Sunday, April 20, 2008


More Romance Writing with a Twist! news: Well, I hate to leave tropical Maui, but sometimes a writer has to go for the greater good. In this case, I'm backtracking. Writing a novel doesn't always happen in a linear fashion. New characters enter the mix; old ones show a different side to their personality--things like that. So, I'm back on the Moon for a bit.

Just finished a scene for my WIP ForEvver where the Evver of the title is first introduced. He has a thing for our heroine. He also is concerned about aging, so he noshes on some nutritious Brazil nuts. High on selenium and good for your immune system. Yummy!

More backtracking. The current book-of-the-week is a time-travel Regency: Regency Society Revisited. This novel has quite a twist in that it starts off in the near future--February 2020, to be exact. Good grief! Time is catching up with my story! :)) Anyway, our heroine, Serenity Steele, is sent from New York

to Bath in February 1812.

There, she hooks up with the Wycliffe family, or more specifically, Nicholas Wycliffe, the Earl of Brockton, in London.

And doesn't havoc ensue then! Nicholas believes she's casting her net for his father, Lord Rotterham, so he makes Serenity his business so that she doesn't make a fool of his father. Lord Rotterham, on the other hand, has another matter entirely up his sleeve.

Just what will happen when Serenity's one year assignment is over? Should she stay in the past... or should she leave behind the man she loves?

Here's the book trailer for Regency Society Revisited: .

Hope you enjoy!

Purchase Info: Regency Society Revisited can be purchased electronically and in print at Awe-Struck and It's also available electronically at and other Internet locations.

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Kylee said...


I just finished this book this morning. I read it for Enchanting Reviews. I really enjoyed Regency Society Revisited. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Susanne Marie Knight said...

Thank you so much, Kylee! I'm so glad you enjoyed Regency Society Revisited!! I look forward to reading your review. :))