Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is it Spring? And a Continental Rose

That's the million dollar question here. Good weather some days... some not so hot. But flowers are starting to bloom, so maybe "warm and sunny" is in the future. Here's a picture of my yard to show that Spring is indeed on its way.

I still have the heat on in my office tho. :-( So, knowing this, you'll probably understand why I'm still in Maui with my WIP, ForEvver! I'm reluctant to leave the tropical paradise, as are my characters.

Meanwhile, back to the current Book-of-the-Week: A Continental Marriage. This award-winning Regency in the year 1814 deals with a American Rose, Nicolette Turner, who is summoned to travel across the Atlantic by her English grandfather, Lord Eldridge--a man who disinherited her beloved father.

Her grandfather wants her to marry Victor Kinkaid, Lord Cushing. Victor needs the money that Lord Eldridge offers. Nicolette accepts… only because her grandfather’s money sweetens the deal. Where does love fit into this financial transaction?

This novel takes place in Long Melford, Suffolk, and London, with a honeymoon trip to Southwold. Instead of pictures of those locales, I'm posting the original picture for the cover, done by artist Christine Poe. Here's my beautiful daughter!

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_rL4WXUGCc to see a trailer of this book.

Hope you enjoy!

A Continental Marriage is available for purchase in print and electronically through Wings ePress http://www.wings-press.com/ and electronically at Fictionwise.com http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/SusanneMarie, among other Internet locations.

Print copies are also available through my website: http://www.susanneknight.com/orders.htm .

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JC said...

Love your books!

Susanne Marie Knight said...

Thank you, JC! So glad you enjoy my books. :))