Friday, May 16, 2008

Farewell to Maui + A Ballerina's Dilemma

Yes, it's time to say goodbye to Marvelous Maui. I've just finished Chapter 11 on my WIP, ForEvver, where our intrepid hero and heroine are leaving paradise to return to New Tri-Metropolis... in the wintertime. Brrrrr.

On the subject of temperatures, it was in the high eighties here today, so I can relate to my characters' reluctance to return to the cold weather!

While my ForEvver friends are enroute, let's talk about the book-of-the-week, Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon. In the year 2458, Blade Sinclair is your normal, typical prima ballerina, only she's suffered an injury and has to put her career on hold. More than anything, she wants to dance again. A mysterious stranger, Plevake Va-Thor, offers her a chance to dance and compete in the Galactic Olympic Games which will be held on the Moon. Blade agrees, only to find out later that Plevake Va-Thor isn't human.

If Blade doesn't win a gold medal for this alien team, her family will die. If Blade does win, Earth will be destroyed. What's a girl to do??

Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon is a sequel to the award-winning science fiction novel, Janus Is A Two-Headed God. Not only do Mighty JorVaal and Gracious Sophia return in this story, traveling from Xaaspar in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to Earth's moon,

but the Denebian Christopher Bainbridge is featured as Blade's counterpart.

Visit to see a trailer of Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon.

Janus Is A Two-Faced Moon is available for purchase through Awe-Struck and at, among other Internet locations.

Print copies are available at and my website

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