Sunday, May 11, 2008

Montana Magic

Before we start talking about Montana Magic, and just what in the Living in the Romance Writing with a Twist World I've been doing since my last post, I want to update this Spring picture. See how my flowers look now?

It still doesn't feel like Spring all the time though. Like today, Mother's Day. Oh well, one day it really will be Spring all the time... until Summer, of course!

So, just what have I been doing since April 29th? Not writing about Maui, that's for sure! I've been vacationing in Montana... with no writing allowed! Oh, it's been wonderful, with an assortment of weather so typical of May in Big Sky Country. Here's a picture of me and a friend.

Also, I've included a shot of another friend, Mr. or Ms. Llama. This llama was the inspiration for an important character in my paranormal romantic suspense, The Wakefield Disturbance. Resting on the grass can be very relaxing... or can serve another purpose! To find out more, read The Wakefield Disturbance.

Now I'm recharged and ready to return to my WIP, ForEvver! Stay tuned!


Susanne Marie Knight
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