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One of the things that keeps writing fun is to come up with fresh angles for your storylines. As many of you know, I enjoy writing Regencies--classic and time-travel. To date I have seven novels, including A DELICATE CONDITION, and one short story in the Time-Travel Regency genre.

I’ve time-traveled with electrical storms, wishes made under a magic moon at Stonehenge, a mystic’s incantation, an actual time machine, magic Christmas cards, an enchanted questing box, and a love potion. My dilemma now was to think of a “different” way for my heroine to return to the past.

What to do? What to do? Hmmn. I decided to combine magnetic hematite stones with an ancient Tibetan rite of spinning in a clockwise direction to create a kind of magnetic vortex that then sent the spinner through time. Clockwise was thrust into the future, and counter clockwise went back to the past.

What is cool about this method is that there is the possibility of returning to the present time, should Dessa, our heroine, wish it.

LONGING FOR A FAMILY: Odessa (Dessa) Franklin is all alone in the world. She’s suddenly contacted by her long lost great aunt, Verna, who supposedly died nearly eighty years ago. But Verna has a hidden agenda and Dessa has a curiosity that rivals a cat’s. Using Verna’s mysterious magnetic stones, she soon finds herself in a house full of relatives... back in the nineteenth century!

TOO MUCH FAMILY: Michael De Lyndley, the Marquess of Hampton and a gentleman astronomer, prefers studying the stars than having family members roam about his manor house. His house is in mourning however and overflowing with family. Just when he thinks his relations will leave him in peace, a new one appears... unexpectedly, wearing the most peculiar apparel. The woman purports to be his late brother’s widow and claims to be with child; at least the letter that precedes her states this information. Fighting his attraction to his new sister-in-law, Michael struggles to learn the truth about the lovely and enigmatic Odessa.

Dessa’s wish to be part of a family takes a strange turn when she suddenly finds herself back in time in the home of her ancestor, the Marquess of Hampton.

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A DELICATE CONDITION is available at and, in addition to other internet locations. It’s has earned multiple 5 star reviews at and Goodreads and is quickly becoming a reader favorite! Hooray!

This book is part of the prestigious Elegant Regencies line.

Here are some fabulous reviews:

5 Stars! A wonderful story! My admiration of the work from Susanne Marie Knight continues. A Delicate Condition is a wonderful story about time travel and life back to the Nineteenth century. A story where Dessa finds her way back to be with her ancestors with the help of her great Aunt and some magnetic stones. A brilliant story was put together and how life was in regency England with a romantic twist. This is highly recommended, a fascinating story from a brilliant author.--M.D.Radford, Amazon Reviews.

5 Stars! Genealogy, time-travel, and Regency England... oh my! You’re in for a treat with this new romance, A DELICATE CONDITION. As we mentioned before, Susanne Marie Knight has been described as a formidable talent, a rare gem, and a talented, versatile author. Indeed! Excitement builds for the reader as the connection between Odessa and the De Lyndley family is revealed!--Regency Fiction World

5 Stars! It’s a fine mess Dessa Franklin has gotten herself into! By indulging her curiosity, she ends up back in time, stranded with her ancestors! What’s a girl to do? A DELICATE CONDITION is a very entertaining and plausible tale of a modern young woman’s plight as she tries to navigate the complex world of Regency England.--Twists on Romance.

Been waiting and waiting for Susanne’s next time-travel Regency. A DELICATE CONDITION is worth the wait. I love it!!--A.K. Reviews

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed A DELICATE CONDITION!--S.G. Reviews


Here’s a tidbit from real life. Like Dessa, I have an interest in Genealogy. A while back, I took a break from writing to research my ancestors, which then gave me lots of material to use in A DELICATE CONDITION. As it happens, I also have relatives with the name Tomer, as a middle and last name, as does our hero, Michael Tomer De Lindley. And “Emaline” is also featured in my line, too! 

The passages below recounts Michael’s first meeting with a woman (Dessa) whom he believes is impersonating his dead brother’s wife.

Michael waited until they were alone again before he verbally attacked this piece of baggage. “Young woman, I demand you desist this preposterous deception. You cannot possibly be my brother’s widow. Odell would never have married. Especially not a fair coquette from the Colonies. For you to intrude upon us, in our grief, not only for Odell, but for my father...”

Once again, he fisted his hands in anger. “This is unconscionable. If you expect the De Lyndley family to bankroll your expenses--”

“De Lyndley?” The woman set her teacup in its saucer with a ringing thud. “Omigosh. The painting in Great Aunt Verna’s room. Can this be possible?” She blinked her doe brown eyes at him. “I, um, I think I know what happened, Lord Hampton. What is... what is the year?”

What an extraordinary question. “Year seventeen.”

Her mouth opened slightly. “Seventeen? You mean, 1817?”

“Of course.” He waited but she didn’t continue, so he lifted a skeptical eyebrow. “Well? Speak. I cannot wait to hear your improbable Banbury-story.”

The woman’s plump lips thinned. “You’re assuming I’ll be untruthful, hmmn?”

She folded her hands in her lap, and he noticed she did not have a gold ring around her third finger.

“We have not been properly introduced, sir. You mentioned your title, but you are...?”

“Who else would I be but Odell’s oldest brother?”

She raised her own eyebrow. “And that is...?” She tapped her strangely clad foot on the floor.

He flared his nostrils. “The Marquess of Hampton, Michael Tomer De Lyndley.”

“Tomer.” She shook her head, which sent her tail of hair swishing back and forth. “No way. That is so eerie. A family name, isn’t it? Yes, I definitely know what happened.” She gave a long stare at those polished stones.

He watched her warily. How would she have known Tomer was a family name? “True, my mother’s maiden name is Tomer. She insisted all her sons have Tomer as a middle name. Lady Emaline can be strong-willed at times.”

“Emaline?” The woman then grinned. “Another family name. That’s perfect.”


I hope you enjoy this genealogy-based Regency time-travel romance!

Happy reading,

Susanne Marie Knight
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