

Elena stopped crying at this absurdity. With her rosebud lips quivering, she tilted her head as she looked up at Isabeau and then her father.

“Yes, carpets can have feelings, too.” Isabeau glanced at Drew. “Right?”

The confused look on this superstar football player’s face was priceless. Pulling on his earlobe, he darted his gaze from Elena to Isabeau. “Er, yeah, right.” He tentatively patted the rug. “Poor carpet.”

Sniffling, Elena struggled to catch her breath. She reached her hand out and also touched the carpet.

Crisis averted!


Now that you know the buzz on THE TWO OF CUPS IS FOR LOVERS, I hope you enjoy Isabeau and Drew’s story.

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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