Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heigho, heigho, it's off to blog I go...

Yep, this is my first official blog. I've got to get the feel of this thing. Fingers crossed it'll go smoothly! So you're probably asking what's this "Living in the Romance Writing with a Twist World" all about? Aside from a really long name, that is. Well, I'll tell you, as a writer I travel to some very unusual places, some in the here and now, some in the past, and some yet to be. I thought it might be rather interesting to keep track of just where I travel to... metaphorically speaking. :))

This week, I'm in Paris... Greater Paris to be exact. The name of this science fiction futuristic romance novel is ForEvver, and the story deals with... well, I'm getting ahead of myself since I'm in the middle of writing it! In any event, I hope to include pictures (real and imagined) for you to enjoy.

Got to keep this short. Here's a little animation for you!

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