Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gilded Gilgamesh

It's almost lunchtime, and I've been working on the third novel in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series: The Duplicitous Divorce. Our inquisitive gal, Minx, is being treated to dinner at one of L.A.'s hottest new restaurants, The Gilded Gilgamesh. This is a fictitious place, but oh, the food sounds so good!

In Mesopotamian folklore, Gilgamesh is a semi-divine king from Babylonia. The capital of Babylonia is Babylon, and coincidently... or not (!) Minx is from Babylon, on Long Island, New York, not in Babylonia!

To be in harmony with the Mesopotamian theme, Minx and Gabe order food and drinks especially created for The Gilded Gilgamesh. Drinks like--

Cuneiform Cocktails and
Akkadian Ale

For an appetizer, they try:

Stuffed Tigris tomatoes.

And for their main course, they have:

Primal Ribs
Cradle of Civilization Corn, and
Enkidu Endive Salad.
Minx ends up being too full to partake of dessert. If she had chosen dessert, I wonder what the name of it would've been!!
Well, I'm hungry for sure now. Hope you've enjoyed this delicious Mesopotamian meal. :))

Susanne Marie Knight
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