Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time To Get Busy

One really cool thing about a New Year is that the slate's been wiped. It's a chance to start afresh--finish old projects and begin new ones. So, with that in mind, for a limited time, you can download my 2009 Romance Writing with a Twist Calendar for FREE. Below is an image of it. All you have to do is visit, then click on the spot for the PDF calendar.

And, to wrap up 2008, I've complied all my Living in the Romance Writing with a Twist World for last year and have assembled them into a slim book that looks like this:

If you'd like to order a copy, just visit www.susanneknight.htm/orders.htm. ALSO, as I mentioned in the last blog, 2009 is a special year for me because I've now been published for ten years!!! To celebrate, I’m having a “buy two books, get one FREE” sale! This sale is only available from sales on my website. Visit for the order form. Choose any three books; the least expensive book will be FREE. Shipping and handling for three books is $6.00. Total your order and send check or money order (US funds) to the address on the order form. Sorry, books can only be shipped to addresses in the USA. Be sure to “buy two books, get one FREE!”

Now, with that out of the way, what's REALLY been happening in my Living in the Romance Writing with a Twist World?? Well, an opportunity has come my way to start a murder mystery series featuring a fitness instructor. Minx Tobin is her name, and she has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning unexpected dead bodies.

Minx's adventures are based in Los Angeles, so I get to escape all this snow outside... at least while I'm writing. :)) Case One is finished: The Bloodstained Bistro. I've just started Case Two.

So stay tuned for adventures in L.A. as Minx gets involved with The Ill-gotten Insurance.


Susanne Marie Knight
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